The Best Emotional Health Books That Will Change Your Life

The Best Emotional Health Books That Will Change Your Life

Reading books is more than just a hobby because books can open your mind, learn something brand new, get inspiration, even become your support system. Reading books has the ability to create different patterns within your brain and change it for the better.

This exceptional power of reading books can be really beneficial for emotional health and wellness. If you feel that opening up to someone or going to therapy is just too big of a step, then reading books about emotional health could really help you getting started. Here are the best emotional health books that will change your life.

How to Feel Better

The ups and downs of life are unpredictable and we can't control them. But, the one we can control is how we respond to them. This is the main focus of this book, written by Cathy Rentzenbrink. But she won't give you instructions of how to live, instead she will give you comfort, warm and gentle guidance.

How to Feel Better is a very good book if you want to make sense of a big upheaval in your life. This book is also a perfect and light read if you just want to get some help in navigating the dynamic flows of life and daily ebbs.

Solve for Happy

The author of this book, Mo Gawdat, made it his mission to spread happiness to people who need it when his son died. Using his engineering training, Mo came up with an equation to make happiness long lasting. His messages and methods in this book will offer you a new way of looking at the world and answer to the great challenges life could offer you.


This book is written by Jenny Lawson, who is open about her depression. In Broken, Jenny humanizes the challenges that we face on a daily basis. Doing so, she will reassure you that you're not alone, if she doesn't forget to make sure you are laughing while reading her book.

Jenny will tell you how she was attacked by three bears, how her vacuum cleaner nearly set her house on fire, the reason why she can't go to the post office, while also talking about heavier issues like her long-suffering husband. This book is a beacon of hope and laughter for whoever needs it.

The Kindness Method

Showing ourselves a little kindness is a good thing to do in difficult times. The author of this book who is also a Behavioral Change Specialist, Shahroo Izadi, believes that being kind to yourself will make a change that will last in your life.

Develop through a combination of personal experience and professional training, The Kindness Method will make you feel positive, empowered, and ready to make a change in your life. It could start with something small like cutting down on alcohol or losing some weight.

Toxic Childhood Stress

What happened in our childhood shaped the person we are today, and most of us experienced some kind of childhood adversity that created a lifelong impact. Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, the author of this book will help you to identify and heal any childhood trauma because she believes that in order to go forward, we must go back.

The work of Dr. Nadine Burke is important because a childhood trauma is not only affecting someone's mental health but also their physiological health too. In this book, Dr. Burke Harris will tell you both findings and stories from her research on the link between childhood trauma and someone's wellness.

The Cambridge Code

When we are talking about the best emotional health books, we have to mention The Cambridge Code which is written by a group of authors and scientists from Cambridge University. In this book, they have created a test that will help you to find out why you react the way you react and think the way you think.

Providing step-by-step analysis, along with the test, this book will help you to better understand yourself and uncover the area in your life where you should work on more so that you can grow on a deeper level and then flourish as a person.

Closer to Love

This book by Vex King is a good read if you need to create a lasting connection. Vex King wrote this book after he found joy and peace in his own romantic relationship, and wanted to help others to achieve the same thing.

Closer to Love fully understands that modern relationships are so complex, and helps the readers to navigate these relationships in a fast changing world. This book will help you get closer to love by clarifying your sense of selves, and overcome your insecurities, expectations and fears.

The Book of Hope

Jonny Benjamin and Britt Pfluger bring together people from different walks of life such as activists, athletes, psychologists, musicians and actors to share to you what things that give them hope. This book full of helping hands has the main goal to tell you as the reader that you are not alone.

With a wide range of voices from different people, with different circumstances and experiences, this book speaks to the spectrum of our mental health experience and then helps us to find the courage to speak up and then finally seek help.

Anxiety for Beginners

In her sharp book, Eleanor Morgan tells us that anxiety itself is not a mental disorder, instead she explains that anxiety is a part of being a human being and is a law of human nature. With natural selection, we have minds, and with that we release ourselves from the chains of biological determinism.

But, having the power of the mind means that we have another set of chains to deal with called anxiety because there is always something that makes us anxious because we've evolved to worry. Anxiety for Beginners is a good compilation of Eleanor Morgan's personal experiences and delved into with thoughtfulness that is relatable for most of us.

In Love with The World

This book is written by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, a Monk that will teach you the meaning of living from his experience of nearly dying. The meditation master ventures into the wilderness on a four-year journey and experiences a near-death experience.

With his spiritual and inspirational journey, and his intimate account of the search of self during his journey, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche will demonstrate how we can transform the fear of the inevitable death into a life full of joy.

The Colour of Madness

With this book written by Samara Linton, you will find a combination of essays, poetry, memoirs, artworks and short fiction made by people of color who have struggled with mental health issues. From stigma to cultural and religious issues, to experiencing micro-aggressions, people of color in Western society have to fight harder than others and their experiences need to be heard.

There you go, the best emotional health books that will help you and change your life for the better you. Remember that reading these books is not the answer, but a start to accepting yourself and then finally, the willingness to seek help.

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