Top 5 Sites On The Internet That Provide You Free Blogging Platforms

Top 5 Sites On The Internet That Provide You Free Blogging Platforms

What are the best sites for free blogging? In this internet era, blogging is not a new activity. Well, if previously you kept your thoughts and opinions only inside your computer, nowadays, don't you mind sharing them? This is how people out there can know what you are thinking about and even give comments. How is it? Of course, it is by blogging.

Blogging is an activity inside a blog where you can write down anything and share them.  It is possible also for you to attach images, videos, audio tracks, and more to engage your visitors more. On another level, you can even monetize your blog and earn profits for sure. However, many blogging platforms require you to use the paid version for this. Meanwhile, if you are still a beginner in this activity, it is recommended to use the free one.

Well, below are some of the best and the most recommended sites for free blogging. What are they?


Talking about the most popular platform for free blogging, it seems that WordPress is the best answer. Of course, even the paid one has been used widely by many popular blogs and bloggers all around the world. Thus, its quality and credibility should not be questioned anymore.

Generally, WordPress provides 2 primary services, they are and The free platform is which enables anyone to publish content very easily. It even accommodates many types of content including texts, images, audio, and videos.

How to take part in this free blogging site? WordPress makes it as easy as possible. You only need to visit the official website and register yourself. Fill in some important data and submit them. Only by registering once, your blog is ready using the web hosting server by WordPress.

Don't worry, although you choose the free version, there are some features to enjoy. There are some plugins available for free. Besides, you can change the themes or even create yours using the theme customization feature. Sure, if you want more sophisticated features from WordPress, you should upgrade your blog to a paid one.


If WordPress is at the top of the list of the most popular and most recommended platforms for blogging, it seems Medium is the runner-up. This site is relatively new and it was developed by some influential figures in the world of Internet sites and startups. Yes, they are Evan Williams, the former CEO of Twitter, and one of the Blogger developers, Biz Stone.

Medium is designed for writers, authors, journalists, and all people who are interested in writing and publishing. Since the beginning of the Medium launch, it is expected that Medium can be a good medium for them to write and share their thoughts and opinions in the form of essays or articles.

Medium looks different from others because of its clean and minimalist layout, yet it still looks attractive. As it brings a mature and elegant vibe, it is reasonable if most of the Medium users are coming from the realm of adults. More interestingly, the site also doesn't display any advertisements or product promotions. It is based on the principle of the founders that they don't want this platform to be just a market. So, are you interested in this one?


Another site for blogging is Tumblr. But different from other blogging platforms, this one works like conventional social media. Yes, once you post your work, your followers can bring Love as a sign that they like it. Besides, they can also reblog or repost your work as well as share it on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The concept of Tumblr is actually a Twitter-shaped blog. However, there are also some additional features to enjoy by its users. One of them is that the platform allows the users to create 7 different content types. It also supports you to post content other than the text. They include images, audio, and videos.

What many people like about Tumblr is its beautiful layout. It is particularly for certain types of content such as quotes, links, conversations, and some others. This is one of the main reasons why this platform is loved by many professional bloggers all around the world.


Blogger was once the biggest competitor of WordPress but many similar platforms are coming out and shifting its position. But of course, it doesn't mean that the performance of Blogger has been downgraded. It just keeps its traditional concept to be a site for blogging only. But compared with other platforms for blogging, Blogger is still superior in many ways.

As a free blogging site by Google, Blogger has many features integrated with Google apps and services. That's why although this platform is free, you still have a chance to gain profits from Google AdWords, AdSense, and Google Analytics.

In addition, there are also guarantees of safety and easiness given by Blogger as a part of Google. Automatically, the user gets the SSL certificate to the blog. The certificate works to ensure the blog's security including to prevent it from threats like hacks, viruses, malware, and more.


Okay, this site must also be familiar enough to all of us. Yes, for you the readers of fiction must have read at least a few stories from it. Well, do you know that Wattpad is a blogging site in nature? The difference between Wattpad and other sites is that it is designed for functional stories only. Other than that, it is not different from social media in which you can like it, comment, and create a network.

Wattpad also features a writing competition and there are gifts for the winners. The platform also provides chances for new authors so that their work can meet publishers, movie production houses, and TV producers. Even many works from Wattpad have been produced into live-action movies and series.

But just like other social media, Wattpad requires its users so that its works can be read by more people. If you are one of the authors, you are also required to be productive in publishing your newest series. You need to use certain hashtags to make it a trend. One more thing, don't forget to share your works on other social media and platforms. The purpose is to let more people go to Wattpad for sure.

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