9 Self-Motivating Methods That Let You Out from Problem

9 Self-Motivating Methods That Let You Out from Problem

Sometimes, when you feel down and weak, you don't know what you should do to stand up and return to your normal life. That could be one of the lowest periods of your life. That also could happen to anyone, without exception. When you are facing this period right now, here, we have several ways of self-motivating and tips that could help you to get better, even a bit.

Take a Break

Give your body and mind a break. It helps you to restart your condition and lets you leave the down and weak condition much easier. We can say taking a break is the first step before you do anything related to the self-motivating method. It is like preparing your body and mind to recover from your condition.

What kind of break should I take? Sleeping is the easiest way to reset your condition. It makes your body feel fresher and relaxes your mind.

You take a short nap for about one hour when you work or study. Or, you can prepare everything to have a high-quality night's sleep. In the morning, you will be able to recover and start to motivate yourself.

Other than sleep, you can also do other kinds of rest. Take a vacation, play games, hang out with family, or do anything that is not related to the activity or thing that makes you feel down. It will be your preparation step before taking any self-motivating way you use.

Accept Your Failure and Learn from That

Most people feel the lowest because of the failure they experienced. They think that their failure is a sign that they have failed. That makes them think that they can't do that thing anymore.

You should change that mindset to motivate yourself, so you can recover and move on. You should think that the failure you have experienced is a sign that there was something wrong in the process. Therefore, accept it as a sign that you have another chance to fix, improve, and succeed.

The self-motivating method we can recommend when it is about facing disappointment is accepting it but not indulging in it. Otherwise, it will only bring much negativity and ruin your life. Use it as a booster or a plate that you can step on to move to the next height. When you can see a failure like that, then you won't feel down when you experience it and have more courage to try something new.

Just Move Forward

Do you know why you feel down and unmotivated? It is all because you stay in the same position, the lowest position. The self-motivating method for this situation is easy. You only need to move forward from that position.

One of the studies by an award-winning psychology researcher, Dr. John Bargh found something interesting about this condition. He found that when you try to do a big thing, your brain attempts to stimulate various things, which are dominated by small and mindless things. Therefore, you can't start doing that big thing and keep busy thinking about those mindless things.

It is natural for you to keep procrastinating your steps because your brain tells you to prepare. But, you shouldn't listen to that. Move forward and do not be afraid to leave your position.

It might be hard to motivate yourself to move on for the first time. However, you shouldn't give up on your self-motivating effort. Keep trying until your body and brain get used to your habit to move on faster. That will help you to deal with the low period of your life in a short time.

Try to imagine that you will get better things when you leave that position. Use that as your goal. That will, at least, help you to start moving and recover.

Love Yourself a Bit More

Do you know the worst thing people can do when they are facing a problem in their life? It is comparing themselves with other people. That will shut down all motivation doors.

The core of any self-motivating method you use is to believe in yourself. Comparing yourself with others will only bring much negativity. You see what you are lacking. On the other hand, other people plus points will cover your special thing.

When you feel down, unmotivated, or uninspired, you should not try to look at other people or compare yourself to them. You should put more effort into loving yourself. Mostly, the problem comes from the way you see yourself negatively. To deal with that, try to love yourself a bit more.

How can I love myself a bit more? Being grateful is the first self-motivating thing you can do in this situation. That will let you see that you are also valuable. You may have a flaw, but that is what makes you who you are.

See your flaw as a reminder that you cannot be arrogant. Use that as a rein when you try to do something wrong, in this case feeling down for too long. You already have a flaw, so do you also want to make it worse by keeping yourself in this worst situation? Move on and do something with more benefits than drowning in your situation.

Once you can do that, you can bring out the best version of yourself. Find a new passion, enjoy the best of your life, and have a happy time. Then, if you also can share this positivity and self-motivating thing with others, you will know that you are more than what you thought. You are special.

Get Some Entertainment

Anything that can entertain you will help you lift your mood and get motivated. You might think it is not the right time to get the entertainment. But, believe us, one of the best self-motivating methods is this way.

The entertainment will help you to shift your focus to other things. Moreover, this other thing is something that you like and can make you happy. There is no better thing than that for inviting motivation to come into your life.

What kind of entertainment can you use in this situation? It depends on your favorite. Choose the form of entertainment that can make you happy the most.

For example, if you love movies, you can watch comedy movies that can make you laugh. If you love K-pop, you can watch your favorite group music video or concert. If you love anime, you can enjoy your day watching anime.

Interestingly, many of those entertainments also contain various self-motivating aspects. For example, if you love a K-pop group, you can find your favorite group works harder to achieve their success. Motivating yourself with the help of your favorite thing makes it much easier to get the best result.


Meditation is also another self-motivating method to return to your usual self. It is related to the way to find your value. Therefore, if you pair it with loving yourself more steps, you will get the best result.

When you meditate, you will focus on finding more about yourself, who you are as a human and your position in your circle. It helps you understand your life better, the problem you are facing that makes you feel unmotivated, and then find the best solution for that situation. It is the key element of motivating yourself.

Moreover, meditation also allows you to ignore unnecessary things. You can focus on the right path, which leads you to a better future, out of your depressed situation. That condition gives you a goal you can use as motivation to recover.

Meditation is not only a self-motivating method. You also can use it for relaxation. Even if you have no problem or are not in a weak or down situation, you can always use meditation. Do it regularly to manage your mental health and stress.

Talk to Your Family or Friends

Sharing your problem with others will be a big help in motivating yourself to return to your usual self. It helps you share the burden and lets you face your problem much easier. Talking to others also gives you a feeling of appreciation. It helps to find out the fact that you are not alone in facing the situation you have.

It gives you a chance to get your motivation back. You have someone or a group of people who will always be by your side. They support you without anything you have to give them in return.

Of course, this self-motivating method only works when you talk to someone who cares about you. Therefore, you should choose someone or people you want to share your problem with, carefully. They should be someone you can rely on and trust.

Think and Speak Positively

What you are thinking and putting them in words through your mouth will affect your mental condition. It is like you are self-hypnotizing to be what you think or speak out. Therefore, one of the best self-motivating methods is through words, in your mind and mouth.

Keep thinking positively. It works wonderfully with the step when you have to accept your failure. You should prevent any negative thoughts from coming into your mind. That will become your mindset, which will be projected into reality.

Once you can think positively, say it with your mouth. Make it loud, so anyone and, more importantly, you can hear them. When other people hear it that will be something like a proclamation that you are going to be okay and better from now on. It forces you to get motivated and recover from your bad situation.

On the other hand, it also becomes a self-motivating way when you hear yourself speak out about your positive thoughts. It makes you believe you can stand up again to face your life. Make it your habit, so you can use it anytime you face any problem. It helps to focus more on finding the solution.


You heard it right. Eating is also one of the self-motivating methods when you feel down. Our explanation above shows you that your brain is the main culprit.

Your brain is too tired to focus on something positive. Your brain tries to hold you back to give up. It happens because this wonderful human organ is tired. It needs more energy.

Where do you get energy for your brain? The answer is the food. Therefore, eating is part of self-motivation you can try. Your brain gets the energy it needs, and then you can use it to solve your problem.

What kind of foods should I eat when I want to get motivated? Junk food is not the best choice. Sweets are also the same. They give you energy boosters, but only for a short time. After that, you will enter the crash condition. You get more tired than before. In the end, you will enter that low situation one more time.

Coffee might be good as a mood booster because of its caffeine. But we also do not recommend it as a self-motivating solution. It gives you the booster, but only lasts for a while. If you want to use coffee here, choose the bulletproof coffee that works much longer.

The best food for self-motivating solutions is healthy food. These foods will charge your brain. The full-energy brain helps you get motivated and recover.

You can try various fruits, like bananas, blueberries, or avocados. As for vegetables, there are broccoli, eggplant, and leafy vegetables. Or, you also can eat salmon and yogurt, which have the best health benefits.


In short, the key to getting motivated and letting you recover from the lowest period of your life is how you manage your mind. Our methods above help you to do that more easily. Yes, you might be able to recover naturally. That would take too long.

Our self-motivating methods will guide you to do that more easily. You get the motivation much faster. Then, you will have a better and happier life. Try them now!

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