The Many Benefits of Massage You Should Know

The Many Benefits of Massage You Should Know

Having a massage is a great way to release some tension from your muscles. You could feel this from a long day at work or any other activities. Not only tension, a good massage can also alleviate other things such as pain from small injuries, discomfort, fatigue and even anxiety. If you want to get yourself a good massage and are wondering about the many benefits of massage you should know, here they are.

Different Types of Massage

Before you know the benefits of massage, you should know about the different types of massage and find the right one you should have from time to time. One type of massage which is very popular is the Swedish massage. A therapist would use long strokes, deeper circular movements and kneading while treating you.

Another type of massage is deep massage where a therapist would use a little more pleasure combined with slower strokes in order to get to the deeper part of your tissue and muscle layers. If you have an injury, this is the most recommended type of massage you should get.

If you are an athlete or just enjoy doing sports regularly, having an injury is not unexpected. If you get one of these, then you should try to heal yourself with a sports massage. This type of massage is somewhat similar to the Swedish massage and is very recommended for people recovering from sports injuries, or trying to prevent them.

If you just want to alleviate some tension and pressure, you should try a trigger point massage where a therapist would focus on the areas with most tension. You can also massage yourself without the help of a therapist by doing self-massage by using your own hand, a foam roller or using an electronic massager.

Massage Benefits

1. Relaxation and Stress-Relief

The first benefit of a massage is to relieve some stress from your body and then offer you relaxation. Some research suggests that a good massage could reduce hormones that are responsible for causing stress such as cortisol. Even though more research should be done to prove this, a good massage is a great way to encourage relaxation and lower the level of stress.

2. Constipation Relief

Not only for your muscles, massage could be beneficial too for people with digestive problems. A good stomach massage could help people dealing with constipation issues by alleviating some of the discomfort. A massage could also help people dealing with constipation due to surgery by moving the bowels and then feel a little better.

3. Managing Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a condition where someone would feel chronic pain, sleeping problems, mood symptoms and memory issues. A massage therapy is a good thing to add in order to manage this problem, along with physical therapy, counseling and of course medication. But before you do this, you should consult your doctor since a massage could also lead to the pain getting worse.

4. Relieving Tension Headache

One of the many benefits of massage you should know is to relieve tension headaches. This type of headache which is usually also called concentration headache, can make you feel like you have a tight band wrapped around your head. By having a good massage, you can help relieve the tension and then get better.

The cause of tension headache is not fully understood yet, but it is proven that a massage could help this condition. Not only on your head, a massage could also relieve muscle tension on your shoulders, neck and your head that will alleviate the symptoms of your tension headache.

5. Stress-related Insomnia

One of the most common sleep issues is insomnia caused by stress. This could happen to a lot of people who spent many hours on work and couldn't sleep even though they are tired after work. A good massage could encourage a better sleep by diminishing stress levels.

6. Temporary Arthritis

Massage could be also beneficial for people with joint pain problems like temporary arthritis which is a condition involving swelling and pain in the joints. When a therapist massages the muscles, blood will flow to the joints and then would provide some relief even though it would be temporary. But it is important to tell your therapist about your arthritis condition before getting the massage.

7. Circulation During Pregnancy

Pregnant women could also get a healthy benefit by having a massage. A massage specialized for pregnant women could improve circulation and then would make pregnant women feel more comfortable during their pregnancy. But it is important to consult with your doctor first whether it would be good for you and the fetus or not, and don't forget to tell your therapist that you are pregnant.

8. Managing Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial pain syndrome is a condition where there's pressure on your muscles that would result in pain even in places that don't seem to be related. Even though there's no cure for it, but a good massage would help you to relieve some muscle tension and then alleviate some pain to make you feel a little bit better.

9. Couples Intimacy

Not only for physical health, a massage could also be beneficial for a relationship. Physical touch is very important in nurturing a relationship since it could lower blood pressure and increase some hormones that will make you feel good such as oxytocin.

A study published in 2020 proved that massages done by couples could be beneficial for both the giver and receiver. So if you're in a loving relationship, doing a massage for each other regularly is a good idea not only to increase your health but also to increase your bond.

So there you go, the many benefits of massage you should know. A good massage is very beneficial for a lot of conditions and situations. Just make sure that you have your massage from a certified therapist, especially when you are having it to treat health issues and physical problems.

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