How to Show Your Love Without Spending So Much

How to Show Your Love Without Spending So Much

You should show your love for your romantic partners, family members, parents, or friends all the time regardless of the time of the year. But finding ways to show your love and affection to the people you love could be hard and tricky because you want to give them something that they would like to get. And sometimes, you know what they would want to get, but you don't have the money to buy it because it's so expensive.

But money shouldn't be an obstacle in showing affection and love to the people you care about. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can show the people you care about how much you love them without having to spend so much money. These small gestures can really have a deep impression on the people you love.

Why is it important to do this? When you are in a relationship, a romantic one for example, you shouldn't take your partner for granted. Time is fleeting and you should consider that every single moment with them is precious and you should cherish it. This is also very good in strengthening your bond with each other. Here are some ways on how to show your love without spending so much.

Ask How They Are Doing

The first thing you can do to show your love to your significant other is extremely easy, just ask, ask them how they are doing lately. Just by asking this, they will feel that you do care about them and want to know what is going on with their life.

But after they answer, don't just say 'okay' and then move along, but ask some follow up questions, engage with them, have a conversation with them. If they are telling you a story about a new project they have been working on, then elaborate on that, make sure they know that you really care about them, their life, their passion.

This might sound too simplistic but you might be surprised. In these modern times, we are often so busy with our own life or the routine of a relationship that we most of the time forget to actually connect with our partners or our loved ones.

Be A Good Listener

Hearing and listening have a striking difference. Hearing just happens since our ears are perceiving sounds automatically. Listening on the other hand, is a conscious thing to do, you choose to listen, it doesn't just happen.

A good listener is paying attention with the sole intention of understanding the other person who is talking. This doesn't mean just absorbing passively, but also engaging by making eye contact, nodding, and even asking some thoughtful questions and comforting words when needed.

To show your love to the people you care about, try to do this regularly, and you will feel your bond strengthening, and you will connect better with them. Plus, also try to observe their body language when they are telling you their story, because body language sometimes speaks louder than actual words.

Stop Scrolling When Talking

The next thing on how to show your love without spending so much might not be so easy, but it is important to do. We live in a world where we are being bombarded with information and content in our TV, phone, laptop, and other gadgets.

Being tuned in with your social might be good for your social life, but it's not that great for your real life relationship, it could be even harmful. How many times have it happened that you are talking with your significant others while scrolling through your social media or reading an email?

If you have done that many times, next time when you spend some time with your loved ones talking in a restaurant for example, put your phone down, keep it in your bag or pocket, and actually talk with them. This will enhance your relationship, and tell them that you want to be around them.

Make Time to Do Stuff with Them

Of course we couldn't and shouldn't spend all of our time with our significant others since we also are pursuing our own dreams like education or career. But making time to spend with your significant others is important to show them that you care.

Next time there's an event with your school or work on your weekend or your day off, maybe try to compromise and miss that event and use the time to spend with your significant others. A healthy relationship is about giving each other rooms for pursuing their dreams and passion while also making time for each other.

Leave Love Notes or Random Cute Messages

Since we have smartphones, we rarely use our own hands to write stuff anymore. But there's something really romantic about writing beautiful love notes and leaving them in places where your significant others will find them. Try to stick a love note on their work desk after you meet them in their workplace, or leave a love note on the fridge when you leave the house.

Using your smartphone to do this is good too because you can send cute, funny and romantic emoji, gifs, or pictures to your significant others. Try to send them random cute messages once in a while to make them know that you always think about them because you love them.

Be Their Most Loyal Supporter

Once in a while, your significant others will work on something big, maybe a dream project, a promotion, a book, an audition, or other things. And while they are working on that, they might feel unsure about it and need some support, and you have to be their most loyal and loudest supporter ever.

Your significant others might not be asking for support directly because they are too shy or too insecure about themselves or their project, that is the time when you should come in offering them your support. Try to assist them by offering help on the things that you're good at, or simply just watch them do it and give your opinions. By doing this, you will show them that you want to see them happy and you care about the things they are passionate about.

Make Them Dinner, Breakfast in Bed, or Buy Them Their Favorite Food

Food could be a really effective way on how to show your love without spending so much. The simplest thing you can do is to buy their favorite meal or snack when you think they need it the most. Maybe when they're feeling down about something, you can go home bringing them their favorite meal or snack, and then see how their eyes will light up by your kindness and care.

Buying them meals or snacks is the simple way, but if you want to put even more care and effort into this, you can make the food by yourself, and then serve it to them. Do this by also surprising them to make it even more interesting.

You can do this when you get home early and have enough time to make dinner for your significant others. Make sure to cook food that you're confident with, and then wait for them to come home and let your food and your gesture make them smile.

Not only at night with dinner, you can also do this in the morning with breakfast. This might need a little bit more effort though, since you need to wake up first without waking up your partner. Put your food in a small table made for putting breakfast in bed, bring it to the room, wake your partner up and put the table with the breakfast on it on the bed.

Make A Photobook, Collage, Or A Video

Another lovely way you can show your love is to take advantage of the memories you have with your significant others. Try to open your phone, camera or laptop and look at the many pictures you have taken together.

You can make a digital collage, edit them with some meaningful messages, and send it directly or print them first. But if you want to put extra effort, you can print the photos one by one and make a real photobook and surprise them with it on their birthday or your anniversary.

Not only with pictures, you can also do this by making a video. Whether you want to be the star of the video and show your significant other how much you love them, or you want to make the video all about them is up to you. There are many free editing software on the internet, plus tutorials on how to use it.

Make A Playlist

If you watch movies or TV shows from the 90s, you will see that making a mix-tape of romantic songs is a really cute and romantic thing to do for your partner. Now that we no longer use tape and cassettes to play music, doesn't mean we can't do that anymore.

You can use any streaming platform that you use right now, and make a playlist of romantic songs or songs that will describe your feelings towards your partner. Spend more time making a good and thoughtful playlist, and send them to your partner's phone or spend some time listening to it together in a car ride for example.

Be Spontaneous

Being spontaneous once in a while is a nice and simple thing to do on how to show your love without spending so much. While you are in your home just sitting around or doing some household chores, suddenly ask them to go to see a movie or eat in a nice restaurant.

Even better, you can surprise them with some more thoughtful actions like tickets to a concert you know they will like, a game of their favorite sport club, or two tickets to a mini getaway. Once you see how their eyes light up with this, you might want to do this even more often.


Having a dance together is a really nice and romantic way to tell your partner how much you love them without uttering a single word. You can do this by taking them to the nearest dancing club and dancing with many other couples.

Or, if you prefer a nice dancing time just between the two of you, you can always do it at home. Do it nicely too though, while doing something unrelated in the house like cleaning, cooking, or watching TV, suddenly turn the music on and take your partner's hand and ask them to dance with you. Spend the next few minutes just dancing, hugging them, and staring at each other's eyes.

Make Something Handmade

Buying things that your significant others like is indeed nice, but if you have some talent, then why not try to make something by yourself? Making something handmade and giving it to your loved ones will have a greater impact.

If you are quite good at drawing, try to spend some time drawing them a picture of themselves or a picture that you know they will love. If you are good at singing, try to write a song for them and sing it for them. If you are willing to give extra effort, you can also learn how to knit and then make them a nice scarf without any label or price tag on it. You will be surprised at how amazing this could make your loved ones feel.

Ask for Their Advice

The last thing on how to show your love without spending so much is asking for advice. Once in a while, try to ask your partner for advice on something about your career or something you've been working on and actually listen to it. Doing this will make your partner know that you value their opinion and you want them to be involved in your life.

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