9 Unique Mindsets to Build a Disciplined Person You Need to Know

9 Unique Mindsets to Build a Disciplined Person You Need to Know

What are the mindsets of a disciplined person? Discipline, this word must be familiar enough to all of us. Yes, the term is often uttered even by many motivators out there as one of the success keys. There are also examples of people who have reached their success and one of their secrets is being disciplined all the time.

So, what is the definition of discipline? Discipline is when you have a habit of prioritizing the more important things instead of the less important ones. The easiest example is when you are a student. Of course, you must do your school tasks and study hard first before other things such as hanging out with friends.

Although being a disciplined person sounds easy theoretically, to practice it needs effort. While it is very important to implement it in all people's daily lives, not all of them can do that easily.

If you think you are one of those people who cannot implement discipline well, you should not worry. Discipline is something that can be trained and practiced. It depends on how you build commitment in your mind to do that every day. Furthermore, there are also some mindsets to keep so that self-discipline can be owned automatically.

Well, here are some rare and unique mindsets commonly owned by disciplined people. What are they?

Prioritize Effort for Success

It has been mentioned earlier that even the definition of discipline itself is how you can prioritize the more important matters in your life instead of the less important ones. Therefore, what you must keep in mind is that you must make efforts for your success first and then you can do others.

Well, the term effort here depends on what you are doing now. If you are a student, it means you must study hard. If you are an employee, make sure to do all the tasks given to you as well as possible. Meanwhile, if you are just building your business, do all the effort so that your business can be developed and grow well.

Sure, prioritizing the difficult and maybe boring things is not easy. But this is the key point of being disciplined. Don't worry after all those things have been done, you can just feel fun and peace of mind.

In addition, discipline doesn't mean you are forbidden to have fun and do all the things you like. It is just that you should do them after your main work. Just imagine it, watching your favorite movies, dating your loved one, or chatting with friends feel better after all your work has been done, don't they?

Out of Your Comfort Zone

You may have lived comfortably with all the fun around you. Yes, you already have those cozy rooms, a bed, tasty snacks, and more. It sounds great to just be lazy inside and scrolling your smartphone all the time.

But then, if you have a bunch of homework ahead, doing such laziness sounds like a waste of time, doesn't it? So, for your betterment, why don't you just wake up and do your homework first? Scrolling the smartphone can be done later.

A similar thing is when you are in a diet program. It is better to be more disciplined by removing all your comfort zones like your soft sofa and sugary cakes. Remember that you need to lose weight or simply have a healthier body. Then, try to be disciplined by eating only good foods and exercising regularly.

Manage Your Moods

It is reasonable if you can do your work only when your mood is good. When the mood is good, the work can be done faster with a good result. On the other hand, when the mood is bad, anything can just be chaotic.

Unfortunately, many people use this "mood" thing for being lazy and postponing their work. Whereas, mood is not something that you cannot handle. People, in general, have the power to control and manage their moods. This way, every time they need it, their mood can turn into good and they are ready to do all their jobs.

So, how to manage your mood? Commonly, people feel good and motivated to do their work when they are healthy, fit, fresh, and not tired. In those conditions, they tend to focus and concentrate so that the possibility of failing in doing the work is diminished. Therefore, make sure to achieve such conditions before doing your work.

For example, you must sleep early at night so that you feel refreshed when waking up in the morning. Not to forget, make use of having a healthy breakfast so that the body keeps healthy and not easily tired.

Pay attention also to some other things like doing exercises and feeling relaxed since it may repair your mood. Using some mood boosters is allowed such as doing your hobby, reading books, gathering with friends, and more.

Make a Goal

The effort of being disciplined is made to achieve a certain goal. You study hard in your high school to be accepted in the university. You are disciplined in your job, make an effort for career improvement, and so on. Such goals are very important to set up a discipline habit in your mindset. It motivates you and makes the effort of being disciplined not burdening.

The goal should not be too difficult to make as it is basically what you want to achieve. It is your dream that you have wanted to reach since the beginning. However, it is important to remember that in setting up a goal, you must also be realistic. The goal should be something you can afford with your current condition.

If your goal is too high, you can divide it into some steps. Every step is a goal to reach in a particular time whether it is in months or even years. Then, after reaching one step, it means you have been ready to go to the next step.

Why should you make a realistic goal and what is its relationship to being disciplined? As has been mentioned before, being disciplined is something that not anyone can do easily. It needs strong intentions and attempts. Therefore, if the goal itself is not realistic, it simply makes you give up before it has been achieved. By making sure that the goal is something you can afford, it motivates you and this is how discipline is easier to do.

Be Consistent

Many people commit to being disciplined in the beginning but they are failing in the end. That's not surprising at all as being consistent is indeed not easy. You even need to sound yourself every day to be consistent in being disciplined. Without keeping it in mind all the time, consistency cannot be achieved only because of one temptation faced.

For example, if you want to lose 10 kg of your weight only in a month, you must be consistent in your diet program. In a period you have determined before, you should not eat too many calories per day since it just makes your diet program useless. You must also consistently run around the field for at least 10 minutes. With such effort, losing weight of 10 kg can just be achieved.

What if in the middle of your journey, you suddenly give up on reaching the goal? Well, this is what you call the problem inconsistency. Before it goes too far, you should again sound or talk to yourself to not give up. It must be done continuously until your mind is set up to be in the situation. As a result, eating good food and exercising regularly to lose 10 kg are not burdensome but a habit.

Make a Good Circle

Not all people are happy to see you more disciplined. Some others may love it if you are disciplined but in a different way. Sadly enough if those people can be those who are close enough to you such as your family and friends. Furthermore, such people can simply block your success whether you realize it or not.

Therefore, if you already have a strong intention to be disciplined, it means you must create a good circle that supports it. Such a circle doesn't only enable you to be more committed and consistent in being disciplined but also they influence you to make it your best. The discipline habit can come faster and it is, of course, less burdening.

So, does it mean you must remove all your family members and friends that don't support you? Well, it doesn't exactly like that. You only need to make a distance for a while and focus on your goal. Just get along with them as you are supposed to but without telling too much about your effort and goal. Undeniably, when we want to achieve something, we indeed need to select people who should know about it. Your dream and way of life are not for everyone to know.

Block Negative Vibes

Negative vibes are not only coming from people who don't agree with you to be disciplined. It can also come from your environment, your hobby, the books you read, the movies and shows you watch, and so on. In other words, if discipline is something you want to achieve soon, make sure to block them from your life, at least, for a while until your goal has been on your hands.

Maybe you are wondering how your hobby can bring negative vibes to you. Well, here is an example. If you have a goal to be accepted into the university next year, it means you must reduce or even completely remove your hobby, online gaming. Of course, it is just a different story if your goal is to be a successful gamer or an e-sport athlete.

The reason is clear, your gaming activity will waste your time studying. It makes you further from being disciplined and this is how your goal to be accepted into the university cannot be achieved. In addition, some books and movies can also bring negative vibes, particularly those that don't inspire positive values to the audience. Instead of being more disciplined, you can even be getting lazier after reading or watching them.

Be Honest to Yourself

Ironically, those negative things that block you from being disciplined don't only come from the outside, but also inside yourself. You may still look for many reasons to be lazy since it is indeed more interesting than hardworking.

Here is an example. You promised yourself last night to wake up earlier in the morning to exercise. Then, when you have successfully awakened, you don't do the exercise but just lay on the bed, daydreaming and doing nothing.

This kind of barrier to be disciplined is even more difficult to control and remove than the barrier coming from the outside. So, if you still have this problem in your life, make sure to fix it as soon as possible. How is it? It is by being honest that the laziness you still have right now is wrong and unforgivable. Don't seek reason to make it look right even from your view.

Focus on the Long-Term Target

Lastly, the mindset to own by disciplined people is to focus on the long-term target. Even from now on, you should have thought about your future. It doesn't mean you must ignore the short-term goal that you may achieve soon. However, it is better if the short-term goal is something to build a stair to achieve the long-term goal, the bigger goal.

Knowing well that you have a big goal to achieve someday tends to make your life more structured and regulated. You will be accustomed to schedule and prioritize your daily activities. Sure, those are very important points to build up a discipline habit in yourself.

Sure, if all the points mentioned above have not been your daily habit, it means you need more time to train yourself about them. Make sure to be patient and believe that you will do them well. This is how you can be one them with a strongly disciplined mentality.

Faisal "The successful warrior is the average man, with laserlike focus." - Bruce Lee

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