Lessons From Chicken That Will Change Your Life

Lessons From Chicken That Will Change Your Life

It may not seem plausible to learn important lessons from chicken, yet that is precisely what I did while taking care of my backyard flock. I had certain expectations when it came to rearing hens, but learning from it wasn't one of them. The fact is that the most important lessons are often found in the most unexpected places.

How frequently do you come into contact with animals throughout your everyday life? Not only do you have domestic pets and animals like cats and dogs, but do you also have other animals? Probably not very frequently.

While we all wish to spend our days surrounded with animals, this is rarely the case for the majority of people. Humans have distanced themselves from the natural world, erecting buildings and fences in order to hold wildlife at bay. We've built a society that regards people as "superior" over animals, and we connect their untamed characteristics and impulses with being "uncivilized."

Lessons from Nature

Of course, only a few people share these ideas, but they are the dominant philosophy in our world. Yet anyone who adores animals, as I do, understands that there is a lot more to discover about the world's many diverse and beautiful species. There are several things we may learn from animals; particularly given how far we have isolated ourselves from them.

Lessons from Chicken

Animals, like people, have intrinsic worth and value that deserves our attention and acknowledgment. Animals may teach us many things about how to be better human beings and strive for more. They are relevant to our daily lives and provide us with encouragement, motivation, and strength that keeps us going.

Different animals can teach us numerous lessons but, on this occasion, I will choose to major in chicken or hen. Chickens are quite unique. To begin the lessons from chicken, here are some short facts about chicken:

  • Chickens are capable of distinguishing between over a hundred faces for their own species.
  • It appears that elephants are not the only animals with a good recall.
  • Chickens, like humans, possess full-color vision.
  • Chickens have better eyesight than humans.
Humans possess three cone kinds in their eyes that allow us to perceive red, green, as well as blue. Chickens, on the other hand, have two extra cone kinds that allow them to discriminate between violet as well as ultraviolet light. Because they are able to see the sunlight an hour earlier than humans, they crow early in the morning.

Here are the lessons from chicken we may learn from:

1. Smart Planning

A hen must first lay a sufficient number of eggs before laying on them. The outcome is just the ultimate result of an effective plan. The result may not be as excellent as the planning since there is likely to be no positive outcome at the conclusion of its execution if the preparation is not effectively organized and carried out.

A plan is an absolute need. Everything you do must be strategic. You cannot simply state that you want to make yourself successful if you do not have a plan for how you'll get there. A plan can also serve as a motivator, encouraging you to increase your efforts.

2. Discipline

She decreases movement when she begins sitting on the eggs she has laid. Discipline is as basic as it seems, yet it is crucial in life. Discipline governs everything in a person's life. Discipline is essential for living a successful life. Discipline is essential for a successful life. You cannot achieve in life unless you have it. Successful individuals would constantly advise you to maintain your discipline. But the issue is, "Why is self-discipline crucial to life success?"

Self-discipline allows you to grow into an unstoppable force of power in order to achieve your highest level in life. The very first thing you must do if you wish to be successful throughout your life is only discipline yourself. Discipline means doing everything you believe has to be completed, even when you do not want to.

3. Self-Denial

Due to limited eating, she physically decreases weight while sitting on the eggs. You will not profit from a thing you do not sacrifice for. A fundamental of plenty is sacrifice. When you make a sacrifice, you get more.

The hen makes the sacrifice of remaining in the nest for a total of 21 days (3 weeks) without first knowing what happened to the eggs. Whether they'll hatch or not.

4. Indigenous and Generous

She is capable of sitting on eggs laid by another hen. Many people have lost their destiny helper due to discrimination. It is crucial to accommodate individuals regardless of their background or circumstances.

5. Faith, Hope, and Braveness

She waits on the eggs for a total of 21 days, patiently hoping for them to hatch, despite the fact that it means laying additional eggs. In life's voyage, you must constantly anticipate the best from every difficulty. Never lose heart, no matter how difficult the situation has grown.

6. Perceptive and Inquisitive

She identifies and rolls out unfertilized eggs. It is critical to be sensitive about everything you do; determine when you need to take an action and when to recede. Make certain that you understand what you are doing.

7. Wisdom, Consciousness, as Well as Realistic

She discards the bad eggs and begins caring for the newly born chicks, even though it is just one. The wise are confident in their ability to survive. They understand how much may go wrong as well as things are going to remain barely bearable.

Unwise people extend the bounds of their satisfaction much too far, so that it includes and is dependent on fame, money, popularity, personal connections, and health. A wise person recognizes the benefits of all of those, but also recognizes that they may, sooner or later, at a moment of their choice, have to pull the borders back in order to find peace inside a more confined environment.

8. Protective

Nobody ever dared to touch her chicks.

9. Purpose Unity

She gathers all of the chicks together without missing every single of them.

10. Mentorship

She can't leave her chicks before they've reached adulthood. Mentoring is an excellent chance to provide both the mentor as well as the mentee with gratifying and perhaps life-changing experiences. It happens to be one of the biggest tasks that a person may accomplish to advance their professional and personal lives. It requires time and dedication, but the results are more than worth the effort.

11. Recognize the Importance of Community

Chickens appear to comprehend the value of banding together from the moment they hatch. Hens will leave the group cluster just as they lay their eggs or rear their chicks. Where one moves, the others soon follow, feeding together and migrating as a group from one part of the region to the other.

There's protection in numbers, thus when the rooster crows, they scatter within a whirl of squawks as well as feathers. It appears to be the result of some smart, strategic plan of ordered chaos, making it difficult for the predator to pick a prey. Many people working together for the welfare of the community is a wonderful plan for both humans and chickens to follow.

12. Forgive and Forget - Choosing Friends Wisely

Everyone in the group exhibits a variety of personalities, much like human beings. Certain members are more tolerant compared to others, yet in the end, these individuals appear to figure out ways to live within relative harmony, tolerating the less tolerant members' unpredictable "craziness."

It is customary to let bygones remain bygones. They don't retain a a grudge after a disagreement. When it's finished, it's finished. They do, however, have excellent memory and plainly tend to avoid those hens in the flock which are less than kind.

They appear to be rather adept in forgiving as well as forgetting a violation, but they also tend to be selective in who they associate with, which appears to be solid advice to me.

13. Practice of Selfless Love

Individual sacrifice behavior among chickens represents one of the most startling aspects of the species. When food is offered, the in-charge rooster usually 'calls' their hens to it by vigorously motioning using his head and feverishly scratching on the ground using his legs until he feels happy that all of the hens are conscious of the offering. He keeps an eye on his harem while they eat, never eating a mouthful until they've done. I've never encountered a chicken that rejected a fat, big, juicy bug, yet at the face of a wonderful gift, the rooster would stand aside and allow his ladies to enjoy the treasured tidbit.

Roosters are constantly on the alert for threats. A rooster devotes his entire life to taking care of and guarding his brood. His eyes move forward and backward as well as upwards and downwards, searching for new signals of danger. Rooster is always 'at the ready stance' to put down whatever threatens his darling kids.

Similarly, an adult hen's devotion to her young is nothing less than inspirational. A hen who 'goes broody' is always prepared to begin a family. She has had nothing else in her mind since then! Every fiber of her being is focused on hatching as well as caring for her babies.

She isn't opposed to hatching a different hen's eggs (the far more the merrier?), and she may occasionally purposely roll someone else's future chick-children into the nest. She is going to lie upon her nest for a total of 21 days, only getting off it for small amounts of time, once or twice per day, to hydrate and feed. During that moment, a hen is going to stay in the nest as well as losing a lot of weight.

Others have even died as a result of their devotion to the practice. This broody hen will pluck her own chest feathers for softening the nest. Her naked skin over the eggs produces the ideal temperature/humidity regulated environment needed for hatching.

There is no greater spot to be once the chick's birth than curled safely behind an adult hen's wings. Hens fiercely defend their chicks. The phrase "like the mother hen" refers to a person's mother who is fiercely protective of her offspring.

I've witnessed a few adult hens stand up, flailing her wings in a menacing manner, to fend off anything (big or little) that comes close enough to her chicks. In my opinion, such a profound degree of care for newborns is nothing less than heroic, thus if someone criticizes you for acting "like the mother hen," consider it as a great compliment!

A mother hen discovered in a thicket of fire battled valiantly for her brood. Despite her burnt body, she brought her chicks beneath her wings, displaying selflessness which most humans may not understand. This fable emphasizes the significance of mother hens throughout nature.

14. Being 'Present'

Chickens are vigilant but calm. In a nutshell, they are completely present at all times. Their days are spent 'scratching up' fresh ideas. It's remarkable how swiftly they all respond when there's a huge, juicy 'big-opportunity'! A calm moment of foraging may be overtaken in a couple of seconds with a tornadic swirl of feathers along with beaks. One is unlikely to realize the amount of awareness lurking under the serenity.

Chickens are excellent communicators. They employ a range of specialized vocalizations to send crucial signals to one another. The communication is apparent, from a mom hen's wonderfully rapid "Cluck, cluck, cluck" call to her babies to the rooster's stern warning signal to everyone saying "Run for dear life!" Among the others that are definitely good listeners, respond quickly, instinctively realizing that it may actually be a matter between life and death.

The beauty of happy birds Singing during night serves as an indicator of the benefits of living a simple life. Such creatures, like birds, pray to the Creator, thanking Him for the fullness of life. We may also discover ourselves at the conclusion of a hectic day, praising the Creator for giving us the simple gift of being alive by being present at all moments and accepting the unexpected knowledge that life brings.
Faisal "The successful warrior is the average man, with laserlike focus." - Bruce Lee

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