Want to Earn Money On YouTube? Here's How to Do It

Want to Earn Money On YouTube Here's How to Do It

You must've heard at least a couple of famous YouTubers that has the same kind of fame as other big celebrities like actors or singers. YouTube has become a platform that can catapult someone into fame with creating videos by their own.

The ideal thing to do is not to start a YouTube channel just to make money, but creating videos about something you're passionate about like singing, teaching people how to do specific things, making funny videos, painting, dancing, or others. If your channel starting to grow bigger, earning money can be a pleasant surprise. Imagine doing something you love and then getting paid for it.

Just like creating a blog, the ultimate key to your success as a YouTube star is the audience since the more people subscribe to your channel, the more money you can get. But there are also other things that can help you earn money from YouTube like multiple streams of revenue through businesses and side hustles. If you want to start earn money on YouTube, here's how to do it.

YouTube Partner Program

Whether you want to make money on YouTube as a content creator or without making any videos, ads are the first revenue stream you would like to explore. To do this, you need to setting up your channel for monetization and the way to do it is to join the YPP or YouTube Partner Program.

There are a couple of rules of monetization before you can start to earn money with ads. You need to live in a country where YPP is available, you need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year, or 1,000 subscribers with Shorts' view of 10 million in the past 90 days.

After you meet those requirements, you need to go to your YouTube account you want to monetize, go to right corner and click the icon of your account, click YouTube studio, select other features and choose monetization, read and agree the terms and conditions, create a Google AdSense account or connect it if you already have one, and then set the preferences of your monetization.

Once you've done all of that, go back to your dashboard and go to the left side to click the Analytics tab. Then, you can choose the menu Revenue from the tabs, scroll down to find the chart of Monthly Estimated Revenue, to get the prediction of your possible income.

YouTube Premium

Now YouTube has its premium version where people who paid regularly can watch YouTube videos without ads, does this affect the revenue for content creators? The answer is no, content creators will still get paid when non-members consume the contents, along with YouTube premium's contents.

Creators are still getting paid in YouTube premium based on the contents watched by members. You should consider the revenue from YouTube premium as a secondary revenue beside what you earn from regular YouTube with ads.

Revenues Beyond Ads

While ads are the easiest and most convenient way to earn money on YouTube because you don't have to do anything, it's not the most lucrative stream of revenue. YouTube has received a lot of backlash mostly from creators around the transparency about the advertising rules on the platform and what kind of contents will qualified as advertiser friendly.

That's right, not all kind of contents will be able to get you money from displaying ads. If YouTube deems it, your content could be excluded from the ad revenue. There is a lot of things that could get you excluded, the first one is if the content is sexually suggestive including sexual humor and partial nudity.

Another limit are violent contents including showing violent events or serious injury, violent extremism, inappropriate language, harassment, vulgar language, and profanity. Also, promotional substances or drugs, and controversial or sensitive materials regarding wars, natural disasters, political conflicts, and tragedies even without any graphic imagery shown.

This is not a new policy from YouTube since the video platform giant has been doing this since 2012. Originally, this practice was done without the knowledge of the creators but now creators will get notified if their contents are excluded from ads revenue and can contest the decision of YouTube if they think YouTube has made a mistake by excluding them.

Ads are the most common means of earning passive income, but you should know that the parent company of YouTube which is Google get to keep around 45% share of the ad revenue. In conclusion, while ads are a great way to earn easy income, you should explore any other streams of revenue possible.

Sell Merchandise and Products

Once your channel is big enough with thousands or even tens of thousands of subscribers, you should consider selling your merchandise to your subscribers. You can make a lot of things like mugs, t-shirts, jackets or tote bags with your name or your logo on it.

Not only it is a great way to earn money, this way you can also further promote your channel to the offline world. Also, this will create an even deeper bond between you and your subscribers since they are the one who always watch your contents.


Crowdfunding is a great way to earn money, but to fund your possible project that will need a big budget. You can ask the community, starting with your subscribers, to chip in to fund your big project. Make sure your project is compelling enough so people are willing to give their money to fund it.

Make sure give the details to make sure people know why you need help to fund the project like hiring actors, buying or renting expensive equipment, or other production costs. You can use Kickstarter, the famous crowdfunding site and make attainable goal to make sure you can achieve it.

Fan Funding

If you have tens of thousands of subscribers, most of them might be your fans now. And if they are willing to buy your merchandise earlier, it is likely that they will also give their money to you to help you fund your next big project. Fan funding is a great way to earn money on YouTube.

As a creator on YouTube, you are participating by creating contents without forcing people to pay to watch them, so if you are making good contents, your audience might want to help and support you since you always produce quality contents.

If you choose this route to earn money for your project, make sure that you are telling people that they can trust you and they will not get swindled. To do this, you have to make it transparent on how the money will be spent.

Beside transparency, to make more and more people will donate in the future, you can give rewards to the people who donated so that they feel like they're getting exclusive items or access for being loyal to you. With this, more fans would want to help to fund your project to get the perks.

License Your Content

You must have seen a viral content that has been appearing in multiple different account. If you created a viral content, to prevent it from uploaded by other people for their own benefits, you can license it to make sure you get a reward every time someone broadcasted it.

With this, some legitimate institutions like news channels, morning shows, and online news sites might reach out to you about your viral content and ask you about the rights regarding it when they want to show it on their platform.

Work as an Influencer

Today, more and more companies are spending bigger budget to hire influencers to help them promote their services and products. They will especially spend a higher budget on influencers that already have the loyalty of their subscribers.

Not only that, based on the quality of your content, your amount of subscribers, audience demographic, and how unique your niche is, you can also negotiate a better deal with the companies. The key in doing this is being transparent, don't endorse a product or a service that you yourself wouldn't use.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is the practice of earning commissions by promoting services or products of another brands. You can do this by straight endorsement telling people about the products, or you can do it subtly by product placements by placing the products in your videos for people to see.

This will work specifically perfect if you are a product reviewer. Brands will either pay you to review their products or they will send you their free products. You can wait for brands to reach out to you, but you can also reach out to them first. Make sure the brands you are reaching out to are aligned with your YouTube niche.

Tips to Get Many Subscribers on YouTube

Now you want to know what to do when you are a successful YouTubers, but how to make your YouTube channel profitable? Understanding your audience is the ultimate key in order to do this. Try to find a unique niche of yourself, and try to understand the makeup of your audience and try to get both of them aligned perfectly.

The things you should pay close attention to are the gender of your audience, whether it skews toward one of the other, the age range, the geographic location where your videos will be watched, and your audience's engagement in overall or the watch time.

The next thing you should do is saying the magic words at the end of every single one your videos which is telling people to like and subscribe. Also, you need to put up the YouTube cards that usually appear a few seconds before the video you're watching ends to lure people to watch another video of yours. To earn money on YouTube is to get as many views as possible.

Another way you could try to maximize your monetization effort of your YouTube channel is by adding links on your video description. You can add links to your merchandise, your Kickstarter campaign, or links to your sponsors.

Just because you are a YouTuber, that doesn't mean YouTube is the only place you can use to promote your brand. Spread your words, promoter your brand using every social media out there like Facebook, Instagram, or X (formerly knowns as Twitter). The more you place your messages, the greater the chances that people will see them. Social media marketing is always a good idea to expand your brand.

How do YouTubers Get Paid?

Half of YouTubers income is coming from ads revenue. After you set your Google AdSense, and after you meet all the requirements needed to monetize your YouTube channels, you can start earning money from YouTube. You can get paid only when there's minimal $100 in your AdSense account.

You don't have to have millions of subscribers to get paid since the potential of your earning is not solely determined by the number of your subscribers. Other aspects that will help are your niche, your level of engagement, and other sources of revenue that you explore.

You might think that the famous YouTubers make all of their money from YouTube, that's not correct. If you look at the top earners of YouTube, you will see that all of them have their own merchandise store both online or offline.

So, when you decided to pursue YouTube as one of your sources of income, you need to know how to build an audience since they are the ones that will mainly help you to be able to get monetized, and then will buy your merchandise.

Also, take note that getting your YouTube channel profitable is not an easy process, it'll take a lot of time and effort. Before thinking about how to earn money on YouTube, you should just try to make quality contents based on your interests and your passion.

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