6 Delicious Foods for Your Snack for Diabetics

6 Delicious Foods for Your Snack for Diabetics

Having diabetes means you should control and pay attention to what you eat. No more fun snacking time. But, that's an old perception. Nowadays, you can enjoy a snack for diabetics without worrying about health problems.

Are you interested? Want to know more? No need to wait longer. Here, we have a list of all safe-to-enjoy snacks for diabetics.

1. Hard-Boiled Eggs

People avoid this food because of the cholesterol in its yolk. But, that's an old study report. The latest study found that the cholesterol in eggs doesn't affect your cholesterol level, generally. Most of the time, saturated fats and oil are the culprits of high cholesterol.

So, is it safe to consume hard-boiled eggs as a snack for diabetics? Yes, you can be happier now that the scary eggs will enter your stomach. A study found that people with type 2 diabetes reduce their blood sugar levels after consuming two hard-boiled eggs every day for 12 weeks. It is not a snack, but healthy food for your diabetes condition.

For safer consumption, use only hard-boiled eggs. Do not add anything, like salt or pepper. It only increases the cholesterol level in this delicious snack. Moreover, a hard-boiled egg without any addition still tastes good!

2. Yogurt

Do you want something light, yet delicious? Yogurt is a snack for diabetics you need. Let's see what Yogurt can do to your condition. Its high probiotics content lowers your blood sugar levels. Moreover, this ability doesn't only stop at that lowering blood sugar level thing. Your body also can improve its ability to metabolize food with sugar.

There is more! Yogurt is also rich in protein! This thing also is necessary for blood sugar level management.

Get bored with plain yogurt? Why don't you add some berries to it? Enjoy yogurt with berries and experience different tastes and extra health benefits.

Berries in your yogurt will add more fiber content. Meaning? No more digestive problems!

Taste-wise, the yogurt-berries combination also is top-notch. You might not withstand the sour taste. The berries' sweetness will balance the taste. It makes this more snack for diabetics enjoyable.

3. Almonds

Everyone knows almonds are the divine food for those who seek a healthy snack. This nut has so many amazing things that work well for health. Starting from vitamins and minerals. Then, manganese, magnesium, and riboflavin are also there.

How about this nut's relationship with your blood sugar level? It is good. Another study finds a beautiful result from people that consume this nut for 24 weeks. 3% lower blood sugar level, plus it is a long-term result! An almond shows its magic thanks to protein, fiber, and healthy fats. They are like the officers that control your blood sugar. Having them as your snack for diabetics might be your best decision.

Yet, a limitation is a must. This nut got a pack of calories. If you don't want to get hit on your weight, get a handful of almonds for a snack per day.

4. Veggies and Hummus

We call them the archenemy of kids. Kids will heavily reject these greens, even if they see them for a distance. But, as an adult, moreover, with diabetes, you don't have to be like that, right? Enjoy them because veggies and hummus are our next healthy snack for diabetics.

Snacking veggies and hummus give your body vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Want more? Hummus can also give protein and fat. This ingredient combination is the key to snacking while in diabetes as it can control your blood sugar level.

5. Avocado

Let's move to the fruits. This time, we recommend the Butter of the Forest for your snack for diabetics. The reason? There are two of them, mono-unsaturated fatty acids and high-fiber content.

Both of them are the best friends of diabetic patients. They control blood sugar levels, especially when you enjoy this fruit after a meal. We all know after a meal is the worst time when your sugar level rises significantly. So, avocados can help you deal with that problem.

Is there the best way to enjoy avocados? To get the best taste of avocado, try making some guacamole. Or, you can eat it just like that, as it tastes nice and has a soft texture.

Just a reminder here! This fruit has a lot of calories. So, limit the serving size. Enjoy one-fourth or one-half only, and eat the rest of it the next day.

6. Apple

Apple is not only known as the fruit that gave Sir Isaac Newton an idea about gravity. But, the fruit that made Snow White fall into a coma after taking a bite of an apple is also the best snack for diabetics. Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and potassium are enough of a reason to put them into your snack list.

Do you want more health benefits? Add some peanut butter to your apple. Now, you get extra Vitamin E and magnesium, two buddies that work wonderfully to manage your diabetes.

Want to hear amazing things about apples and peanut butter? Apple also has antioxidants!!! It is a polyphenol antioxidant that shields your pancreatic cells from damage because of diabetes.


There are more foods you can put on your snack for diabetics list. Beef sticks with their high-protein-low-carb content; roasted chickpeas for those who crave healthy legumes, turkey roll-up for turkey lovers, and even cottage cheese are ready for you. Therefore, the journey to find a snack safe for your diabetes condition will never end. Find more and more snacks, so you can enjoy your life, even though you have diabetes.

Moreover, all foods we mentioned in the list are easy to find. Grocery stores, malls, and you might already have them in your kitchen. No more hard-snacking time now.

However, we also recommend you consult your doctor before taking any snack we recommend above. It is for your safety and your health. Who knows, maybe you have an allergy to one of those foods, or your condition isn't allowing you to consume them. So, we hope you get the best and most satisfying snack for diabetics from now on.

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