8 Tips To Finish A Thesis Fast And Get Your Degree Right Away

8 Tips To Finish A Thesis Fast And Get Your Degree Right Away

Most students are struggling in finishing their thesis. Some of them even finally give up on this final task. You may wonder, "Can I finish my thesis faster?" Yes, you can do it!

Here, we will share with you some tips to finish a thesis fast. Take note that fast doesn't mean that it is an instant process. Yet, you can complete this task faster than a regular finishing task.

Find References Before Writing the Thesis

Focus is the key to finishing your thesis faster. So, the first thing you should do is find references before writing a thesis. Don't think about whether you will use the references or not. As long as the references will be useful for your thesis, take it!

Don't write while looking for references. It slows down the process. You may take a few days to find references, whether they are books, magazines, journals, other thesis, and other sources.

Start Your First Thesis Draft

Say you think you have enough references, and continue the process by writing the first draft. The key to finishing your first draft is to keep writing. Yes! Just write anything that comes to your mind.

Don't think about whether it is a bad, false, or negative statement. All you have to remember is that it is only a draft. You don't have to be perfect in this step.

Don't write a thesis draft and edit it at the same time. You will get stressed and under pressure. The most important thing is that you finish it immediately.

Say students finish it within a month. You have to finish this draft in a week since you want to complete it faster.

Leave Your Draft

Good job! You have completed your thesis draft. You deserve a rest for a while. So, the next thing to do in the process is leave your first draft.

Don't think about it at all. You can do your favorite things, such as watching movies, eating in your favorite cafe, hanging out with your friends, and many more. The most important thing is that you have a fixed schedule.

For instance, you only need three days to relax and move away from the draft. Like it or not, you are not done yet. Your thesis is only a draft. You have to edit it right away if you commit to complete this task right away.

Edit Your Thesis Draft

Now, it is time to go a little bit slower. You have to ensure that it meets the thesis standard. Think twice about the statements you wrote in the draft. Don't be too melancholy.

Just delete the statements if it is useless. Replace any uncertain statements. It is time to make everything you write clear and according to the references.

It will be great if doing it in your favorite spot and the most comfortable condition. It takes more time to complete compared to writing a thesis draft. On the other hand, you still have to set a deadline to use your time effectively.

Submit the Results

Submit your thesis to your supervisor. Don't postpone doing it. You should do it right away. The purpose of this process is to get feedback for them.

It makes your thesis even better than your first draft. So, just relax if there are a lot of additional notes from your supervisors. Keeping calm while receiving revision from your supervisors is also one of the critical tips to finish a thesis fast.

Some students spend too long desperate for the result. It seems that there is nothing they can do. As a result, they decide to stop and do nothing with the thesis. Don't do it if you want to finish your thesis fast. Keep focusing on the process!

Revise Your Thesis

Read the notes from the supervisors once you receive the result. Then, work to edit the thesis based on the notes from your supervisors. Understand the notes and include the answer in the thesis.

Set the time to finish the revision. It is okay to take time to do it but don't take it too long. Notes from your supervisors don't mean that it is wrong. You only have to make the thesis better. One of them is by adding statements based on the notes.

Resubmit the Thesis

Give the result back to your supervisors right away. Don't worry! The result is going to be better than before. The notes from them should be less. Repeat the previous step if your supervisors still give you notes. Yet, you have to be ready for another possibility. They can even say that you are ready for the final exam after your first revision. If it is so, you are ahead of other students.

Soon, you have to focus on the thesis final exam. Revise the draft and be ready to present your research to the examiner.

Final Thesis Editing

Congratulations! You have passed the thesis final exam when reading this step. Your job is not done yet. You still have to edit the thesis for the last time.

Ensure that everything is correct and according to the thesis standards in your university. Add anything you must add to the thesis. In this phase, you should try to present the thesis as perfectly as you can. It is your first research that should be useful for the next students and anyone who needs it.

Completing the thesis faster is possible to do. The key to doing that is a high commitment and focus. Then, follow the tips to finish a thesis fast above. Try not to ruin the process.

For example, you stop writing and editing the first draft because you think it is bad. It is the same case when you stop working because of the notes from your supervisors. Completing a thesis faster needs hard work, but we believe that you can handle this situation.

Soon, you can achieve your goal to get your degree as soon as possible. So, start the first step right away once you are allowed to write a thesis.

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