8 Simple Tips to Organize a Working Desk To Boost Productivity

8 Simple Tips to Organize a Working Desk To Boost Productivity

Working from home is great to do, as long as you have a comfortable work desk. Your working area at home even boosts your productivity. That's why ensure that your desk is ready for work.

Follow the tips to organize a working desk below to get a better work desk. The tricks are simple, yet it gives a significant impact.

Create an Open Working Desk

The first thing to do is sort and declutter documents and items on the desk. Remove all unused properties. Keep the working desk open. Filling the desk with all working tasks and documents will make you stress out even before working. It gives a negative work vibe to you. Compare the vibe if your work desk looks clean, neat, and spacious. The atmosphere is more positive.

The more positive the atmosphere vibe, the better your mood. As a result, you will be more productive even working at home.

Organize the Properties Based on Its Level of Importance

Just because you should create an open working space doesn't mean you can't put anything there. The key is knowing the importance level. So, just put the most critical properties near you.

For example, place a laptop in front of you since you will use it from the beginning until the end of the working hours. It is the same case with documents. You don't have to put all documents in front of you, although all of them are important.

It will be more effective if you only put documents, you will use that day. Remove the documents you will use tomorrow. This simple trick is not only making your working desk looks clean but also making you more focused. As a result, you will be more productive.

Give a Label on the Storage Boxes

Labelling the storage boxes is also one of the tips to organize a working desk you should consider. First, prepare some storage boxes. Then, create labels for each boxes.

For example, there is a box for important documents. There is also a box for papers and many more. The label keeps you easy to take the things you want to use.

No need to get confused looking for the documents. All you have to do is read the label and take it from the box. The faster you get the things you need, the more productive you are.

Adding More Storage Areas

What if you have to store more documents and properties to work for a small desk? One of the alternatives is by preparing more storage areas. For instance, hang baskets or file holders on the walls close to your work desk.

It is an effective trick. The desk doesn't overload and keep it as an open working space. Best of all, you can still finish your work tasks. The document is also easy to take any time you need it.

Don't Use the Desk Only for a Printer

Placing a printer is tricky if you only have a small working desk. This device often makes your work desk feels full and crowded. Indeed, it doesn't mean you can't use a printer on a small desk.

The best location for this device can be under the working desk. Create a specific area for the printer and its supplies, such as ink cartridges and paper. Now, you have a spacious work desk even when you should install a printer.

You don't need to get confused about running out of supplies since everything is close to you. This trick is so effective and efficient to keep focusing on finishing your working tasks.

Organize the Electrical Wires

The electrical wires of your devices are also disturbing. It makes your working desk feels messy. The messier the desk, the worse your mood. Electrical wires are also dangerous if you don't organize them well. Because of that, manage them. Managing electrical cables doesn't mean you have to do something complicated.

Hiding the wires on the back of storage boxes is the simplest thing you can do. At least, the wires are alongside you and tidier than before. Alternatively, you can also install crown molding, wooden molding, cord concealer covers, and many more.

Use Your Favorite Colors and Items

Use your favorite colors and items on the working desk. Imagine if you see something you like once you enter a room. Do you feel so pleasant and want to stay there longer, right?

It is the same case with your working desk. Seeing something that makes you happy and pleasant before working is so critical. It increases your mood, so you can work better and be more productive.

Favorite items can be your photo, your beloved family photos, toys, and many more. It also can be something relaxing, such as small plants, succulents, and flowers.

Prepare a Small Table for Drinks and Snacks

Some of you may love to work while drinking or snacking. It is okay as long as you can work well. The problem is when you put the drinks and snacks on the desk. It is not only making the desk messy but also risky for the important documents.

Your drinks may spill on the documents, laptop, or your working properties. The crumbs of your snacks can be everywhere around the desk. The best solution is to prepare a small table.

Put it a little bit closer to your working area. Just go there in case you are thirsty or want to eat some snacks to relax. It is safer and keeps your desk clean.

So, working from home is not a problem at all. The most important thing is that you have a proper and comfortable working desk. It will trigger your working mood. As a result, you will be more productive and can complete more tasks.

Try to apply the tips to organize a working desk above in case you want to remodel your desk first. Then, compare the result before and after changing your desk into a clean desk. We bet you get better result and the best place for working at home.

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