8 Tips to Get Rid of Dandruff and Take Care of Your Scalp

8 Tips to Get Rid of Dandruff and Take Care of Your Scalp

You have a dandruff problem that can be because of fungus, the shampooing frequency, dry scalp, and oily skin. It makes your scalp so itchy.

At the same time, the scalp surface is flaking anytime you scratch it. This condition causes low self-esteem. Here, we have tips to get rid of dandruff and take care of your scalp.

Apply Coconut Oil to Your Scalp

Applying coconut oil is a good therapy to remove dandruff from your scalp. It is an effective natural treatment, although you can't see the result instantly. At least, you have to apply coconut oil for about 8 weeks to 16 weeks.

Based on the study, this treatment can reduce atopic dermatitis and improve the scalp microbiome. So, how can coconut oil treat dandruff? It is because this product contains some essential substrates that enhance skin hydration and moisture.

All you have to do is take three to five teaspoons of coconut oil and rub it into your scalp. Let the hair for an hour before washing it with shampoo. Slowly but surely, the level of dandruff in your hair reduces and is finally gone!

Rub Aloe Vera into Your Scalp

It's your luck if you grow aloe vera at home. Harvest some of them and use them for treating your dandruff problem. Wash the aloe vera with clean water. Then, cut them into small pieces or puree them in a bowl.

Apply the aloe vera puree to your scalp. Gently massage your scalp to ensure that the aloe vera reaches the scalp. Let the essential substrates on the aloe vera absorbed into the scalp by letting your hair for 30 minutes to an hour. Then, wash your hair with shampoo.

Apply this method regularly once per day. It is one of the effective tips to get rid of dandruff because of its antifungal properties. The studies also conclude that the properties can kill specific species of fungi and treat fungal infections.

Manage Your Eating Habit

Surprisingly, your eating habit also affects the health of your scalp. People who have dandruff problems often eat high-sugar and ultra-processed meals. The more you eat those meals, the higher the risk of a dandruff problem.

The best solution you can do is to cut down on meals that contain sugar. Eat more meals containing vegetables and fruits. You should also eat high-antioxidant meals, such as dark chocolate, spinach, grapes, strawberry, broccoli, tomatoes, and many more. Eating food with omega-fatty acid can also effectively treat your dandruff problem.

Stay Calm and Relax

Believe it or not, dandruff can also appear because of high-stress tension. The higher your stress tension, the higher the risk of suffering from dandruff and hair problems. The symptoms are even worse, including dryness and itchy.

It is because stress affects your metabolism and immune system. So, the next tip you can do to remove dandruff from your scalp is to stay calm and relax. You can do it by doing your hobby, meditation, yoga, and practicing deep breathing methods. Try to do it regularly and it's like magic! The dandruff is gone from your scalp!

Apply Green Tea to Your Scalp

Do you love drinking green tea? If so, you will love this therapy! Yes, you can use green tea to treat extreme dandruff on the scalp. Besides drinking the tea, you can also use the dried leaves for treating the scalp. Prepare green tea bags and put them into hot water. Let the green tea bags in the bowl with hot water for 20 minutes. Check the temperature of the water.

Directly apply the green tea water to your scalp. Massage your scalp to spread the liquid evenly. Now, let the wet hair for 30 minutes. After that, wash your hair with clean water. You can do this treatment before bathing.

Stop Using Your Shampoo and Find a New One

Some people don't realize that they are using the wrong shampoo. In long-term usage, the ingredients of the shampoo affect the health of your scalp. It is the reason why you have to be suffered from a severe dandruff problem.

Stop using your shampoo if you feel itchy after applying it. Read the ingredients of the shampoo first. Some shampoos contain coal tar, salicylic acid, Sulphur, and selenium sulphide.

Ensure that you are not allergic to those ingredients. In case you are applying an organic shampoo, choose a shampoo with aloe vera, avocado, and other organic ingredients. Don't rush when shampooing your hair and scalp.

Ensure that the shampoo is spread evenly on your scalp and hair. It is better to let the shampoo on your scalp and hair for five minutes before rinsing it.

Rinse Your Hair Thoroughly

Some people also don't realize that there is still leftover shampoo on their hair and scalp. The problem is that it may irritate your scalp and hair.

At first, you may feel itchy and scratch your scalp. Soon, you will realize that there is something wrong with your hair. You start suffering from dandruff!

Eat Fermented Foods

Remember! There is a relationship between the food you eat and the health of your scalp. So, what kind of food you should eat to fight against dandruff? Besides eating fruits, vegetables, and ingredients that contain Omega-3 fatty acids, you should also eat meals that contain probiotics.

Probiotic is found in fermented foods. So, try to eat specific fermented meals, such as kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha if you want to be free from dandruff and hair problems. It is also okay to consume probiotic supplements in case it is hard to find fermented meals in your living area. Ensure that the supplement is safe for you.

So, there are so many things you can do to treat dandruff. The key is doing the tips to get rid of dandruff regularly. Remember! Using natural therapy doesn't mean that you will get the result instantly! It takes time. It works when the dandruff reduces after a few days or weeks. Continue the treatment to free from dandruff. Go to the doctor right away if your scalp is still itchy and dandruff even worse.

Your doctor is about to prescribe some topical medicines and shampoo to treat this problem. Follow the instructions and see the effect.

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