How To Buy A Worthy, Second-Hand Phone

How To Buy A Worthy, Second-Hand Phone

Some people don't see a phone as an essential or prestigious thing, so they prefer to buy a second-hand phone, as long as it still works. Some others would rather buy a used phone than a brand-new one for other reasons, mainly because of the affordable price. If you also prefer to buy a second-hand phone, you should be extra careful.

Although it is more affordable, you still spend some amount of money and you surely don't want to waste it, do you? You don't know how the previous owner used the phone so there are several things that you have to pay attention to. Here are some tips you can follow to purchase a second-hand, worthy phone.

Do a Price Survey

When you want to buy a used phone, you surely already have a certain type or model in mind. Once you have known it, do a price survey. Find out how much the second-hand phone is in the market. Also, find out how much the brand-new one is so that you can compare it with the second-hand price.

You can do a price survey online by visiting e-commerce or online retailers like eBay or Amazon. There, you can also read the reviews from previous customers. By doing a price survey, you won't get tricked by a cheating seller.

Find a Reputable Seller

Next, find a reputable seller, whether you decide to buy the used phone online or offline. You can find out if a seller is reputable or not by reading reviews or you can ask your acquaintances, such as family or friends about a certain seller that you want to buy the second-hand phone from. Besides reputable, make sure the seller is trusted as well.

Consider How Long the Specifications Will Last

Smartphone specification standards keep increasing each year. It is because the apps keep improving as well. So, you definitely want a phone that you can use for a long time, even though it is second-hand. You are suggested to buy one with a 4GB RAM, at least, so that you can use the phone for multitasking.

Consider the screen resolution as well. If you want to comfortably stare at your phone, choose the one with a screen resolution of at least 720p or 1080p. You may also want to consider the chipset featured as well, whether it is in the top class or middle class.

Brand New Open Box

Have you ever heard the term brand new open box? This means that the phone is still brand-new, still has the warranty, but the sealed box is already opened. This kind of used phone is cheaper than a brand-new one, but slightly more expensive than ordinary second-hand phones. One thing you have to do is make sure that the phone is still officially guaranteed.

Brand new open box phones usually come from owners who apparently don't like the phones after using it for a short period of time. Many gadget reviewers also buy certain smartphones just to be reviewed, then sell them again.

Check the Physical Condition

The next tips to buy a second-hand phone is checking its physical condition. This is surely the first thing that you have to check. Although it is not in its best physical condition, make sure the used phone you want to buy still has a worthy body. There might be some scratches, you are the one who decides if it is worth buying or not.

Check All Functions

Besides the physical condition, do not forget to check all functions of the second-hand phone as well. Here are the functions that you have to check:

  • Check the home, power, and volume buttons. Make sure these buttons still work well because these components tend to easily damage.
  • Make sure the originality of the earphone if it has one. If the accessory is original, the price will not extremely go down if you sell it again.
  • Check the USB cable and adapter charger. Make sure they are not loose and can still function well.
  • Check the audio jack and make sure that it is not stuttering.
  • Check the speaker and microphone, make sure the sound is still clear and normal. If the sound going out from the speaker is unclear, the phone was probably soaked in the water before.
Besides checking all the functions, you also need to check if all the accessories are complete or not. For example, earphones, USB cables, chargers, and so on. You can also insert a SIM card and make some calls, send messages, and browse something on the internet. This is an effective way to see if the used phone still works well or not.

It will be better if you buy a second-hand smartphone that still has the box, manual, and other components that come with it in the first purchase. Ask the seller about the warranty. If the used smartphone is still guaranteed, it is reasonable for the seller to sell it in at a higher price. A valid warranty is important, especially for electronic stuff like smartphones.

Make Sure All the Features Still Function

Also, do not forget to check all the features. Below are the things that you have to make sure:
  • Check the overall screen responsiveness. Make sure the touchscreen works smoothly. Also, try the rotation sensor or accelerometer to see if it functions well.
  • Check the ambient light sensor. This sensor will dim the phone screen in the darkness or when you are making a call.
  • Check connectivity, from the cellular network, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. You can check these features by inserting a SIM card and microSD card.
  • Try the camera by taking pictures with flash and without flash and see the results.

Choose a Secure Payment System

A joint account is indeed practical and easy. You just need to top it up, then use it to buy the second-hand phone that you want. However, you are highly suggested to choose Cash On Delivery, meaning you need to directly meet the seller, face to face. This way, you can directly see the condition of the phone. Also, make sure you meet in a safe place.

Don't meet in a quiet area or somewhere you are not familiar with. You can also ask your friend or family to accompany you doing the business.

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