9 Most Dangerous Plants for Your Pets

9 Most Dangerous Plants for Your Pets

Ornamental plants with fresh green leaves have unique motifs and highly interesting shapes. For lovers of decorative leaves, you must be careful with this plant. Because of the beauty and benefits of purifying the air, there will be some poisonous ornamental plants for pets. Here are some most dangerous plants for your pets. You consider putting together your plants when you have them at home.

1. Dollar Plants or ZZ Plants

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia is a kind of poisonous ornamental plant for your pets. This shining green-leaves plant comes from a South African area often planted as an ornamental plant because you treat it easily. However, a study revealed that all parts of this dollar plant or ZZ plant contain an oxalate compound. You cannot underestimate that compound because it can make your skin irritated and itchy. If you have it at home, you should wear gloves when you move it from one side to another. Make sure that you keep it away from your pets.

2. Caladium

Caladium is a poisonous ornamental plant for your pets. Based on its unique name, Caladium is Elephant ear leaves having green colours with pink motifs. Of course, it attracts more attention to touch or have it. Besides this beauty, few people know that it belongs to the taro family. The leaves can make respiration walls swallowing and closing the airflow.

Thus, you must keep it away from your pets. If your pets rub their body organs with this plant, your pets will feel itchy and burning sensations on their skin. If it swallows, the leaves can irritate the tongue and mouth. In a long-term period, it makes your pets breathless.

3. Lily Flower

One of the most dangerous plants for pets is the Lily flower. It is a beautiful ornamental flower that is poisonous for your pets. Decorating your home angle with ornamental plants like lily flowers is a good idea.

The white colour and elegant look of the lily flower make more people attracted to this beauty. However, you should consider putting it in a homeroom. Furthermore, if you have a cat or dog inside, it is harmful to them. The poison is dangerous to them. A study conducted by the US Food and Drug Administration explains that this flower is dangerous to pets. If your pets lick or eat leaves, it can cause stomach and vomiting. The poison makes your pet's acute kidney failure take the risk of death.

4. Sansevieria

The next plant choice is Sansevieria, which is a poisonous ornamental plant for your pets. This unique ornamental plant belongs to the most popular one, almost being the most wanted plant to decorate a home corner space. Besides, it can absorb toxicity in the air, so you must consider it more. Why could it be? This ornamental plant belongs to a poisonous plant for your pets, especially cats and dogs. Though it has no high poison level, the effect makes your pets vomit and diarrhoea. You must keep it away from the inside of your house to avoid unexpected things happening.

5. Aglaonema

Aglaonema is a poisonous ornamental plant for your pets. This plant is the most wanted plant among plant loves. However, some people do not realize that it is toxic for pets. When you break its branch, it has poisonous sap on the leaves and branches. You must be aware of it. The sap contains oxalate calcium causing itch on the tongue and lips. Aglaonema can make someone get convulsions. You must prevent this decorative plant from kids and pets to anticipate the unwanted risks.

6. Foxglove

This poisonous plant for pets has a scientific name, Digitalis Purpurea. Foxglove can make anyone get impressed because it has a unique shape like a bell. Nevertheless, you must be careful because it is one of the poisonous ornamental plants. Foxglove contains glycoside covering all areas of its plants. This chemical compound makes poison reactions such as vomit, stomach, diarrhoea, headache, delirium, and hallucination. Besides that, someone will show other symptoms such as tremors, convulsions, weak pulse, and rhythm disturbances of the heartbeat. It can cause death if it is too serious.

7. Philodendron

The next dangerous plant for your pets is Philodendron. It is a poisonous plant for your pets. When you buy a decorative plant, most people prioritize green leaves plants for refreshing eyes. You can take a philodendron to fill that criterion. The shape of the leaves is curving on the tip of the leaves so that it looks so attractive. This decorative plant grows creeping. It can be a consideration when you want to buy it because it is poisonous. If your pets eat it carelessly, it will make your pets' tongues, throats, and lips swell. You have to think twice about buying it.

8. Wisteria

There are still more dangerous plants for your pets when you want to avoid them. Wisteria is another poisonous ornamental plant for your pets. It has a lavender-purple colour and is very famous in China and Japan. Have you ever thought that it is dangerous? It has poison in every main part of the produced seeds. This plant will release the saponin compound. If you swallow it, it will give you headache, anxiety, vomiting, diarrhoea, and stomachache.

9. Gympie Gympie

The last dangerous plant for your pets is Gympie Gympie. Though it sounds unfamiliar, this decorative plant is popular among ornamental plant lovers. You will find it more in the northeast rainforest of Australia and Maluku. The shining green colour plant and the wide surface will make anyone interested in planting it at home. Nevertheless, you must be aware of this poisonous plant. If you touch its leaves carelessly, smooth furs on the surface will penetrate the skin and release the poison. The poison can make someone and their pets painful for months and even years. Of course, you must forget to buy and decorate your house with this beautifully poisonous plant. Those are some decorative plants that are dangerous for your pets.

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