9 Tips to Organize A Bookshelf In Your Living Room

9 Tips to Organize A Bookshelf In Your Living Room

The bookshelf in a living room could act as decoration and functional furniture. However, for maximum benefits of this furniture, you should know how to organize a bookshelf in that room. Why is it important?

A bookshelf in the living room is different from the one you put in your reading room. A living room is a room where you accept your guests, invite your friends, and spend your time with your family. Therefore, you can't just organize a bookshelf like you do on the bookshelf in your reading room.

Curious how to do that correctly? Below we have several tips for organizing your living room bookshelf. They will help you to create, not only a functional bookshelf but also a beautiful part of your living room.

Edit the Bookshelf

Put your book collection on the bookshelf. It is the first thing you can do for your living room bookshelf. Why is it necessary?

The book collection will show your personality to anyone who enters your living room. In other words, it is a method to personalize your bookshelf. Of course, it is also to show off to your guest the book that you have.

Start By Removing Everything

When you want to organize a bookshelf, there is only one thing you should do. Remove everything. Then, choose the book that you like. Put it on the bookshelf afterward.

As you can see, this is also another method to show off your personality. Your friends can guess what kind of person you are by looking at the book you like. And, try to be honest with that. Otherwise, it might lead to a conversation that you don't understand which ends up embarrassing you as the homeowner.

Add Objects to the Bookshelf

Even though we call it a bookshelf, it doesn't mean you can only put books in it. Moreover, you put the bookshelf in your living room. So, you should consider it as part of the living room visual.

How to organize a bookshelf so it looks beautiful? Adding objects! Put something between books to give them different vibes. You can use vases, artwork, or even anime figures.

Consider the balance as well. So, you can't use the entire row of bookshelves for objects only. Try to combine it with your book collection. It would even be better if the object and the books you put side-by-side have the same theme.

Create Colors Visual

This method is only suitable for a living room bookshelf with books you don't read a lot. The standard method to organize a bookshelf is to put the book according to its series, author, or category. But, that would neglect the visual aspect of the living room bookshelf.

Instead of using that standard method, try to organize it based on the book cover's colors. Create a rainbow color to make it even more beautiful. Try to use a high-intensity color in the middle to create a focal point. So, red or yellow is a good choice for this part of your living room bookshelf.

Emphasizing Its Functionality

As we mentioned, color-based book organization only works on the bookshelf with books you don't read a lot. However, if you love reading, you can't use that method. Use the standard organizing method.

That means you should organize a bookshelf based on the book's title or genre. The author is also something you need to consider, especially if you have many books from each author. But, if you don't, you can organize it alphabetically, by title, or genre.

Organizing Based on Hardcover and Paperback

The other method to organize a bookshelf is separating hardcover and paperback books. This method gives you two results, a beautiful visual and functional bookshelf. How to use this method on your living room bookshelf?

It is easy. You only need to put the hardcover book on the top shelf. Then, put the paperback cover on the bottom. It creates a beautiful and uniform visual.

On the other hand, this method also distributes the weight evenly on your bookshelf. It makes the bookshelf last longer. This organizing method also prevents the bookshelf from falling over.

Utilizing Basket

Minimalist-style bookshelves often look too simple. Some people even feel lonely when seeing this type of bookshelf in their living room. Living rooms that should be a place where you can have fun become gloomy because of this bookshelf.

But, you don't need to worry! You can change that simple look by using a basket to organize a bookshelf. The different patterns the basket has will add an accent to your bookshelf. Moreover, using a basket helps you to organize the books much easier.

The Two-Thirds Rule

A full bookshelf might look amazing from the collection point of view. However, to improve its visuals, you should use the two-thirds rule. It is as its name implies. You only need to fill two-thirds of your bookshelf.

Leave some space here and there. The space creates a relaxing vibe and view. It also lets your eyes rest when you spend your time in your living room. As we all know, it could be very stressful and mind-tasking when you see a bookshelf full of books in front of you.

Then, use the previous tips to fill up the space you get from using this method to organize a bookshelf. Place objects and other decoration items in those spaces. That will create a beautiful balance on your bookshelf. It also improves your living room's visuals, in general.

Change the Bookshelf Backdrop

You also can change the backdrop of the bookshelf. Use paint or wallpaper for that. Or, you can cover a foam board and put it on the back to change the backdrop color. Make sure the color is different from the bookshelf frame.


So, are you ready to organize a bookshelf in your living room? Make sure you follow our tips and combine them to create even better results. Guaranteed, you will get a beautiful and functional result.

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