9 Tips to Organize Clothes If You Only Have A Small Wardrobe

9 Tips to Organize Clothes If You Only Have A Small Wardrobe

Only because you have a small wardrobe doesn't mean that you don't organize your clothes. The most important thing is that you know how to do it effectively. As a result, your wardrobe looks tidy and well-organized.

It is easy for you to take the clothes you want to wear. Believe it or not, that well-organized wardrobe makes the space look larger than before. Check some tips to organize clothes in a small wardrobe below.

Take All Clothes Out and Sort Them

The basic thing you must do before organizing clothes is take them all out of the wardrobe. Sometimes, you will get surprised by something you get. You may find old clothes you have never worn before.

You may even forget ever having them. So, just take them all out. Now, prepare three big boxes. Use these boxes to classify whether you still wear the clothes, throw them away, or donate them.

Put the clothes based on the classification. Take your time while deciding on it. This simple trick reduces the number of clothes significantly.

Use Dividers

Say your first job to sort and declutter is done. Forget about it for a while. Now, focus on organizing the wardrobe. Applying dividers, such as clear shelf dividers is a good idea.

Remember! You only have a small wardrobe. A clear shelf divider gives a spacious effect instead of using wooden dividers or another bold color divider. It helps you to have more space to organize clothes there. Say previously you used one area for putting all clothes. Now, you can use one area to put clothes and jackets.

Organize Only the Clothes You Want to Keep

Forgetting about the clothes you want to donate and throw away is one of the tips to organize clothes. Take the box with all the clothes you want to keep. Now, organize them based on the space available in the wardrobe.

You can organize them based on the types of products, such as tops, underwear, bottoms, shorts, pants, and many more. It is also okay if you want to organize it based on the style, such as formal, semi-formal, and casual outfits. The most important thing is that you can easily take the clothes when you need them.

Use Hangers for Extra Storage to Keep Your Clothes

What if you still have clothes to keep, yet there is no space anymore in the wardrobe? Instead of buying a new small wardrobe, you can create hanging storage. Buy some hangers and organize your clothes there.

It is one of the best tricks without making your room look so crowded. Hangers are great to hang shirts, jackets, and blouses. It keeps your favorite clothes tidy.

The most important thing to do is keep the room clean from dust and dirt. If it is necessary, cover the clothes with plastic to prevent dust and dirt sticking to the fabric.

Use the Back of the Door

Storing small items or accessories is challenging. It is a problem if you only have a small wardrobe. One of the effective tricks is by installing a hanging organizer at the back of the door.

This idea is perfect to store a variety of small items and accessories, such as shoes, bags, wallets, scarves, hats, and many more. Best of all, this idea will not disturb the space you have inside the room.

Use the Walls in the Room

Alternatively, you can install a coat rack on the wall. Nowadays, finding a wall hanger rack is easy. The price of this product is also affordable enough.

It doesn't use the space too big in the room. All you have to do is hang the wall hanger rack on the wall. Then, use it to hang scarves, belts, bags, hats, and others.

Prepare Baskets

Adding baskets is the simplest trick to keep your clothes well-organized even if you only have a small wardrobe. Prepare baskets or boxes just like the first method above. Use the baskets to classify the clothes you want to keep.

It is better not to use too many baskets. Adding two or three baskets or boxes is enough. Remember! You only have a small wardrobe and want to make the room look tidier.

It is also the fastest trick since you already have the clothes you are about to keep. Remove the unused clothes. That's it! Feel the difference before and after applying this trick.

Your wardrobe looks tidier. Your room even looks more spacious than before. What a satisfying project, right?

Keep a Donation Box Near Your Wardrobe

It is great to keep a donation box near your wardrobe. So, next time you want to buy new clothes, you should donate the old clothes first. You can do it a little bit easier since the box is near you. Best of all, you don't make your small wardrobe full anymore because of adding more clothes without sorting the old ones.

Practice Mindfulness Buying

Practicing mindfulness buying means that you are realizing the clothes you buy. For example, you are not allowed to buy new clothes before donating or throwing the old clothes in the wardrobe. Even after doing it, you still think twice.

Would you wear the clothes? It is necessary to buy the clothes or not? And many more. Don't buy new clothes only because of the trend, you love the colors, discounts, and other reasons except you need them. Don't underestimate this trick.

It makes your small wardrobe tidy and clean. Plus, you can manage your money well.

It is not a problem if you have a small wardrobe. You may even say thanks to yourself because of having a small wardrobe. All you have to do is know how to organize the clothes. The tips to organize clothes above can be effective for you to keep your wardrobe neat.

You only have clothes you will wear. At least, your room looks more spacious only because of organizing your wardrobe. Stop your impulsive buying habit if you have a small wardrobe in case you don't want to buy a new wardrobe over again.

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