Growth Mindset: Definition, Benefits, and More

Growth Mindset Definition, Benefits, and More

Wondering how people with a growth mindset think? In order to be successful, it turns out that relying only on skills and talents isn't enough. There is another factor that supports one to be a successful person. And that another factor is the mindset. According to a psychologist from Stanford University, Carol Dweck, humans have two mindsets, which are the growth mindset and fixed mindset.

She first introduced these two terms in her book titled Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. In this book of hers, Dweck explained that a growth mindset is one of the individual's keys to success. Keep reading to find out more about growth mindset.

What is a Growth Mindset?

Growth mindset is the mindset of someone who understands that their talents and skills can be developed and better. They believe that with hard work and dedication, the skills and talents that they have can keep developing. They also encourage their mindset to grow by keeping learning and listening to others' insights and criticisms.

People with a growth mindset normally want to have a meaningful learning process and create differences in their life. They really appreciate every process that life gives to them. One of the interesting things about people with a growth mindset is that they aren't afraid of failures. Instead of seeing failures as a dead end, these people see it as a milestone to the next step.

When someone fails, their reactions to the failure can reflect their mindset. Those with a fixed mindset tend to see failure as a sign of incapability. They want to reach success instantly. This is why someone with a fixed mindset avoids challenges and tends to be defensive. On the other hand, those with a growth mindset really appreciate every process in their life.

They don't mind taking a longer way and time as long as they learn something new and develop their skills and talents. However, note that mindset is not something genetic. There are various factors that influence its formation. Many events in one's life can change their mindset.

How to Grow Your Mindset in Daily Life

Below are some ways to train your growth mindset that you can do in your daily life.

  • Watch Your Thoughts and Words

The way someone talks can reflect on the way they think. Both your words and thoughts are extremely affecting your life. So, now you have to get yourself used to a positive mindset by writing or saying positive words. When you face failure, don't ever think and say that you're incapable. Instead, say that this is a chance that allows you to learn.

Then, acknowledge your mistakes and encourage yourself to brainstorm other different strategies. Also, be willing to listen to others' insights and critics.

  • Make Peace with Yourself

People with a growth mindset usually have the ability to forgive themselves, as well as make peace with themselves. They understand that everyone has some weaknesses, and it's totally okay to have those. When they make mistakes or fail, people with a growth mindset understands that this is part of the process. This way, it will be easier for them to heal and make peace with themselves. They can be more focused on how to reach their goals.

  • Prioritize the Process

Nowadays, many people only see the results rather than the process. This is such a pity because the process is what builds who you are. The ups and downs in the process are the lessons that bring you to the result. So, if you want to have a growth mindset, always prioritize the process.

People with a growth mindset think that a good result is just a bonus. They tend to want and focus on a valuable process. Moreover, they don't stick to the standard timeline set by the surroundings.

  • Self-Reflection

After experiencing various processes, those with a growth mindset will take times to reflect on themselves. They re-evaluate their goals and focus on the upcoming process. There are many activities that you can do for self-reflection, such as meditating in the morning and writing a journal at the end of the day.

  • Stop Looking for Validation

External validations can stop you from growing so stop looking for it. What you need is just approval from yourself. Listening to others' insights doesn't mean you need their validations as well. Growth mindset is strongly associated with thoughts. So, self-acceptance can help you to always think positively and believe that you can always be a better person.

Benefits of Growth Mindset

Here are the benefits if you manage to have a growth mindset.

  • Confident

As it is said before, people with a growth mindset believe that it is totally fine to have weaknesses. Weaknesses are not something that one should be ashamed of. Instead of being insecure with their weaknesses, those with a growth mindset focus on developing their strengths. So that they keep being confident while improving their weaknesses.

  • Having New Skills

Remember that people with a growth mindset love to learn new things? This is why they always have new skills and talents. Growth mindset allows people to be open with new things. These people are also always thirsty for new knowledge, making them open-minded people with broad knowledge.

  • Getting New Opportunities

The next benefit of a growth mindset is easily getting new opportunities. As you keep growing and developing your skills, new opportunities will come to you. It is because people love to work with open-minded people who are willing to improve and learn new things.

  • Receiving Useful Insights and Feedbacks

Insights and feedback from others are extremely useful for you to grow and learn from your mistakes. Because sometimes, we don't see our mistakes, but others do. By having a growth mindset, you will be willing to listen to others' advice that can help you to be a better person. Make sure you know which people who truly want you to be a better individual and which ones who only want to make you feel down with their insights.

  • Productive

Those with a growth mindset are productive people because they always learn something. Also, they are busy improving themselves. These people have the courage to try many new things and challenges themselves.

Common Misunderstandings About Growth Mindset

Carol Dweck, via Harvard Business Review, has written several misunderstandings that are common when someone thinks about growth mindset. Here they are.

  • Growth Mindset is Permanent

Many people mistake a growth mindset with an open-minded personality. According to Dweck, no one has a 'natural' growth mindset because humans have the combination of growth mindset and fixed mindset. But which portion is more, whether it is growth or fixed mindset. And as it is mentioned before, growth mindset is not genetic, meaning that someone can either gain or lose it.

  • Growth Mindset is All About Praising and Appreciating One's Efforts

Growth mindset makes you always want to improve yourself and have new skills and knowledge. So, if it is said that this mindset is about praising and appreciating the efforts you have done, it is totally wrong. Growth mindset helps you to make peace with yourself when you make mistakes or fail, knowing that it is part of the process.

But it doesn't stop you from growing. Instead, it encourages you to listen to someone else's insights that might see your mistakes when you don't. In a study that Dweck held, the growth mindset doesn't only appreciate what is given in the process, but also every learning process itself.

That is what you need to know about growth mindset, including how people with growth mindset think.
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