Is It Safe to Drink Water Left Overnight?

Is It Safe to Drink Water Left Overnight

It is pretty common for people to drink water that has been left on the nightstand overnight, but you might have a question about whether it is safe to drink old water or not. Some people are worried that they might endanger their health if they drink water left overnight.

Well, there is no doubt that drinking enough water is essential to keep your body hydrated and your mind sane. Nevertheless, you do not want to drink the wrong water which might lead to health problems in the future. Here are some things you should know about water that has been left overnight or more.

Why Does Old Water Taste Different?

The reason why you worry about drinking water that has been left overnight might be associated with the taste that has changed. You simply leave your glass of water on the nightstand while you are sleeping. It is just there overnight and the taste is slightly different.

Changed taste can be alarming in various foods because it can be a sign that the foods are rotten. Does it work that way for water?

First things first, you need to know why the water can taste different after being left overnight. The water taste has changed because of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide will mix into the water if you leave it uncovered for more than 12 hours.

With the mix of carbon dioxide in the water, the pH level of the water gets lower. That is why you experience off taste when drinking it. Now, you want to know whether this kind of water is still safe to drink.

One thing is for sure, you do not have to worry about drinking water that tastes different after being left overnight or more because it is still safe. According to most experts, tap water has a pretty long shelf life which can reach six months.

Or course, it is not recommended to drink tap water that has been left for more than six months because the chlorine in tap water dissipates after this period. As a result, the algae and bacteria start growing in the old water. The bacteria will grow much more rapidly if the water is placed in a warm area. You do not want to drink water filled with bacteria and algae, for sure.

Is It Safe to Drink Old Water from an Open Container?

You might be in a circumstance when you find an open container with water and you think to drink it. Drinking water that has been left uncovered for a very long time is not recommended, at all. You might not want to do it unless you are in an emergency.

The longer the water is left in an open container, the more bacteria are living in it. Avoiding it will be the best thing to do if you want to avoid health problems. The water might also have various microscopic particles, including dust and debris since it is left uncovered.

You might still be able to drink a glass of water you put on the nightstand overnight but you have to make sure that the glass is covered properly. It is safer to change the water and even the glass if you want to drink water the next morning.

Is It Safe to Drink Water in a Bottle that Has Been Left for a Long Time?

As long as the water container is covered well, you might think that it is safe to drink the water although it has been left for quite a long time. That is why you think it must be safe to drink water in the bottle although it has been left aside for a long time. However, it is not safe to drink water in a bottle after being left for a long time.

It might be still safe to drink water left overnight even if it is placed in bottle, but it is not safe to do it if you leave the water in the bottle for days. You might put your mouth at the rim of the bottle when drinking. The remaining water might contain sweat, dust, and dead skin from your lips. It can also contain saliva that carries a lot of bacteria.

The bacteria will grow a lot if the water is left for a long time and even more in the warm area. You should not drink the same water again because it can develop some health issues. The risk can be bigger if you share water with people who have oral disease, for instance. Better get new bottled water to be safe.

Why Should You Not Drink Water Left in a Car?

To make sure that your body is kept hydrated under various circumstances, you might carry water anywhere you go. You also put some water in your car. But, you need to think twice if you want to drink water that has been left in the car for a while.

The car in the parking lot will be exposed to sun rays. Of course, it makes your car hotter. The water left in the car will get warmer, as well and it becomes a great breeding ground for bacteria.

It can be even more dangerous if the bottle is made of BPA or other types of chemicals because the chemical can seep into the water left for a long time in the car. Unwanted chemicals in the water can cause health problems if you drink it anyway.

Final Verdict

Drinking enough water is a healthy habit you need to incorporate into your life, but you have to make sure that the water is safe to drink by following these tips. First of all, you can drink water left overnight safely as long as it is stored properly. When you use a glass or other types of open container to put water, you have to keep it covered properly.

When drinking water from a bottle, you should not put your mouth on the bottle directly. It is safer to drink from a glass, but you have to wash it every day. Remember, you should not leave a water bottle in your car if you want to drink it safely.

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