7 Best Foods to Hydrate Body You Have Never Thought Before

7 Best Foods to Hydrate Body You Have Never Thought Before

Is there any food to hydrate body? When talking about how to keep our body hydrated, the easiest answer is by drinking enough pure water per day. You can also mention the ideal amount of pure water to consume daily is around 8 glasses.

Sure, the answer is completely true. But you should also know that pure water only contains liquid and some types of minerals. In certain cases, it only adds the amount of water to our body without giving us additional energy. Meanwhile, in particular situations such as when the weather is extremely hot and dry, you may need more than that. That's why aside from drinking water you must also eat some kinds of food that contains liquid as well as other substances.

So, is there really any food that contains adequate water to hydrate your body while also bringing you some other substances to charge your energy? Well, there are even plenty of food ingredients with such benefits. What are they? Most are fruits and veggies indeed.


Talking about fruits with a lot of water, here is the easiest answer. It's watermelon. Undeniably, most parts of the fruit contain water and the rest of it is fiber. Even in around 154 grams of watermelon, there is around 118 ml of water. It is reasonable then to say that watermelon is one of the foods that easily hydrate your body.

Because the water content is quite high, the calories are low. It makes watermelon recommended for your diet program. But don't worry, you can still gain energy from it although the amount is probably not that much. This is because watermelon also contains glucose. However, make sure not to eat too much watermelon if you have a problem with low blood pressure since it may make it worse.


Orange or citrus is one of the fruits that are well-known as a source of vitamin C. But more than that, this fruit also contains a lot of water as well. It is even clearly seen when you eat this fruit, you can feel and taste a lot of water coming out from it. Other healthy substances in oranges include vitamin A, flavonoids, and fiber. Those substances are important for regenerating dead cells, improving the digestive system, and keeping your heart healthy.

The amount of water in oranges can be different based on the variants. Seville orange is considered the variant with the most water content. This makes this orange type suitable for juice. Besides, you can also consume other variants such as clementine, mandarins, caracara, bergamot oranges, and many more.


The next healthy and hydrating food is the cucumber. Yes, almost all parts of this fruit are water. Then, the rest is fiber and carbohydrate sources with low calories. Furthermore, not only providing water but also this fruit has many types of nutrition including vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, antioxidants, and many more.

Compared to other water-containing fruits and veggies, cucumber is one of the lowest calories. Besides, it tends to reduce the sodium content in your body and later, it causes low blood pressure. Therefore, if you have this problem, it is better to avoid eating too many cucumbers. On the other hand, this fruit is suggested for those with hypertension.


Strawberries have a sweet taste and typical flavor. It is also a source of important substances for your body such as vitamin C and flavonoid. More than that, it is also a fruit with a lot of water. Even around 90% of its flesh is produced from water. Therefore, if you consume it regularly, it makes a big contribution to your fluid intake.

The fiber content in strawberries is also high, making it recommended for the health of your digestive system. Other benefits of consuming the fruit are preventing and relieving inflammation, preventing heart diseases and cardiovascular problems, improving the immune system, fastening the process of cell regeneration, and many more.


Tomato is a little bit sour and it is a good addition to your salad and other dishes. But actually, you can also directly eat fresh tomatoes to get more benefits from it. One of them is to prevent your body from dehydration. Yes, fresh tomatoes contain a lot of water with low calories. In a medium-sized tomato, you can obtain around 118 ml of water.

Fresh tomatoes also contain other important substances needed by your body. It provides high amounts of vitamins A and C that are good for your immune system. Some types of antioxidants are contained here including lycopene which is good to prevent diseases including cancers. Tomatoes are also full of fiber to avoid any digestive systems like constipation and intestinal inflammation.


Not only fruits that provide much water when you consume them but also some types of vegetables. One of them is lettuce which is indeed well-known to bring many health benefits. In 72 grams of lettuce, the water contained is up to 60 ml. Meanwhile, the fiber contained in the same amount is approximately 1 gram.

Aside from relieving you from dehydration, lettuce also energizes your body as well as brings some other health effects. Yes, it is because of some important substances such as folic acid that improve the brain's growth and performance. The others are vitamins A and K with benefits like improving the body's immune system, keeping the bone healthy, reducing the risk of cancer, and maintaining the cardiovascular system.


Although it may look "dry", spinach contains much water, around 92% of its whole body. That's why, consuming spinach whether it is raw or has been cooked can help you prevent dehydration. Other substances contained in spinach are carbohydrates, protein, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and many more. With a bunch of nutrition, the veggie doesn't only help you from dehydration but also brings you many other benefits.

Those benefits are to maintain the health of the bone, prevent heart diseases, smooth the digestive system, prevent anemia and cancer, and more. Spinach is good whether for kids or adults. The veggie is even recommended for babies above six months old as the source of zinc. So, are you interested in consuming those foods to hydrate body?

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