8 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World (with an Example)

8 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World (with an Example)

Do you want to meet the most beautiful woman in the world? We have the list of countries with the most beautiful women in the world below. You can consider visiting one of the countries when traveling.

You can check whether the women in the country are beautiful or not. Check the list and its explanation below.


We can't doubt that Turkey is a beautiful country. It is not only about the view but also about the women. Try to search for some photos with Turkey ladies on them.

It is the same case if you are watching Turkish soap operas. Most of the women are eye-catching, right? You will see that all of them are so photogenic.

Plus, it seems that they are born to be beautiful. Do you need an example? Introducing Meryem Uzerli.

She is a Turkish actress. Indeed, this woman has everything that a beautiful woman has.

South Korea

Most women in the world are inspired by South Korean women. It is because Korean women have smooth and glowing skin. They are even known as women with the most beautiful skin in the world.

Skincare products and plastic surgery are two of the reasons why they achieve that kind of beauty. Imagine that Korean girls at the age of 19 know and are allowed to get plastic surgery. Recent studies say that up to 25% of the 19 to 29 year old Korean girls undergo plastic surgery.

30 to 39 year old women are even taking this procedure. Most of them are inspired by the beauty of Korean actresses, such as Song Hye Kyo, Park Shin-Hye, and Bae Suzy.

That's why the percentage of women who have plastic surgery has even increased year by year. No women if South Korea is included on this list.


Brazil has the same trademark as South Korea related to the beauty of its women. Yes! This country is also known for the second-highest number of cosmetic procedures in the world. Plastic surgery is a common thing for Brazilian women.

Due to its great plastic surgery reputation, women around the world go to Brazil to take aesthetic treatments. Just like South Korea, Brazilian women are also inspired by their beautiful actresses.

Indeed, most women want to be as beautiful as Paolla Oliveira, Paloma Bernardi, or Debora Nascimento. Buy a ticket to Brazil and check yourself the beauty of the women there.


Most people have a dream to visit France. They not only want to see the beauty of the Eiffel Tower and Palace of Versailles but also the beauty of the women there. People around the world know that French women have a gregarious outlook, along with stylish outfits.

We also can't doubt that French women have incredible personalities. Louise Bourgoin is one of the representations of a beautiful woman in French. Because of that, we included France in the list of countries with the most beautiful women in the world.

The United States

The United States is also a place of the most beautiful women worldwide. Specifically, you can go to Miami. It is the place where women can undergo cosmetic surgery.

Imagine that this state has up to 18 certified plastic surgeons. They often treat up to 100.000 patients! Media exposure to Hollywood also has an important role to spread the beauty standard.

Some women think that they are not beautiful if they are not similar to their favorite Hollywood actress. Beautiful women in the United States are also popular, such as Selena Gomez, Dakota Johnson, and Salma Hayek. The United States is even famous because of its gorgeous women since the era of Marilyn Monroe.


Don't get confused about where to go for your next holiday. Go to Russia! You can't only explore the most beautiful destinations but also see the most beautiful women there.

It seems that the atmosphere in this country develops women to be wonderful. In Russia, the beautiful woman is not only the actress's trademark. Female tennis players, models, and ministers also have exotic and photogenic looks.

Take Maria Sharapova as an example of the most beautiful woman in Russia. She is a professional female tennis player. The truth is that Sharapova is not only popular because of her tennis skill but also her natural beauty.

As a tennis player, she has healthy and glowing skin! No wonder people are also curious about her facial and beauty treatments.


Do you want to feel the Mediterranean charm? Try to meet an Italian woman. You are about to see their Mediterranean charisma even if it is your first meeting with her.

It seems that Italian women have the skill to treat their skin and body. Plus, they combine it with a great fashion sense. This combination is the reason why Italian women are so attractive.

So, go to Italy for a few days or weeks to meet the most beautiful woman in the world. Take Monica Bellucci if you need an example. She is an Italian female model.

See everything on her, such as her eyes, skin, lips, nose, hair, and others. It makes her so attractive and so gorgeous, right?


Going to Japan is also a good idea if you want to find the most beautiful woman in the world. This country serves different types of beautiful women. Japanese women have attractive eyes and style.

It makes them look so wonderful! The aesthetic procedure is another reason. Imagine that Japan ranked the fourth highest number of cosmetic procedures worldwide in 2020.

Based on the data, there were up to 222,642 surgical procedures conducted in this country in 2020. Talking about the most beautiful women, you may represent them to specific women, such as Misaki Ito, Kasumi Arimura, and Sayaka Isoyama.

The point is that each country has its beauty characteristics. The list of the countries with the most beautiful women in the world above is only a representation of its characteristics.

In case you are not satisfied with looking at women on Google, just go there on your next holiday. Capture the most beautiful women by yourself and learn how they treat themselves to stay gorgeous.

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