Can you drink sleeping pills every day? Here is the Explanation

Can you drink sleeping pills every day Here is the Explanation

Can you drink sleeping pills every day? Having sleeping problems like insomnia is really frustrating. Well, it doesn't only make you feel tired in the morning but also it generates other chronic health problems. Yes, some severe diseases are often led by insomnia in the beginning such as hypertension and even heart attack. Of course, there are no other choices except solving the problem immediately.

To enable you to sleep well every night, the doctor may prescribe you sleeping pills. Consuming sleeping pills in several days or some weeks may not bring any bad effects. But it is a different story if you must consume sleeping pills every day in a long term. There can be bad effects to experience later. Therefore, before deciding to consume sleeping pills, make sure to learn about them first. Here they are.

Types of Sleeping Pills

There are many types of sleeping pills prescribed by the doctor to overcome the sleeping problems. They must be consumed based on the dosage recommended to avoid any side effects. Those types of sleeping pills are Doxepin, Triazolam, Estazolam, Zolpidem, Temazepam, Ramelteon, Alprazolam, Melatonin, and many more. Which one to give you is based on your condition, if you have other health problems or not.

Most of the sleeping pills mentioned above are consumed before bedtime. Yes, the main effects brought by those drugs is the effect of sleepiness. That's why, you should not consume them when you are still active such as working, driving, and more. The doctor may also prohibit you doing activities related to machines as it may cause accidents for the micro sleeping effect.

Benefits of Consuming Sleeping Pills

Consuming sleeping pills in the right amount for insomnia patients is proven to bring some health benefits. What are they?

1. Sleeping Earlier

Some people are required to sleep early as they must wake up earlier in the morning. Sure, it will be a big deal if they cannot sleep as early as they expect. Although sleeping pills are not really recommended for casual sleeping problems, not the severe ones, they are indeed beneficial to enable them to sleep as early as possible. Therefore, there is no worry about waking up late in the morning.

2. A Better Sleeping Quality

The next benefit is that consuming sleeping pills helps patients to have a better sleeping quality. A good sleeping quality means you won't often wake up in the middle of the night. You can also sleep more soundly to feel more refreshed in the morning. You should know that when you cannot sleep at night, it may affect your productivity all day long. Your body can feel very fatigued or even sleepy when working.

3. Setting up a More Regular Sleeping Habit

If you can sleep well for a couple of days, it is expected that you will have a better sleeping habit after that. Yes, it is even without you having to consume the pills anymore. This is the most important thing after all, with a regular high-quality sleeping habit, your life will be better as well.

Side Effects of Consuming Sleeping Pills

If you have no experience in consuming sleeping pills before, this activity may give you some side effects. Yes, it is even if you only consume them in a short time. So, what are those side effects?

1. The Sensations of Tingling and Painful

Sleeping pills work in the nerve system, inactive it, and this is how you can sleep properly. However, for some people, the effects can be more than that. The process of inactivating the nerve system can bring the sensation of tingling or even pain. Some people experience it a few minutes before they fall asleep. Then, those sensations are gone after waking up. Unfortunately, the tingling and painful sensation are still felt even after waking up in the morning.

2. Dizziness

The way the pills work in inactivating the nerve system can also make you feel dizzy. Be aware if the dizziness is still felt for a long time and repeatedly. You may need to consult your doctor if he can change the prescription of your sleeping pills.

3. The Digestive Problems

Yes, not only the nerve that can feel the side effect of consuming the sleeping pills, but also your digestive system. The sleeping pill may contain substances that affect the gastric. Some problems that occur are constipation, diarrhea, nausea, and more.

4. Sleepiness and Lack of Concentration

Instead of feeling refreshed in the morning, some insomnia patients experience continuous sleepiness and lack of concentration in the morning. Often, it is caused by patients who impulsively consume sleeping pills above the dosage suggested.

5. Nightmare

Consuming sleeping pills is like forcing your nerve system to be inactive while it is actually not. Consequently, their sleeping quality is not really good and it often causes nightmares. If you have consumed the pills based on the dosage that has been given, you can consult your doctor again to change the sleeping pill prescription.

Side Effects of Consuming Sleeping Pills Every Day for a Long Time

Some people have experienced bad effects when consuming sleeping pills even only for a short time. Sure, the side effect can be worse when the pills are consumed longer.

Generally, consuming drugs for weeks or months may give problems to your kidneys. Kidneys may not be able to process some substances in drugs and this is how the renal failure happens sooner or later. Other problems to experience are disorders in the nerve system, the reduction of focus and concentration, and more.

How to Relieve Insomnia without Sleeping Pills

Yes, you can actually try other methods to relieve insomnia without consuming sleeping pills. One of them is by rearranging your daily schedule. Yes, aside from sleeping, you should also spare your time for taking a rest in the afternoon. It helps you reduce stress and prevents insomnia.

You should also do the sleeping hygiene by washing hands, feet, and face before sleeping. If it is possible, you should also have a shower. Don't forget to turn off the light to make the bedroom feel cooler and not stressful.

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