Single-niche vs Multiple-niche: Which Blog Niche You Should Choose?

Single-niche vs Multiple-niche Which Blog Niche You Should Choose

What is the first thing you should decide when starting a blog? It is a blog niche. Deciding what kind of niche for your blog content is essential. You need it to develop your blog in the future.

Then, you will come to this question. What kind of blog niche should I use for my blog? The best option will be the niche you like, are interested in, or are good at.

What if you are interested in many things? Should you use them all as the niche for your blog? This article will help you decide on the niche.

Which is the best choice, a blog with many niches or a blog with one specific niche?

What are Single Niche and Multi-Niche Blog?

A single niche blog means that the blog only focuses on and posts content based on one topic. The development mostly is about the subtopic of that niche. Therefore, even though it only uses one topic, it can grow into various contents.

A multi-niche blog is like its name implies. It uses multiple topics for its content. It is not surprising if each blog post is different from each other.

Most multi-niche blogs are run by multiple contributors. They post content that they like or based on the blog niche they know the most. Therefore, you can find different information from this blog.

However, it is also not rare to find a multi-niche blog run by one blogger. Mostly, it is a personal blog that tells a story about that blog owner's experience, daily life, and other activities. It is also similar to the multiple contributor blog. It has various topics for each blog post.

Single Niche and Multi-Niche Blog Comparison

Here are several factors that you can use to compare both blogs.

  • Profitability

Making money through blogs is common among blog owners. Even though the blog trend tends to decrease these years and in the future, now, you can still make enough money from blogs. How about single-niche and multiple-niche blogs in this category?

Single-niche blogs produce more profit than multi-niche blogs. Why is it more profitable? Some of the reasons are related to ads, traffic, and loyal visitors.

A single-niche blog can easily target one group of audiences. Therefore, the ads it displays also match the audience. It has a higher chance of a click and transaction.

The traffic and visitor loyalty is also the same. A single-niche blog gets more organic traffic thanks to its specific blog niche. Visitors are those who need the information or solution of that specific topic.

Although we said earlier that a blog with a single blog niche is more profitable than a multiple-niche blog, that doesn't work in all cases. Some magazine blogs start by discussing multiple topics. That blog turns into a place where everyone can find anything they need. Yet, that requires hard work to develop it into that blog and luck, the big one.

Multiple-niche also means more people visiting the blog. More visitors affect the ads revenue by improving the chance of clicks. But, this kind of blog will take longer time than a single-niche blog because of the competition.

  • Authority

In terms of authority, a single-niche blog is much trustable than a multiple-niche blog. A single-niche blog shows that you are an expert in that blog niche. Therefore, people trust your information on that topic more than multiple-niche blogs.

When you get this authority, you also get many benefits for your blog development. People prefer to use a blog with a high authority level as the reference for their content. They also build backlinks for their blog using high-authority blogs.

That gives you more promotion for your blog. Therefore, once your blog becomes an authorized blog for a specific topic, it will grow even bigger. How about the multiple-niche blog?

A multiple-niche blog will need dedication and determination to develop its content based on various topics. To get high authority status, the contributor also needs to be an expert in the blog niche they post in their content. But, it will take a lot of time to reach that level.

  • Content Ideas

Profit-wise, a single-niche blog is better than a multiple-niche blog. However, a blog with one blog niche also has a risk of running out of ideas. So, blog owners must learn continuously to provide new information on their blogs. Otherwise, they will run out of ideas and the content will become not informative and entertaining.

On the other hand, multiple-niche blogs have a lower risk of running out of content ideas. It has multiple contributors that can post various things on that blog. They can even work together to create new content ideas based on their knowledge.

  • Traffic

Blog traffic is affected by how well your blog rank on the search engine result page. A good search engine page rank will increase the chance of people finding your blog and visiting it. In this case, a single-niche blog is much better than a multiple-niche blog.

Google algorithm recommends a single-niche blog more than a multiple-niche blog based on one specific topic. Therefore, the traffic level of a single-niche blog is someway higher than multiple ones. That makes this blog much more popular than the multiple-niche.

Which One Should You Choose?

It depends on your purpose. A blog niche is the best choice for you who want to make money from a blog. However, you must have a dependable source of information and knowledge you can share on this blog. Furthermore, you must be able to provide the information in a helpful form that is easy to understand for your visitor.

A multiple-niche blog is the best choice for a personal blog. If you only want to have fun, share information about your personal life, or communicate with your friends and fans, you can choose this blog. Who knows, it could become a popular blog that gives you money. Now, are you ready to choose a blog niche for your blog?

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