Why AdSense Can Be The Best Revenue Source for Your Blog

Why AdSense Can Be The Best Revenue Source for Your Blog

There was a time when bloggers shared euphoria about making money using Google Ads on their blogs. AdSense was the best revenue source for blog at that time, but there are more and more bloggers who think twice to use AdSense as the main revenue source. Yet, it does not mean that you cannot make money by using Google Ads on your blog.

Why AdSense for Blog

You might not be able to make a living by writing blog posts if you solely depend on Google Ads. However, it might not be a great idea to ignore AdSense completely because it can still be a revenue source for your blog.

Do not forget that you can use AdSense for free. You will not find any difficult process to set up AdSense on your blog. It is still a great opportunity you do not want to miss because you can earn money from your website.

Since people are using their mobile phones a lot for accessing the internet, AdSense can also be optimized for mobile phones. If you want to save time, you simply need to add one code to your website. This way Google can show ads according to your website layout with no need for further coding.


Well, you can just consider the benefits of Google AdSense which can be a great revenue source for your blog. You also need to learn more about why more bloggers choose to forget AdSense as their revenue source.

The very first reason why people are choosing different methods to make revenue from their blogs is that Google AdSense has low payouts. It takes a lot of time and effort to make AdSense work but the money might not be worth it.

Many bloggers also have a great concern about the website performance impact when they use Google AdSense. Placing ads on your blog will make it work slower. Some visitors might not have any problem with a slow website, but others might find it frustrating.

Bad user experience will only lead to one thing, visitors will leave and look for other websites with faster performance. There is no chance that they will click the ads because they leave your website before the page is opened completely.

Strict competition for advertisers between different websites from the same niche as your blog also becomes another problem. Someone might be willing to pay higher to place ads on your website, but it will not lead to expected revenue if they are not in line with your blog content strategy, for instance. You might have a lot of organic traffic from search engines or social media shares, but you will not earn enough because there are not enough high-paying ads available.

You cannot control the placement of the ads on your blog. You also do not have any idea about what kind of ad content will appear on your blog. Because you have no control over the ads' content and placement, you might have to deal with embarrassing situations when an inappropriate ad appears on your blog. It might also make the website performance and revenue generation worse.

People hate pop-up ads that can be too intrusive for them. It will give them a bad browsing experience. The ad banner can be very annoying and make visitors leave right away. Overall, the ads placement on your blog can reduce the quality of your blog and that is why people are looking for another best revenue source for blog that is not Google AdSense.

Best Ways to Use Google Ads on Your Blog

Bloggers might have reasons to not depend on Google AdSense to earn money from their blogs. However, if you still want to optimize the AdSense revenue on your blog, you need to do more than just use it. You need to follow the best practices to use Google Ads on your blog if you want to get better revenue.

First things first, you need to choose the right ad types for your blog niche. You can maximize the revenue from placing ads on your blog by choosing the right ads for your audience and applying the right content strategy. That is why you need to consider the relevance of the ad's placement on your blog to make sure that they are suitable for your audience's interest and your content strategy. If you have a blog about pet animals, for instance, it will be more relevant to place ads about pet foods instead of furniture.

You can also maximize the revenue from AdSense on your blog by optimizing ad placement. The ads placement can be optimized by using A/B testing along with analytic tools. You can try using different ad variations while keeping track of which method can draw the most clicks. This way, you can find the right format for placing ads on your page.

Why should you also use analytic tools, such as Google Analytics to help you get better revenue from your blog? The tool will give insight into where your visitors are coming from. You can also get useful insight into how long visitors stay on each page of your blog. With this information, you can use a better strategy to place ads on your blog to maximize profit from Google AdSense.

One thing is for sure, Google AdSense is a great way to make money if you are still new in the blog monetizing world. It is super easy to use for newbies, but an established website might be able to find more revenue sources than Google AdSense. You can also customize ads and target certain viewers for boosting profits with AdSense.

Making the best revenue and grabbing success with Google AdSense can only be done if you are willing to make extra efforts because you need to understand the way Google's algorithm works and stay up-to-date with the latest changes. You can be successful and generate passive income from your blog with Google AdSense if you use it correctly. The time you invest can make AdSense the best revenue source for blog.

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