How to Widen Arm Muscles without Going to the Gym

How to Widen Arm Muscles without Going to the Gym

How to widen your arm muscles without going to the gym? Visiting the gym regularly is a solution for many people who want to build up their bodies. Unfortunately, not all of you may have enough time for that. The busy schedule may force you to train your body only at home.

But you should not worry. There are actually many types of exercises that function to widen the arm muscles. Even if you are only doing them at home, the results are effective enough. Of course, you must spare your time to do those exercises regularly for the best results. So, what are they?

Push Up

This type of exercise must be familiar enough to all of us. Yes, push up is when you put your palms and toes on the floor and then move your body up and down. Although it sounds simple, some people make mistakes when doing push ups. The key point of being successful in push up is the placement of shoulders and wrists.

Make sure that the hands are as wide as your shoulders or even wider. But it should not be too wide also as it may make the movement more difficult. Of course, the goal of improving the muscles may not be achieved. That's why, pay attention to some points below if you want to optimize the results of the push-up.

  1. Start it with a high plank position and the wrists are as wide as your shoulders. Keep the backbone straight and neutral while your sights are on the floor.
  2. Tighten the core muscles and gluten, and move your body down this way. It will be successful if the elbows are right on the 45°.
  3. Pay attention to your waist so that it will not be under the height of your shoulders when moving down the body. If the waist is too low, it means you don't involve the core muscles. Be careful as it may cause your backbone to look curvy and even injured.
  4. Push your palms on the floor carefully to move up the body to the first position.

Close-grip Push-up

The close-grip push-up is basically not too much different from the regular push-up. The difference is the positions of the palms in which they are grasping. Then, the bodies of your fingers are placed on the floor. Another important key in the Close-grip push-up is the placement of shoulders and wrists. Similar to push-ups, the hands must be as wide as the shoulders or even wider.

Meanwhile, they should not also be too wide as the movement can be more difficult. Sure, the result will not be effective. The movement is very effective to train the triceps. So, here are some ways to do Close-grip push-ups.
  1. Place your palms on the floor with thumbs touching each other.
  2. Expand your feet backward so that there are only toes that touch the floor. Your body's position keeps straight.
  3. Bend your elbows a little bit to keep the stress on the triceps.
  4. Start to move your body up and down. Repeat the movement several times to improve your arm muscles.

Lateral Plank Walk

The lateral plank walk is very similar to the classic plank that involves the whole body. In case you have not known about it, the classic plank is a kind of movement similar to a push-up bit: it uses your lower arms to hold your body. Meanwhile, lateral plank walk uses your palms to hold your body and you make a walking movement with your palms and feet to the left and right.

Both classic and Lateral plank exercises functioned to train hands, deltoid, balance, and body stability. However, if you want to focus on the improvement of the arm's muscles, the lateral plank walk is more recommended. Below, there are some steps on how you can do the lateral plank walk properly.
  1. Start it all in the classic plank position. Your lower hands are under the shoulder and your entire body is in a straight line.
  2. Simultaneously, cross the hands to the left while you step the left feet to the feet. Next, step the left hand and right foot to the left, and continue it by being back to the plank position.
  3. The hands move at the same time when the feet step separately. Do the other 2 steps while the stomach is pushed to the waist level.
  4. Do the lateral plank walk in the opposite direction to the right. On one set, there are around 15 repetitions.

Arm Circle

Arm circle is not a new thing in the world of exercise. You may have done it since your childhood during the warm up every time you want to do certain sports. Yes, it is when you turn around your arms with your shoulders as the base. Although it looks simple, it brings significant effects on your arms. This type of exercise enables you to form muscles on the shoulders, triceps, and biceps.

Well, you can also do it anywhere, even in your bedroom or while watching TV. So, how can you start it? Just follow some steps below.
  1. Stand up with your feet stretched as wide as your shoulders. Reach out your hands horizontally. You can also do it while holding burdens like dumbbells.
  2. Move your hands in circular motions backward, start by making a small circle. Gradually, make bigger circles until you feel strains on your triceps.
  3. Move your hands in circular motions in frontward. Again, make circles starting from the small one. Gradually, widen the circles to feel the strains on your triceps.
  4. You can do the exercise for around 5-7 minutes per day. When making the circle, the movement should not also be too fast, it is around 10 seconds per circle.


Aside from doing the exercises mentioned above, make sure to manage your daily intake. Consuming proteins are suggested such as meat, eggs, fishes, and milk. The amount can be different from one person to another. That's why, it will be better to consult the trainer or nutritionist before starting exercises to widen the arm muscles.
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