Ultimate Ways to Make Money from Playing Video Games

Ultimate Ways to Make Money from Playing Video Games

Playing video games has become part of everyone's life. You play the game to relax, get entertainment, or have fun with your friend. Therefore, many people have gaming as their hobby.

However, playing video games is not only a fun thing to do. Today, you also can make money from your gaming hobby. Many gamers even acquire a lot of fortune because of their gaming hobby, skill, and knowledge.

So, are you interested in making money from gaming? It could be a promising method to get extra income. You can even make more money than your current income with it. Here are several methods to turn your gaming hobby into a gold mine.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a good way to make money from gaming. Why do people watch the gaming live stream?

  • Get tips from advanced players,
  • Enjoy the fun gameplay,
  • Watching an entertaining narration during the play,
  • Communicate with others with similar game interests.
Of course, live streaming your gameplay only is not enough to attract more people. You should make it interesting with your narration, comments, and personality. That will create enjoyable gaming live streaming to watch.

Where does the money come from your gaming live stream? Playing video games and streaming them online can give you money from several sources, for example:
  • Donations from the viewers,
  • Paid subscription from loyal viewers,
  • Tickets sales when you hold live-stream events,
  • Advertisement and sponsor from companies that want to promote their product on your live stream channel,
  • Commission from affiliate marketing partners,
  • You can sell merchandise to make extra bucks.
It might take time to be able to make money from gaming live streaming. However, if you enjoy it and keep doing it without giving up, guaranteed that you will get the best result. You should prepare everything, including gaming equipment, to ensure your live streaming goes smoothly.

Creating Game Guides

If you are good at one particular game title or category, you can try creating game guides for those video games. It might require you to play the game many times. But, if you enjoy playing video games, that wouldn't be a problem.

Similar to live streaming, people check out the game guides for several reasons, such as:
  • To know what that game looks like and whether it is interesting or not,
  • Find the solution and gaming tips,
  • Get the latest gaming news,
  • Entertainment purpose,
  • Socialize with other gamers,
  • Learn how to play the particular video game title.
There are several forms of guides for playing video games you can make. You can create a review of the game, tutorial, tips, gaming news, and gaming commentary. You need deep knowledge about the game to create an interesting and helpful guide.

To make money with this method, you can do it in several methods depending on the platform where you share the guides. If you use an online video platform, you can get money from ads. For blogs or written gaming guides, ads and donations might be a good way to make money.

Video Game Tester

In short, you will test the video games before the developer launches that game or when they are still in the Beta stage. There are two types of game testers. They are the Playtester and Quality Assurance (QA) tester.

Both testers have the same job, which is playing video games. However, the purpose of the game developers use them is different. The developer uses the Playtester service to find out how customers/players react to the game they develop. It is including:
  • How does the player understand the instruction,
  • Find out if the game controls and features work as they planned,
  • Find the part of the game that gives trouble for a player to advance,
  • The game is commercially viable in that form,
  • Player's favorite parts of the game,
  • Overall experiences after the player finishes the game.
So, you put yourself as a customer when you work as a Playtester. Best of all, playing video games gives you a chance to enjoy the game before its release date. How about a QA tester?

QA tester is more about the technical part of the video game. Playtester focuses on providing feedback and user experience information. QA tester, however, gives feedback about many elements that Playtester and general players don't know.

The technical feedback includes bugs that occur within the game. Crash that happens and what makes it occur. Some even give feedback related to game code and copyright.

Therefore, if you want to be a QA tester, playing video games hobby only is not enough. You also have knowledge and expertise in the game world. It sounds complicated. But, if you enjoy video games, this job is no problem at all.

Enter the Gaming Competition and Win

This method is only for those who are seriously playing video games. It is not for you who play video games for entertainment and relaxation. Players that make money with this method spend a lot of time practicing and perfecting their gaming strategy. Therefore, players that make money from the competition are called professional gamers.

Winning the game competition is one of the ways to earn money for a professional gamer. However, they also get money from other methods. For example, a professional gamer, especially the successful one, earns money from sponsorship and merchandise.

If you win the competition and open a coaching course, you also can get money from this method. Many retired professional gamers become gaming coaches and trainers for the next generation of players. They make a lot of money from their experience, expertise, and knowledge of video games.


People might think that making money from gaming is easy to do. Yes, that is true at some point. However, it takes time to turn your gaming hobby into a money maker activity.

What makes it different is gamers enjoy this activity. It is like having fun, but that fun activity gives them money. Isn't that the best job you can do? Now, if you also want to try making money from playing video games, you can try our tips above.
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