How to Take Care of Your Laptop Inside and Outside to Make It Last Long

How to Take Care of Your Laptop Inside and Outside to Make It Last Long

Your laptop can be a crucial part of your life as a modern human being. You might use it for work or personal activities, yet looking for the best laptops can be a challenging thing to do. You might have to spend a lot of money to buy the best laptop, but it is not the end of the story.

Since you make quite a big investment in your laptop, you want to make sure that it can last long and you need to take care of your laptop properly to keep it durable. It is not only about taking care of it from the outside but also from the inside.

Keep Your Laptop Away from Liquids, Foods, and Drinks

When your electronics meet water, it will be the end of its story. There is no doubt that water cannot be a good friend of electricity although it can play an important role in the process of generating electricity. The laptop cannot work without electricity and that is why you need to keep it away from any source of water.

Any liquid can be bad for your laptop. Foods and beverages can have water in them. Of course, you need to keep them away from your laptop. You might still want to drink or eat something while working with your laptop but you have to make sure to put it far enough from your laptop. This way, it will not damage your laptop when it is accidentally spilled.

Clean Your Laptop Regularly

You cannot just use your laptop often because you also need to clean it regularly if you want to keep it durable. You need to pay more attention to cleaning your laptop's keyboard, touchpad, vents, and display surface.

To clean your laptop properly, you need to prepare a soft microfiber cloth, 75% rubbing alcohol, an air blaster, cotton swabs, and a small, soft brush. They are easy to find and inexpensive, as well.

Optimize Battery Settings

You might have a laptop with the most impressive battery life, but it does not mean that it will not deteriorate over time. Nevertheless, you can increase its longevity by optimizing the battery settings.

Many people think that overcharging a laptop can ruin the battery faster, but it is not as much of an issue as they might think. The power will stop providing electricity to your laptop's battery until it is needed again. You should keep it plugged in as long as possible, especially when you are working on a desk.

Your battery health can also be maximized by optimizing the laptop settings. More importantly, you should not let your laptop battery drop to 0% before recharging because it can damage your battery health.

Ensure Airflow

To take care of your laptop, it is important to ensure the airflow around your laptop because your laptop's components are getting hot when it is running. Different laptops might have different cooling methods, but it becomes a general rule that you should put your laptop on a hard and even surface, such as a desk or table to allow it to maintain proper cooling.

Placing your laptop on a soft surface when running can prevent proper heat release that can lead to overheating. You also do not want to put it in the bag without turning it off first.

Get a Protective Bag or Sleeve

To protect your laptop from damage, you should also get a carrier made for the laptop. It can be a simple laptop sleeve that can help you put your laptop safely in your bag or hand-carry.

Buying a laptop bag can also be a great decision. To make it simple, you can also choose a bag that comes with a well-padded laptop partition. Choosing the right product for carrying your laptop must be as important as choosing the laptop itself.

Store Your Laptop Properly

Next, you also have to make sure that the laptop is stored properly. Your laptop must not be placed under intense exposure to sunlight. You should not put your laptop near the window or in the car during a hot day because it can lead to a big problem.

Using a dehumidifier might be necessary when you live in a humid country. Putting anything on your laptop surface is a big no because it can cause a screen or chassis to crack. Investing in a screen protection film or a silicone keyboard cover will also be necessary.

Keep Your Laptop Up-to-date

After all of the efforts to take care of your important laptop from the outside, you must not forget to take care of it from the inside. Keeping your laptop up to date is a must. Your laptop can run slower if the apps and system are out of date. It can also cause compatibility issues that can lead to security issues and slow performance.

Activating automatic updates might be a great idea to make sure that everything is up-to-date.

Remove Unused Files and Apps

Slow laptops can be the biggest issue that many laptop users have. This circumstance can be caused by various reasons, but it can be associated with overloading due to too many apps and files.

Storing too many files and apps might be unavoidable for many people, but you should try to start a good habit by evaluating the apps and files that you need. You should simply remove everything else that is not on the list.

You can consider investing in another storage space if you worry about losing important files.

Protect Your Laptop from Virus

Your laptop performance can be shown down by viruses and other malware. Your activity history, passwords, and files can also be exposed if you do not protect your laptop from virus attacks properly.

Installing a reputable antivirus can be a crucial first step, but you also have good online habits to prevent security issues.

Consider the Future Performance of Your Laptop

If you want to be able to use your laptop for a long time, you might want to consider buying a laptop with a bit more powerful specification than you need today. This way, your laptop can still handle newer software in the future as long as you can take care of your laptop properly.

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