Want to Start a Business? Here's The Best Small Business Ideas for Beginners

Want to Start a Business Here's The Best Small Business Ideas for Beginners

To operate, run, and manage a new business is really tough since most new businesses close down only in the first year, around 80% of them. This huge failure rate of starting a new business should really make you watch your step and be extremely careful if you want to start a new business.

One of the biggest reasons for this huge failure rate on new businesses is because business owners chose the wrong type of business. You need to choose a business idea that you know will have customers, and you have knowledge about it and how to run it smoothly. Here's some of the best small business ideas for beginners.

Food Truck

The first business idea that you can try is running a food truck. If you love to cook or have someone close to you that knows how to cook good food, you can ask them to join you. Of course, ideally you would want a restaurant, but not everyone would be fortunate enough to be able to afford such a big investment.

Getting a food truck would be the best starting point for your food business with low investment. Running a food truck is also a great way to know whether people like your food or not. If while running your small business you know that your food is accepted well and people like it, sooner or later you will start your own restaurant.

Coffee Shop

You must see a lot of coffee shops on almost every corner, and this is because the coffee shop business has seen rapid growth in the past couple of years. And you can also try to open your own coffee shop when you want to start your own small business.

Opening a coffee shop is quite a good prospect since people want to start their day with a cup of coffee first, and people also like spending some time with their friends or family in a coffee shop for a quick chat with coffee and some snacks.

But since there are already so many coffee shops, you need to make sure that yours would be getting customers regularly. You can do this by getting a good location, preferably near offices, government buildings, or schools. Also, sell some unique coffee or snacks that would make your coffee shop stand out.

Ice Cream Stand or Truck

Another thing that people from all ages will always love is ice cream. Opening an ice cream stand is a great prospect since your target audience is basically everyone. You can choose to have a mobile ice cream truck or a fixed stand.

If you choose a truck, make sure to always go around residential areas, and if you choose a fixed stand, pick a great location like near a daycare, kindergarten, or elementary school. You can also choose a location near a park, beach, or amusement park.

Opening an ice cream stand or truck is one of the best small business ideas for beginners but when it comes to ice cream, people love to try new flavors. So to make your ice cream business stands out, try to create your own flavor or combination and spread it online.


Still in the food area, you can also start a bakery as your starting business. Bakery business is really promising since research suggested that this is the most successful home based business. If you have a passion for baking and are able to not only create good tasting but good looking bread, bakery is definitely worth considering.

Beside selling your food in your own store, you can also set up a partnership with nearby businesses like grocery stores or coffee shops to sell your products in their establishments. Just make sure you have a solid business plan before officially choosing this business to make sure you can succeed.

Home Food Delivery

Home food delivery is a new business idea you can try especially when you don't have a good budget to start a business. You don't need a restaurant or food truck, just a proper kitchen in your house and then deliver your home food to anyone who ordered.

This business has a good prospect since people are getting really busy that sometimes they don't have time to eat out let alone cook. But people are starting to get bored with food from giant franchises and they miss a good home dish. You can start with just you as the cook and another person to deliver it, if it goes well, you can slowly grow your home food business, add more employees, and even open a restaurant.

Event Planning

If you are a very well-organized and detail oriented person, you can take advantage of this habit and skill to start your own business and make an income. You can utilize this skill and offer it to others to be their event planner since most people are overwhelmed when they have to do this themselves.

You can offer to plan any event or you can choose a specific event only like birthday parties or weddings, based on your skill and experiences. The biggest advantage of this business is when you got a client and they are satisfied with your service, they would inadvertently help you get more clients since they will boast about their successful party to their friends and family and mention you as the event planner.


If you have a lifelong passion and talent in photography, you can use your skill to make an income for you. Taking photos is not only about capturing pictures, but also moments and emotions. Photography industry is a growing industry and you will have quite a prospect here.

Similar to event planners, your clients will play a good role in spreading the words about your great service and photography skills. You can also help this by creating your own pages in social media platforms, and even a website. This idea is one of the best small business ideas for beginners since research shows it's one of the most promising ideas of small business.

Pet Business

Do you know that more than 60% of US families have pets? People in developed countries consider pets important as living companions, and some of them even think of pets as status symbols. When people have pets, they will spend money for their pets' needs like grooming, boarding, and daycare.

If you are an animal lover, opening a pet-related business would be a great way to make an income. Imagine you as an animal lover interacting, playing, and taking care of adorable dogs and cats and actually get paid for it.

Day Care

This type of business is suitable for you who love taking care of children. In this busy world where both father and mother have full-time jobs, the business of taking care of children when their parents are working is in high demand.

To make sure your day-care will get many customers, open it in the middle of a residential area full of working parents. This business is great because you don't have to have much money to start it, its market is non-seasonal, and flexible.


For decades, hotels are the only way to get a room when you're away from home and don't have any friends or relatives while you're visiting a distant city. But the price for hotel rooms is always increasing and people are starting to look for alternatives.

This situation makes homestay business highly profitable because people will look for rooms with reasonable prices. You can purchase a property in a city popular with tourists to make this an interesting business opportunity, but of course you have to polish the property first, making sure it has all the required facilities, and of course good looking.

Online Tutoring

When you have skills and experience in some specific fields but you're tired of working for corporations and wanting to do something else, you can still use your knowledge to educate others who want to be in the same field as you.

This type of business is flexible, you can set your own online class, and you can do it from your own home. Online tutoring has a great prospect since colleges are getting more and more expensive, and people are starting to look for affordable alternatives to get their education.

Makeup Artist

If you like to make yourself look more beautiful with cosmetic products and people starting to notice that you're good at it, you can start considering this as a source of potential income. You can start small by assisting your friends for their makeup in birthday parties, graduations, or weddings.

This business offers you flexibility, non-seasonal markets, and resistance to recession. There are a couple of most successful home-based businesses available today and makeup artists are one of them. So if you can create magic with lipsticks, shadows, and powders, you should consider being a makeup artist.

Interior Design

The next best small business idea for beginners is to be an interior designer. The trend for this business is growing rapidly, you can choose your specialty whether its residential, commercial, or workplace projects.

If you are a creative person who has a knack for creating a comfortable and good looking place, especially if you can draw and have a background in architecture, becoming an interior designer can be a really good business opportunity for you.


If you have a passion for growing food, and you have enough space to do it, agriculture could be a really promising start. If you have a small space, you can always start with plants that don't need a lot of space like chilies or tomatoes.

Agriculture is not just about plants, but you can also do bee keeping, dairy farming, or poultry farming. But of course, those types of farming can only be done when you have big spaces to do it.

Dance Studio

People have been in love with dancing for centuries, but this trend is getting more and more popular nowadays, especially with the growing popularity of K-Pop groups that rely on singing and dancing while performing.

This trend is making a lot of people interested in taking dance classes. If you like dancing, have some experience, or know some people who would be great instructors, you can start a dance studio to help people to learn this good activity.

Not only to teach people to dance, nowadays there are a lot of young people who want to be influencers on social media and need a good place to record themselves while dancing. You can rent your dance studio to them and get extra money.

Clothing Store

Some people think fashion is straightforward, but in fact you need a good eye to be able to create good fashion, picking clothes with matching colors or patterns. You need good instinct to dress fabulously in every occasion, and if you are one of these people, you should consider opening a boutique.

Since you have a good eye on fashion, you can start by browsing local manufacturers or online to get quality products in your store. If you could, you can also make your own products. Don't forget to hire trained employees, eye-catching stores with a unique and interesting name.

Travel Planning

A lot of people love to travel, to have an adventure to some places they've never been before. But to do that, they need to learn as much as possible about their destination starting from the basic language, customs, traditions, and do and don'ts.

If you have experience in traveling to many places all over the world, opening a travel planning business is one of the best small business ideas for beginners you could choose. You can also help your clients with good tours, hotel and airline fares, or rental cars. Plus, you can do this business without quitting your job.
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