Tips for Maintaining Mental Health During Layoffs

Tips for Maintaining Mental Health During Layoffs

Streamlining and widespread layoffs are detrimental to millions of individuals every year. They are associated with increased anxiety, loneliness, and despair. Furthermore, research has shown how unemployment affects mental health issues. Below are some tips for you.

What's Layoffs

For reasons that do not relate to an employee's work performance, the employer may terminate employment or lay off workers on a temporary or permanent basis. In order to cope with lower demand for their products and services, seasonal postponements or periods of decline in the economy, companies may rely on redundancies as cost cutting measures.

If they are dismissed, the staff member loses their salary and company provided benefits but may also be able to apply for unemployment insurance or compensation. In particular, it's important to remember that laid down workers frequently have a vested interest in company retirement plans such as the 401k and they may also be able to obtain pension benefits.


In addition to factors related to the company's condition, an employee's termination can also be attributed to the individual's circumstances. Here are five strong reasons why employees may face termination:

1. Absence for a Specific Duration

Companies can terminate an employee if they have been absent from work for consecutive days without providing a written explanation supported by valid evidence. In accordance with the law on job creation, a company is entitled to terminate employment if its employees are absent for at least five working days in a row.

Before proceeding with termination, the company is required to officially and in writing summon the employee at least twice. The employment relationship may be terminated if the employee fails to respond.

2. Repeated Serious or Minor Offenses

Another reason for employee termination is repeated violations. Even if the offenses committed by an employee are considered minor, if they persist after receiving warnings, the employee may face termination. The company will typically issue a series of warnings before deciding to terminate the employment relationship.

In cases of serious offenses or violations of the law, companies can terminate an employee without prior progressive warnings. Especially if the employee engages in criminal activities, most companies will not provide an opportunity for them to continue working.

3. Resignation or the End of Fixed-Term Employment Contract

One of the reasons why an employee may face termination is when they voluntarily resign due to personal reasons. It could be that they have received a better job offer from another company or have family matters that require them to resign.

The expiration of a Fixed-Term Employment Contract is also a factor that can lead to termination. Companies are not legally obligated to extend a contract. Accordingly, employees should be informed that termination will take place when the contract period comes to an end.

Tips For Maintaining Mental Health During Layoffs

Regardless of the type of organization, financial failure is considered a force majeure within the business realm. While startups may strive to avoid it, such circumstances are unpredictable for their employees. But when faced with such situations, it's vital for people to build their mental resilience. Now, how does one maintain the mental health of being laid off as an employee?

1. Maintain a Calm Demeanor

According to Fast Company, experiencing a sudden event like a layoff can be shocking and mentally burdensome. We may feel lost and unsure about what steps to take. So we've got to keep our calm in the first place. Avoid panicking, as it will only trap you in negative thinking.

There's a lot of ways to reduce your panic attacks, such as being taught how to control breathing. As reported by Healthline, regulating your breathing can alleviate anxiety, lower heart rate, and help you relax.

If your anxiety persists even after reducing panic, it is recommended to seek support from a counselor or psychologist who can provide assistance in managing and addressing anxiety-related concerns.

2. Understand Your Emotions

Experiencing a layoff can trigger prolonged negative thoughts and emotions. Typically, employees who go through a layoff will. Therefore, if you have spare time, try channeling your feelings through journaling. Interestingly, recognizing emotions through journaling is an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety.

When you pour your thoughts and emotions into journaling, you will find it helpful in processing everything that crosses your mind, including matters related to the layoff event. It is not necessary to write in the diary every day, but if you need to express yourself and get rid of your thoughts, then do it.

3. Engage in Meaningful Activities

Facing a layoff is indeed not as easy as it may seem. Therefore, you can reduce stress and increase your mental wellbeing by undertaking meaningful activities like participation in training sessions, webinars, coaching programs or boot camps with a view to improving your skills.

You can use platforms like Masterclass, Coursera and Udemy in today's age to connect with different webinars and training courses on the internet. It will also give you the benefits of learning and in doing so, be able to obtain educational certificates that can be used as proof of your participation in training programs when being integrated into your LinkedIn profile.

4. Stay Connected with Former Colleagues

When experiencing a layoff, it's easy to become too focused on our own situation and forget that, who knows, our former colleagues may be going through similar struggles. To this end, it is not only the renewal of old relationships and setting up a support system but also professional connections that are enhanced by maintaining contact with former colleagues.

Moreover, you never know if your former colleagues can open up new opportunities for your career. What's even more interesting is that LinkedIn now has a recommendation feature that allows you to receive professional recommendations from former colleagues or supervisors at your previous job. Now, keep in mind that from now on, your LinkedIn profile needs to be updated!

Work is our way of survival and earning a living. But we must be ready to face those unforeseen events, whenever they occur. For my friends, whether you have experienced a layoff or have not yet found a job, stay motivated and never give up, okay? Hopefully this article about maintaining mental health is useful for you.

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