Things About Life You Can Learn From Frogs

Things About Life You Can Learn From Frogs

Frogs are an amphibian animal that you can easily find mostly in gardens and rice fields, especially during the rainy season. They can live both in land and water. Even though it is small, frogs are one of the determining factors if an environment is polluted or not. It is surely fun to learn about this animal. But in this article, we won't talk about facts about frogs. Instead, we will talk about what we can learn about life from this amphibian animal.

How to be Adaptive

As it is said before, frogs are an amphibian animal that can live in both lands and waters. This unique ability of frogs teaches us how to be an adaptive person. We all know that the life we live is so dynamic. Everything can change in seconds. If we are not good at adapting, we will likely be left behind. In fact, being adaptive is one of the essential soft skills we need to survive in this world.

It is as simple as when we move from one workplace to another. Or we switch from one job to another. If we want to always be able to earn money and pursue a career, being adaptive is one skill that we definitely need.

How to be Patient

When it comes to the growth process of frogs, this animal goes through a perfect process of metamorphosis. Frogs go through a long evolutionary process, starting from an egg, turning into a tadpole, then growing into an adult frog. Its physic as a tadpole is totally different from its physic as an adult frog.

This growing process of a frog is an implicit lesson that teaches us how to be patient. As humans, we also need to be patient and enjoy every process in our life. We are a more perfect being compared to any animal. If a frog never complains about its process in life, why should we?

Always Be Passionate

Some of you may find the sound of frogs to be noisy. If you live close to a watery area, you probably fall asleep while listening to this animal' sound. While some of you find it noisy, there is something we can learn from the sound of frogs. It teaches us to always be passionate and cheerful, although it is raining hard.

Even though you need to face some challenges in life, make sure you don't lose your spirit and faith. It is indeed not easy, but your faith and spirit can bring you to a better direction.

Always Look Forward

The next thing about life that we can learn from frogs is to always look forward. Do you know that frogs cannot jump backwards? This animal also cannot look back. This teaches us to always look forward, leave the past behind, and move on. Keep moving forward although we have some regrets in the past. Living in the past will only do us bad.

Instead, always look forward and move on to be a better person every day. This is one of the ways we can pursue our goals and success.

Be Brave to Face Challenges

Life cannot be separated from challenges. If we want to live, we must be willing to face challenges. Challenges are not something bad, anyway. They make us grow stronger and better. There is a saying that a tough sailor does not come from calm oceans. And from frogs, we can learn about how to be brave in facing challenges in life.

Have you ever seen a frog jump from height to a lotus or anything else? This shows that frogs always dare to face challenges, no matter how hard it is. And it is surely something we should learn. If we want to succeed, we should be brave to face challenges and take the risk. No matter how hard or complicated the challenge you face, you surely can pass it through if you are brave enough.

Dare to Get Out of Comfort Zone

Another lesson that we can learn from frogs is that we should be brave to get out of our comfort zone. Frogs are nomadic, meaning they always live from one place to another. Frogs never stay in one same place for a long time. If they can no longer find food in one area, frogs will move to another area. This teaches us to be brave enough to get out of our comfort zone.

There is nothing to grow in a comfort zone, including us. When we stay in the comfort zone for a long time, we will get stuck. Comfort zones are indeed good and comforting, but we won't grow there. We won't grow to be a better, stronger person. Be brave enough to explore new places, learn new things, and learn new skills.

When you dare to get out of the comfort zone, you will find a better opportunity for a better life. Don't be arrogant and refuse to learn new things and skills.

Be Flexible

Besides teaching us how to be adaptive, frogs also teach us how to be flexible. The fact that they can always move from one place to another shows that this animal is flexible. Being adaptive and flexible means we go through a variety of changes, making us a better, more open-minded person. Also, we can live in a various places with no problem.

So, be flexible and don't be afraid to explore new things and places. When you have various skills and knowledge, you have more chances to achieve your goals in life. When something bad happens, such as your business goes down, you can be adaptive and brave enough to try new things to survive.

Remember that in order to grow, you have to go through changes. Some might be easy, some might be difficult, but you will always make it as long as you are willing to adapt.

Those are the things that we can learn from frogs about life, especially how to survive in this world. Isn't this animal amazing? Which life lesson hits you the most?

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