Want to Clean Your Ears? Here are Our Tips to Clean Your Ears Properly and Safely

Want to Clean Your Ears Here are Our Tips to Clean Your Ears Properly and Safely

Do you have an issue with your ears feeling stuffy? The cause of this problem may be that the excess wax in your ear has accumulated to the point of blocking your ears. Accumulative wax can cause problems with hearing, so you may want to get this issue fixed by cleaning your ears. However, there is something you need to worry about.

There is a good amount of people that clean their ears with cotton swabs. Swabbing your ears with cotton swabs is not the correct way to clean your ear, and it can even cause damage to your ears. So, you may think, "how do I clean my ears safely?"

While you do not need to clean your ears frequently, doing so is still quite important in the case of wax buildups. If you want to know what the best way is to clean your ears, then do not worry. Here are some of our tips to clean your ears properly and safely.

Get a Doctor's Appointment

Contacting your doctor is the obvious and safest choice, especially if you feel that you have any issues with your hearing. Since doctors know more and are more experienced in dealing with any problems with your body, it is recommended that you visit a doctor if you want to clean your ears safely. Doctors also have access to better instruments, such as forceps, suction devices, and more, compared to most people. While it is advised for you to visit a doctor, if you decide to remove your wax at home, there are safe methods for cleaning your ear.

Methods to Clean Your Ears Properly at Home

1. Use Ear Cleaning Drops

The first choice that you should go with to clean your ears is using ear cleaning drops. You can use these ear drops by tilting your head, dripping the solution from the ear drops into your ear canal, waiting for the required time, and then letting the solution drip out. You should, however, read any instructions that come with the eardrops that you have bought to be safe.

2. Use a Bulb Syringe

If using ear drops doesn't work or you want an alternative solution, then you can try using a bulb syringe. This type of syringe can store water in it by squeezing the base of the bulb syringe while the tip is inside of the water and then releasing it by pinching it again. You can clean your ears with a bulb syringe by tilting your head, squirting the water inside of your ear canal, waiting for a few seconds, and then releasing the water from your ear canal.

You need to squirt the water into your ear canal gently to not damage your ear. It is also advisable that you use warm but not hot water for this method. And similar to the ear drops, you should read any instructions or disclaimers that come with the bulb syringe, just in case.

3. Use a Damp Cloth

With damp cloths, you can clean the outside of your ear to keep your ears clean while using one of the other alternative methods to clean the inside of your ears. Do not use damp cloths to clean your ear canal, as this can push your earwax deeper into your ear canal. Cleaning the outside of your ear is important in ensuring there is no contamination while cleaning the inside.

Do Not Clean Your Ears Too Frequently

While there is some importance in getting your ears cleaned, one of the most essential tips to clean your ears properly is making sure that you do not clean your ears too frequently. If you clean your ears too frequently, it can irritate your ear canal or even damage your eardrums. You should take care to wait for a amount of time before cleaning your ears again, mostly every 2-4 weeks.

Handle Your Ears with Care During Cleaning

If you choose to clean your ears at home without the help of medical assistance, you should handle your ears with the utmost care while you are cleaning it. Because your ear canals are sensitive, going too deep can hurt your eardrums, making it harder to hear. It is especially bad if you accidentally cut your ear as it can cause an ear infection.

Should you damage your eardrums, you should contact a doctor immediately. If you have the option, it is better to visit the doctors to get your ears cleaned rather than doing it yourself.

Avoid Scratching the Inside of Your Ear

As a general tip, try to avoid using your finger to scratch the inside of your ear or using your finger to remove your earwax. Not only can this method push your earwax deeper inside your ear canal, but doing so can also cause cuts which can invite ear infections. If you have the urge to scratch the inside of your ear, try to resist it.

Do Not Use Too Many Chemicals When Cleaning Your Ear

If you want to use an at-home cleaner, you may use hydrogen peroxide to clean the inside of your ears. While this is an effective method, you need to take into consideration how much hydrogen peroxide you are using to wash your ears. Using too much can cause irritation inside of the ear and inflammation.

Not Everyone Needs Their Ears Cleaned

While cleaning your ears has some importance, if your ear wax builds up, there is no need to clean your ears routinely. You may not even need to clean your ears if you do not suffer from regular blockades, as ears usually clean themselves up. If you do not suffer from ear wax buildup, you only need to wash the outside of your ear with a damp cloth.


After you have seen our tips to clean your ears properly, you should understand the importance of cleaning your ears and some things you need to look out for. Again, while it is important for you to clean your ear, you need to understand that you should only clean it if you have ear wax build ups, so you do not have to wash them routinely. If you still have an issue despite cleaning your ears with the methods at home, we advise you to visit a doctor to get treatment instead of risking dangerous means, such as ear candling.

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