Here Are Some Ways on How to Fight Blogging Fatigue

Here Are Some Ways on How to Fight Blogging Fatigue

Writing on your own blog is fun, especially when you have a passion for writing and the topic that you are writing about. But writing consistently is not an easy thing to do, sometimes you would feel like you are bored, getting a burnout and even a fatigue. It would be a shame if you get blogging fatigue, and then you would just quit. So, to avoid that, this is how to fight blogging fatigue.

Be Realistic with Your Routine Targets

The first thing you can do to fight blogging fatigue is to set your routine targets such as daily or weekly targets, but be realistic about them. Some bloggers quickly develop a burnout while writing and managing their blog because either they don't have any targets, or they set such unrealistic targets that they can't even fulfill.

So, when you are writing on a blog, you can start your day by writing down a list about the things you want to achieve that particular day. Don't be too lazy about it, but also don't set targets that are too high. Start simple like you want to create at least one article that day. If you can regularly fulfill that, you can up the stakes by writing more and more articles each day while still remembering one thing: don't do too much.

When you are doing everything on your daily list, try to measure how much time you need to fulfill each one of them. And then you can sum up how much time you need to do them properly, and then compare it to how much time you have each day on your blog. This is particularly important if you are writing your blog as a side hustle while still working a full time job.

Take Some Time Away from Your Blog, Regularly

Doesn't matter how much you love to blog you should never make that the only thing to care about in your life. You might think that since you love it, you can surely do it 24/7, but you are mistaken. By always working on your blog without a break, that burnout will surely come faster than you ever think. You need to make sure that you always make yourself some regular time off.

You can do this by always making sure that you have one or two days a week where you don't even touch your computer to do some blogging. You can choose these days by your preferences, you can use Saturday and or Sunday just like most people, but if you think those days are good for blogging, you can choose some of the weekdays instead.

Setting these days off would be different for everyone. This could depend on whether you do blogging for fun, you have a full time job, your blogging is your main source of income, or whether you have a family to take care of. But it is important to set in advance which days you will use to blog and which days you will use for other things except blogging, and try your best to stick to it.

Say No to Social Media Constant Notifications

Another thing you can do on how to fight blogging fatigue is to turn off your social media notifications. Social media platforms are designed to make you spend as much time as possible on them, scrolling around, liking and commenting on the contents they offer. If you let yourself get every single notification from every social media platform you have, it will surely lead to a very quick burnout and fatigue.

Always being on social media platforms is not healthy. And with you receiving every notification, you will always check your social media and then you will not have time to write and manage your blog. Turn the notification off on the settings of your smartphone, and only check your social media platforms in certain times that you have set beforehand.

Remember Why You Become a Blogger

You can get lost or tired when you are always blogging every day, and sometimes when that happens you could be wondering whether it's the right time to quit blogging. To help you deal with this, you can always remind yourself about the reasons that made you start blogging.

A lot of bloggers usually start their blog without any intentions to make it profitable, they just want to share their knowledge and experience to the world and help people. Some bloggers want to help people how to cook, some bloggers want to help people learn a new language, and many other reasons. When you are tired of the routine of your blog, try to remind yourself why you start.

Once your blog starts to make money for you, you could get lost and forget the main reason why you started your blog. You could just make any articles about anything as long as you get paid for it, you could start to lose any balance and spend most of your time on your blog writing ordered and sponsored articles. This could lead you to slowly hate what you are doing and you will get blogging fatigue.

While it is great to earn money from your blog, you need to learn to say no. Say yes only to the sponsored or ordered articles that are aligned with the niche you chose for your blog, or only say yes when you actually have the time to work on them. By doing this, you will get paid for your skills, but you will still love what you do since you don't forget the main reason you started your blog.

Those are several things on how to fight blogging fatigue if you are starting to get bored, tired, and even burnout with your blog and the job maintaining it. When you have blogging fatigue, try to implement them and please don't give up.

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