5 Serious Health Problems Because of Blogging and The Methods to Deal With Them

5 Serious Health Problems Because of Blogging and The Methods to Deal With Them

Blogs can become one of the best sources of your income. If you develop it correctly, you can even make more than your job's regular income. However, to make your blog big and more profitable, you spend a lot of time and energy to develop it. Unfortunately, it could lead you to several health problems because of blogging.

We will show several health problems many bloggers have because of their blogging activity. However, these health problems only occur when you are blogging excessively. If you do it healthily, the chance to get them is much lower. Here is a list of health problems because of blogging.

Eye Health Problems

Many bloggers have to sit in front of the computer, looking at the monitor to edit, maintain, and post content, or other activities in their blog. Many of them spend hours doing that. It becomes even much longer when they have to maintain several blogs they run.

This activity puts more burdens on your eyes. Therefore, many eye health problems, such as eye redness or inflammation. In the worst case, you could even get serious and permanent eye damage.

How to prevent this problem from happening? Take a break several times during your blogging activity. For example, once every one hour, you can have a break. More importantly, when you take a break, you shouldn't do activities that can strain your eyes, like using a Smartphone, watching TV, or others.

Use an eye massage tool to help you avoid health problems because of blogging. Also, do not forget to eat healthy food for your eyes. Vegetables and fruits with a lot of Vitamin A or E are the best choices, such as carrots, oranges, and others.

Back Pain

Back pain is not only a health problem that many bloggers have. Many people in this modern era also have this problem. The cause is the long and excessive usage of computers.

When people use a computer, mostly they sit in front of it for hours. That puts more burdens on their back muscles and spine. It can become even worse when you sit in the wrong position. Or, the chair you use can't support your body properly.

This health problem occurs because of many factors. It can occur because of mild causes, such as sore back muscle. In some cases, it occurs because of more serious problems, such as spine hernia.

How to prevent back pain health problems because of blogging? Similar to the first problem, you should take a break often, like once every 30 minutes or 1 hour. Also, make sure you stretch your muscles regularly. Use the simple stretching method that you can do while you are sitting down.

The other method to prevent back pain is using a high-quality chair that can support your spine perfectly. The chair helps you to feel comfortable when you are blogging for hours. It also prevents serious damage to your spine, back muscle, and other health problems because of blogging.


Fever is also one of the health problems many bloggers have experienced. We can even call it one of the common health problems because of blogging. It appears after you spend hours or a whole night blogging without sleeping.

Your body's fatigue accumulates and your immune system doesn't work like it should. Thus, your body temperature increases then gives you many symptoms of fever. This condition is uncomfortable and forces you to take bed rest for a certain period. That means you can't do your normal activity, including blogging when you get a fever.

Fever is easy to prevent. You only need enough rest and a lot of water while you blog. Also, have enough exercise every day. That will improve your body's strength and metabolism, which prevents fever or any health problems because of blogging from happening.


You have so many things to edit. There are still many blog posts you need to create to fulfill your quota this week. The blog design is waiting for new modifications. More blogs you run need regular maintenance.

Those tasks will put more burdens on your brain. You have more pressure than the ordinary person who doesn't blog too much. Thus, you could get stress, anxiety disorder, and many health problems because of blogging.

The best way to deal with stress is relaxation time. Manage your stress well. Reward yourself because of your hard work in making your blog grow big. You can take a week off from blogging and go on a trip with your friend, family, or loved one.

If you can create that relaxation time, stress won't come to you too often. Yes, you might still get it, especially when there is a deadline for your blog project. But your relaxed mind and body will be able to handle it without any problem.

Social Life and Mental Problems

Health problems are not only related to your physical condition. Excessive blogging also can affect your social life. You spend most of your time in front of a computer, blogging. You don't have enough time to meet with people and interact.

Another health problem you can get is mental. Many bloggers that don't spend more time with other people will have a short fuse. They are easily angry with other people and aggressive. In another case, some bloggers even live in a fantasy world and deny reality, become shut in, and stay away from the world, which leads to serious health problems because of blogging.

The solution is within the blogging itself. It is an experience you use as the source to create content for your blog. Experience is the best source that makes your blog content feel natural, reliable, and credible. It also gives you different insights, which makes your blog unique and interesting.

You can only get the experience by socializing with other people. So, go out of your room and meet people. Guaranteed, you will bring back something that can boost your blog growth. And that's a list of health problems because of blogging and how to deal with them.

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