The Right Time To Apply For AdSense - 5 Tips To Get Approval

The Right Time To Apply For AdSense - 5 Tips To Get Approval

Google AdSense is one of many methods to monetize your blog. However, to enter this program, there are requirements you need to fulfill. One of them is the right time to apply for AdSense. So, what is the best time to do that, and how old should my blog be to get the AdSense approval?

The Blog Age

Fortunately, there is no required blog age for you to submit your blog in the AdSense program. You can even apply for this program for your newly created blog. Of course, the chance to get approval is zero.

Google AdSense has other requirements that you need to fulfill to get accepted into this program. For example, your blog post numbers, the traffic, and many more. Therefore, the new blog doesn't qualify to join the program.

Tips to Get AdSense Approval

After eliminating the blog age factor, there are many other factors you need to consider when applying for Google AdSense. These are several tips you can use to know the right time to apply for AdSense and get a better approval chance.

1. Write High-Quality Contents

Contents will always be the essential factor that Google considers to accept a blog in their AdSense program. Therefore, you must write high-quality content. The high-quality contents are those that provide reliable information for readers. The contents also uses the best format, which makes it easy to navigate.

There is no fixed rule on how high-quality content for the blog should be. But, from many bloggers' experiences, a blog with at least 1000 words and 100% original content has a better chance of getting AdSense approval. Try to write that much for each blog post you upload. Once you have that much content like that, that is the right time to apply for AdSense.

2. Contents or Blog Posts Numbers

The truth is Google doesn't count blog posts or content to approve. However, more content means more chances to get approval. Why? More contents show that your blog is a reliable source. Plus, it mostly also attracts more traffic, especially if you write high-quality content. Therefore, Google will prefer to approve a blog with more content than those that have a low number of posts.

To make it easier to calculate, some pro bloggers share their experiences regarding this matter. The right time to apply for AdSense is when you have 20 or more 1000-1500 words length blog posts. They say that the amount of blog posts will increase your chance to get approval by 90%.

However, if you love writing shorter blog posts than those specifications, you don't need to worry. You only need to adjust it with the blog post length and the post number. For example, the 300-400 words need about 40-50 posts before you can apply for AdSense. Or, the 500-700 words blog post needs 30+ blog posts.

3. Upload Only Legal Contents

You need to ensure that all the content you have uploaded is legal to find the right time to apply for AdSense. There are at least two things you can do to make your content safe to use. Choose the right topic and legal material to upload.

To join the Google AdSense program, you can't write about gambling, hacking, adult content, drugs, and another similar topic. Google AdSense doesn't accept a blog that uses those topics. As for material, make sure they are not copyrighted. That is to ensure the owner of that material won't report your blog, which makes you lose your Google AdSense membership.

What kind of material can be categorized as copyrighted materials? Everything you can get from the internet could have a copyright. So, images, videos, and text are included in this category. If you have no illegal content, that is the sign and the right time to apply for AdSense.

4. Blog Traffic

Blog traffic also affects the right time to apply for AdSense. In Google AdSense rule and policy, no rule states how much traffic a blog should have to be eligible to join this program. However, many pro bloggers suggest that your blog should have at least 50 visitors a day to get approval from AdSense.

However, we do not recommend you focus on visitor numbers. Moreover, do not try to buy visitors to make your blog look like it has high traffic. That will only end up with Google putting your blog on its blacklist.

You should focus on creating high-quality content. High-quality content is the necessary factor to enter Google AdSense. If you can create constant and continuous high-quality content, it doesn't matter what time you apply, that will always be the right time to apply for AdSense.

Furthermore, high-quality content will bring more people to visit and read your blog content. Automatically, your web traffic will increase with better content in your blog. High-traffic blogs will have better value from the advertiser's perspective. Therefore, the ads Google puts on your blog will give you more income than when your blog has low traffic, which is not the right time to apply for AdSense.

5. Blog Owner's Age

Other than the right time to choose for applying, you also need to consider your age. Google AdSense only accepts the aplicant who is 18 years old or older. As long as you fulfill this age requirement, you have a chance to apply for Google AdSense.


To get the best time to apply for Google AdSense and a better chance to get approval, you must fulfill all the conditions mentioned above.

Depending on how you maintain and develop your blog, it might take several months. Some pro bloggers who know how to do it correctly only need a shorter time to develop their blog and get AdSense approval. They even get the approval for submitting a one-month blog.

Therefore, you should focus on your blog content. If you could do that, you would see other factors, like traffic, page rank, and others increase. Those signs will tell you the right time to apply for AdSense. Try it now!

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