How to Create the Best Content that Readers and Google Like

How to Create the Best Content that Readers and Google Like

How to create the best content that readers and Google will love? That is the most crucial question every blogger asks. Here, we will give you several tips that allow you to create the best content for your blog. Let's start!

Know Your Audience

The first step to creating content your readers and Google will like is information about your audience. Knowing who will read your blog post will help you create content that can provide the solution/information. Thus, it will also become a content Google will prioritize. Why?

Content that matches your audience means it has all the elements your audiences need. The keyword that matches the keyword they use to search information is one of them. Then, once they read that content, they feel great satisfaction because of the useful information/solutions in it. Because of that, the audience will share it with their community.

Google sees that kind of post as a high-quality post. It is not clickbait, plus it consists of high-quality information the reader needs. That means your blog post ranking on the Google search result page will be higher. That is one of the essential factors of how to create the best content.

Keyword Research

As mentioned above, keywords hold an essential part of making your blog post loveable. It helps internet users to find your blog posts. The keyword also help to define what your blog post content is.

Therefore, you must research to find the best keyword for your blog post. The best keyword doesn't mean you should use the most popular keyword at that time. The keyword you should choose is the one that relates to the information you have in your blog post.

The right keywords will make Google algorithm see it relevant to the information that the readers are typing in the search bar. Then, it will recommend your blog on its search result page. This recommendation is a sign that your content is loved by Google.

For keyword research purposes, you can use various tools. There is Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, and more. Those tools can help you to find the best keyword, which eventually becomes a great help on how to create the best content.

Create SEO-Friendly Content

Once you know your audience and choose the keywords, it is time to create SEO-friendly content. SEO-friendly content is beneficial for readers and Google. This part is also the essential step in how to create the best content.

For readers, SEO-friendly content will help them to get the information in the content easier and faster. They also feel more comfortable when reading your blog content. Thus, it increases the user experience value as well.

Google sees SEO-friendly content as a reliable source. This content is easy to index. Google also can easily find the related search to this content. Therefore, this kind of content will have better search results than others.

Write a Naturally-Flowed Content

Naturally flow content is one of the essential keys how to create the best content. You should make your content feel human, not stiff like a robot or AI-written content. It will bring advantages in attracting reader's attention and Google good results.

The readers love the naturally-flowed content because they feel relaxed when they read it. It feels like they are talking to a human through that blog post. Therefore, that content will have the highest possibility of turning a casual reader into an avid and loyal reader of your blog posts.

Google also loves the naturally-flowed content. The content doesn't use too many keywords which is known as keyword stuffing. Google can easily scan the content and determine its rank. The possibility of getting a better page rank is higher if you know how to create the best content.

Use Long Title, Tags, and Meta Description

Those are the elements of high-quality content, which is necessary in this how to create the best content method. The long title will help readers learn more about what they will find in that content. Google also can easily match that title with the keyword the internet user used to search for the information. It is also more effective to put the main keyword in that long title.

The tags and meta description also help readers to learn more about your content. They can easily find your post using the tags. Furthermore, the meta description also helps readers save more time when they scan the search page results to search for the blog post they need. That will help you on how to create the best content.

Google uses the tags and meta description you use in your content as one of the elements of indexing the website content. Therefore, you should use the correct tags and meta description. That blog post will have a better position in Google page rank.

Internal and External Links

How to create the best content that can help the reader? Add internal and external links. The internal and external links will provide additional information. The additional information is necessary to provide a more detailed explanation of your content.

The high-quality links inside your article are necessary to get good results on the Google search result page. Google algorithm always uses these links as one of the elements of its calculation. Also, you should only add links to other sources related to your content. Otherwise, Google could put your blog on the blacklist.

Add Images and Videos

Lastly, do not forget to add images and videos to your content. People love to see them in a blog post. It gives them more information and makes the post more interesting than a wall of text. And, when people love your blog posts, Google will also love them.


The key how to create the best content is creating reliable blog post content. Your readers will get the information they need. Google will have a much easier task of indexing that blog content. That's how to create a blog post that readers and Google like.

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