How to Make Your Blog Stand Out Among the Crowd

How to Make Your Blog Stand Out Among the Crowd

According to the latest statistics, there are more than 600 million blogs on the internet. Then, if you see it from a smaller scale, like the blog number in your country, we believe the number is not small as well. That means you have to compete with millions of blogs to get the readers. So, the question is how to make your blog stand out.

Choose the Best and Easy-to-Remember Blog Name

Your blog's name or domain is like a brand. A good brand is a brand that is easily imprinted in people's minds. Therefore, you also should choose the blog name that can do that.

The blog name should represent the content of your blog. However, you don't need to put the whole sentence or phrase in your blog post to show your content. Using one or two words is enough, as long they can represent your blog content and make a unique blog name.

Use a Unique and Minimalist Blog Design Style

Blog design style also affects your blog visibility among many blogs. Using a unique and different design is one of the methods of how to make your blog stand out. To get a unique design, you might have to spend more money to hire a professional designer.

Tell them what you want and your blog theme. Then, the designer will create a design that can represent your blog and be different from others. Make sure you use the best designer to get the design you like.

If you don't have enough budgets, you can use the free and editable blog template. Then, modify that template to your style. That will be enough to create the unique appearance that makes your blog different.

Minimalist style is also recommended blog style here. It is not only about how to make your blog stand out with this style. The minimalist blog style also helps readers to navigate easily. That will increase your blog user experience points.

Write a Systematic and Deep Pillar Page

Pillar content is one of the best tools to attract people and generate more traffic. It has everything that the visitor needs. It also represents all topics you post on your blog. That is how to make your blog stand out.

Good pillar content will make your blog stand out because of its functional value. It will be even better and more effective when you put internal links to other articles that talk about certain topics in that pillar content. That will make your reader spend more time on your blog.

Moreover, they will visit your blog again in the future, which will make your blog get better exposure and position on the Google page. Writing deep and systematic pillar content might take time and energy. But, that's how to make your blog stand out. This content will be the core that attracts attention more than your competitors.

Use Different Perspective

You can use a similar theme or topic to other blogs. However, there is a way how to make your blog stand out from other blogs with similar topics. Use different perspectives when writing content on that topic.

For example, you want to write a blog post about property investment. The competitors might write about tips to invest or how to make a profit from property investment. You can write differently, for example, the mistakes people need to avoid when investing in property.

That topic is different from the standard topic. Yet, they are helpful content and offer solutions for readers. The key here is you can use different and even wild topics. But, you should ensure that the topic provides a solution for your readers. That is how to make your blog stand out.

Write from Your Experience

Experience is the best source for your blog content. Best of all, your experience is different from others. Even though you and other people did the same thing, what you felt, saw, and enjoyed will be different from others.

Writing based on your experience is what you need to make your blog unique and different. However, make sure you are not faking that experience. You should truly experience the thing you are writing in your blog post. This kind of blog post will make your blog different, enjoyable, and stand out.

Creating Signature Format

The blog content is essential to create a unique and different blog. So, how to make your blog stand out more? You can try to use a unique format for your blog post.

The unique format will be the signature of your blog. It will make your blog different from others. Moreover, the unique format could also become your brand that the reader can easily remember.

How to make a unique format for your blog post? You can start by the opening paragraph of your blog post with text or quotes that readers can only find in your blog. Or, you can end it with a unique closing statement. You can use a writing format or style that is unlike other blogs.

Use Images or Videos

Images and videos are also necessary to make your blog different and stand out. It will give your blog post a different touch and help the readers to understand your content easily. To make your blog even more stand out, use images you made yourself. It could be a drawing or photo you took, as long it is not copyrighted material.

Engaging with the Visitor or Readers

The best thing of how to make your blog stand out is how to treat your readers. When they comment on your blog post, do not hesitate to reply to them. Of course, you have not replied to all comments. Try to make sure you reply as many as you can.

Unfortunately, not many bloggers did that. Therefore, if you can provide a regular reply, it will make your blog stand out. Plus, you will get loyal readers and visitors.

The Bottom Line

In short, you should consider the content, design, and how to interact with the readers. If you can optimize those three, your blog will be popular. That's how to make your blog stand out among millions of other blogs.

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