10 Easy Tips To Decorate A Small Balcony With Plants To Have A Stunning Space At Home

10 Easy Tips To Decorate A Small Balcony With Plants To Have A Stunning Space At Home

Only because you have a small balcony doesn't mean that you don't need to organize it. Believe it or not, you can have a small and comfortable balcony with plants. Plants make your balcony look fresh and pleasant.

Believe me! You want to stay on your balcony all day long after organizing it. Here, we will give you some tips to decorate a small balcony with plants.

Create A Vertical Garden

It seems hard to put a lot of plants on a small balcony. The more plants you put there, the more crowded your balcony. It will be different if you have a vertical garden. You are about to use a wall on the balcony to put your favorite plants.

The balcony is still spacious since organizing the plants on the wall. The way to create a vertical garden on a balcony is also easy. All you have to do is hang wood structures. Use it as the area to place and hang your plants.

Ensure that the wood is strong enough to hold planters. Then, organize your favorite plants and flowers there. That's it! You have a garden on your small balcony. Best of all, the balcony is still spacious even after putting plants and flowers there.

Grow the Right Plants

You should pick the right plants since you only have a small balcony. Geraniums are one of the perfect plants for a sunny balcony. This plant is strong enough even if the soil dries.

It is a perfect option if you want to create a Mediterranean balcony. You can also grow petunias and marigolds on the balcony. It makes your balcony look attractive and colorful.

Add grasses or scented plants, such as basil, lavender, sage, and rosemary. Fatsia, bamboo, and hostas are perfect to have a shady balcony.

Use the Right Planters

Besides choosing the right plants, you should also choose the right planters or containers. Say you are designing a vertical garden on the balcony. Putting some hanging planters or hanging baskets is great to grow a variety of plants and flowers. Upcycling used cans to become a pot is also a good idea to create an eco-friendly balcony.

Use Saucers or Trays

It takes time and energy if you have to move the plants out of the balcony anytime watering them. On the other hand, you don't want to get the balcony floor wet. One of the best tips to decorate a small balcony with plants is to use saucers or trays.

Use this product for all pots on the balcony. A tray helps to hold excess water when watering the plants. As a result, you can keep the plants and flowers in position.

Best of all, you don't need to see the balcony floor wet anytime watering them. In the end, you can keep your balcony comfortable and beautiful.

Use Self-Watering Pots

Nowadays, you don't need to water your plants manually every day. Thanks to self-watering pots that help to water your plants regularly. This product is also a solution for those who want to put plants and flowers on a small balcony.

It keeps your plants and flowers growing well on the balcony. At the same time, you can sit and relax there while enjoying their growth.

Install an Overhead Canopy

Installing an overhead canopy is an alternative to creating a vertical garden. This product is recommended if you want to create a modern balcony garden. It is also a brilliant idea to grow woodbines on the balcony.

You can use this idea if you have a sunny balcony. Let the woodbine grow well to make your balcony area shady. As a result, the atmosphere is fresher and not too hot anymore because it is covered by woodbines. Use bamboo sticks and PVC pipes if you want to create the overhead canopy by yourself.

Grow Tall Plants

Consider growing tall plants if you only have a small balcony. It is not only making your balcony more tropical but also adding privacy. Imagine that you are a natural curtain made of plants.

It is also an effective alternative to make your sunny balcony shadier. Then, you can stay on the balcony as long as you want while reading, enjoying snacks, and even napping. You don't need to worry that your neighbors see you when passing by.

Use the Corner Areas for Plants

You may have to limit the plants on the balcony. It is okay! Just use the corner areas on the balcony to place some plants. Planting tall plants in pots and putting them in the corner keeps your small balcony looking aesthetic.

You can also use planter stands in case you don't have tall plants. The plants can be the center of attention anytime people see the balcony. It is also great to mix between flowering and non-flowering plants on the corner.

This idea will make your balcony feel alive and attractive. Since you only have a limited option, ensure that the plants are your favorite or that will be useful for you. Say you can plant some herbs if you love cooking.

Create a Living Wall

Try to use the wall on your balcony as a living wall. It means that you are about to cover the wall with plants. Shallow roots and long-living plants, such as ferns and ivy are perfect for this project.

It gives a 3D effect to your living wall. Use your imagination and creativity to create an eye-catching living wall on a small balcony.

Create a Contemporary Balcony

Some of you may want to have a clean balcony with a few plants. It is not a problem at all! Put a shelf or wall stand near the wall. You can paint the wall white before putting the shelve.

Add a trellis and railing to mount some pots if you love it. It is okay if you want to add some ornaments, such as lighting, chairs, a small sofa, or a coffee table. Now, you have a neat and simple balcony to rest, take a nap, or do anything you love.

So, having a small balcony is not a problem. You can still create a stunning balcony with your favorite plants and flowers. Apply one of the tips to decorate a small balcony with plants above. Soon, you will have a comfortable space at home to take a rest.

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