17 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Snakes From Your House

17 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Snakes From Your House

One scary thing when the rainy season comes is snakes suddenly showing up in your yard or even inside your house. Just thinking about it can be really frightening, right? But don't worry, there are some ways to get rid of snakes that you can try.

17 Tips To Get Rid Of Snakes

Here are a few ways you can chase away snakes.

1. Using Floor Cleaner

The first way to get rid of snakes is by using floor cleaner like carbolic acid. Just pour some of it onto the snake's body, which will give them a warm sensation and mess up their motion sensors. This will make the snake move slowly. However, be very cautious if the snake resists. So, it's recommended to stay alert.

2. Unwanted Fragrances for Snakes

The next step to make them disappear is using scents that snakes hate. It's known that in the past, people used salt to repel snakes, but it turns out that snakes don't run away when you use salt.

So, the best and most effective way to get snakes out of your house is to use scents they can't stand. Just spray something with a room freshener or perfume smell, and the snake will gradually disappear.

3. Cinnamon and Clove Oil

Another natural way to keep house snakes away is by using cinnamon and clove oil. It's believed that spraying a mixture of cinnamon and clove oil can make snakes vanish slowly.

You can also spray this mixture in different corners of your house or directly on the snake. Be careful not to spray it from behind the snake, as it might turn around and attack you. It's known that chasing snakes away naturally is quite effective, and you can give it a try.

4. Sulfur Powder

You can also kick snakes out of your house by using sulfur powder. It's not just humans who can't stand the smell of burning sulfur; snakes feel the same way. Poisonous reptiles don't like the stinging smell of sulfur. So, you can sprinkle sulfur powder in every nook and cranny of your house. For example, near doors or any gaps in your home that might allow snakes to slither in.

5. Chili Peppers

A natural ingredient you can use to scare away snakes is part of your kitchen ingredients. Yep, chili peppers can be used to drive these venomous reptiles out of your home. To deter snakes, you can sprinkle chili peppers around or near your house. Sure, this method might seem a bit awkward, but it's quite effective at shooing snakes away.

6. Using Ammonia to Ward Off Snakes

Another way to get rid of snakes at home is by using ammonia. One study found that these dangerous reptiles actually dislike the unpleasant smell of ammonia. Spraying ammonia around the area or placing it in a container with the snake will keep them at bay.

7. Red and White Onions

You can also keep snakes away from your home by using natural ingredients commonly used in cooking, namely red and white onions. These are said to be effective in repelling snakes because they can't tolerate the sulfonic acid produced by onions. Usually, the acid makes you cry when you cut through it. It also works on snakes and makes them immediately steer clear.

8. Contact a Wildlife Control Expert

If you're not experienced in handling snakes, never think about trying to catch them barehanded. You can reach out to professional wildlife control companies for help. It's the safest way to get rid of snakes from your house. These wildlife control companies often capture snakes using special tools and return them to a more natural habitat.

9. Remove a Food Source

Snakes are often found in places with rodent populations because that's one of their food sources. Besides, they also enjoy feasting on frogs, birds, and fish. If your house has been visited by snakes multiple times, consider getting rid of the creatures that eat their food. Once the food source is gone, snakes will move on to find another source of sustenance.

10. Eliminate Hiding Spots

Snakes like dark and damp places, and they're known to live and hide in crevices and holes. Getting rid of these hiding spots can help prevent snakes from occupying specific areas in your home. Carefully inspect the exterior of your house and property and fix any cracks or holes you find. Repair damaged drains, pipes, and ventilation. Moreover, snakes tend to gather in piles of wood, mulch, wood chips, straw, leaves, etc. Try to organize them neatly so they don't pile up and get neglected.

11. Use Mothballs

Naphthalene is a substance found in many commercial repellents. It's also a major component of mothballs. Its scent is considered irritating to snakes. Try placing mothballs in holes and crevices where snakes could enter and slither in. However, be cautious when using mothballs, especially if you have kids or pets, as mothballs are highly toxic if ingested.

12. Smoke

Snakes have sharp noses and are really sensitive to smells. One smell they can't stand is smoke. You can drive snakes away by digging a hole and letting it smoke for a few days. You can also put leaves on top of the charcoal for a better effect.

13. Mow the Lawn

Snakes are creatures that like tall grass. They do this to stay hidden from other predators. Plus, as cold-blooded animals, snakes use grass as a living space to stay warm.

14. Set Up Snake Traps

If you want to give your own snake trap a shot, flip a trash can upside down in your house or use snake traps you can find at the store. You can also use glue boards to trap snakes humanely.

This method is a bit tricky because getting the snake out of the trap takes a bit of vegetable oil to neutralize the colloid from the snake's body. But one thing's for sure, not matter which method you use to catch it, remember to release the snake in a safe place afterward.

15. Spray with Water

If you spot a snake and suspect it might be venomous, it's best to contact the authorities. However, there are plenty of non-venomous snakes out there. So, when you encounter a snake and want to shoo it away, try spraying it with a hose until the snake leaves. Stay calm, no need to panic!

16. Scatter Hair

If you want to do it yourself, this method can work too! Believe it or not, snakes dislike us as much as we dislike them. To keep snakes out of your yard, just show them that there are still humans around. You can save hair from your comb and scatter it in the yard. Snakes can smell the human scent and eventually slither away.

17. Use White Vinegar

Do you have a fish pond or a swimming pool and often snakes around? Don't worry! To get rid of snakes from the pool, you can pour white vinegar around it. Keep in mind that snakes can absorb liquids through their skin, and they definitely don't like vinegar on their skin. So, you can use kitchen white vinegar to repel snakes.

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