Is It Critical To Wash Rice Before Cooking It? Here Is the Answer!

Is It Critical To Wash Rice Before Cooking It Here Is the Answer!

You may want to eat rice after watching people eating it or cooking a specific menu with rice. As a first-time cooker, you often get confused about whether you need to wash rice before cooking it or not. Just relax! The information below will explain more about it. As a result, you can cook rice correctly.

The Importance of Washing Rice Before Cooking It

Yes, it is necessary to wash this product before cooking it. You don't know the condition before receiving the package. The quality of the rice is also different depending on the brand.

Some brands offer clean and white rice. Other brands offer a little bit of brown and dirty rice. Because of that, you should wash it first before putting it in a rice cooker. The main purpose is to get rid of dust, dirt, and little stones.

This process is also effective enough to remove small insects within the rice. Washing rice is also necessary if buying it in a plastic package. A plastic package contains microplastics that stick to the food.

It is the same case with rice. Microplastics may stick on unwashed rice. Imagine if you eat rice with microplastic. Indeed, it is so dangerous for your health.

According to a recent study, washing rice will remove up to 20 percent of the microplastic on it. Other studies even found that the washing process can get rid of microplastic for up to 40 percent. Some rice products in the market are also inorganic.

Inorganic products often contain higher arsenic levels. Surprisingly, washing it can remove the arsenic up to 90 percent. So, it is better to wash the rice a few times before cooking it no matter the type and package. It ensures that you cook clean and healthy rice.

Cooking Unwashed Rice

So, it is okay for you not to wash the rice and directly cook it? Some chefs say that water in rice affects the stickiness. Washed rice is less sticky than unwashed rice. That's why some chefs have not washed the rice when cooking specific meals, such as risottos, paella, and rice puddings.

The idea is to get the stickiness and the creamy effect. You should ensure that the rice is clean enough in case you want to follow the method from the chefs. Check the rice first and remove the dirt manually with your hand. Alternatively, find out specific rice brands that are suitable for cooking specific menus.

The Effect of Washing Rice According to Researchers

Researchers have a different result toward washing rice before cooking it. According to the research, pre-washing doesn't have an impact on the stickiness of the rice. The type of the rice determines the stickiness.

For example, you can use glutinous rice to get a sticky texture. Pick medium grain rice in case you just want to eat it with a variety of condiments as Asian people. So, researchers conclude that washing rice is only to remove the dirt, dust, and small particles on it.

The Color of Water When Washing Rice

Check the color of the rice while washing it. You will see cloudy rinse water. The more you wash the rice, the cleaner the water.

Some experts explain that water will reduce the amount of amylose from the rice grains. Amylose is free starch around the surface of the rice grain. That's why the water is clearer after washing the rice a few times.

The Ideal Way to Wash Rice

Now, you understand why you should wash rice before cooking it. The next question: how many times do you have to wash the rice? Ideally, you can wash the rice two to three times before putting it in the rice cooker.

The sign to rinse the rice is when the water begins to look clearer than before. Rinse the rice first and ensure that there is no dirt or unwanted small particles on it. Then, add enough water to cook it.

Steps to Wash Rice Before Cooking It

Washing rice looks tricky for those who are about to do it for the first time. Follow these steps so you can keep the quality of the rice after washing it. As a result, the rice is clean enough and you get the texture and taste you expect.

First, take two or three cups of rice in a bowl. Second, pour some water into the bowl. Third, gently stir the rice in the water with your hand.

This process helps to pull all the dirt and dust to the surface of the water. You can stir it for about two to three times. Fourth, carefully throw away the water from the rice.

Fifth, add clean water and do the same process. Apply this process until the water is clearer. Remember! Don't leave the wet rice too long. 

Ensure that the rinse process is not more than 10 seconds. It is critical to ensure that the rice doesn't absorb the starchy water. It makes the rice too sticky.

Don't wash the rice many times because it reduces the valuable protein and water-soluble nutrients. Experts also say that washing rice many times can reduce copper, iron, zinc, and vanadium. Indeed, it reduces the essential compounds your body can absorb from rice.

The Type of Water to Use to Wash Rice

You don't need a specific type of water to wash rice. One thing is for sure it should be clean water. You don't have to wash it with warm water only to get rid of all unwanted small particles.

It is also not necessary to wash rice with ice from the refrigerator. Washing the rice with running cold water or room temperature water is enough to clean it.

Washing the rice using warm water will soften the rice. As a result, you are about to eat soggy rice. It is okay if you want to wash the rice in a different bowl and move it to the rice cooker.

A Myth about Washing Rice Before Cooking It

Some people believe that washing rice is also useful to get rid of bacteria. Unfortunately, it is not true. The truth is that washing rice will not remove bacteria from the rice. Bacteria will be gone because of high temperatures.

So, the cooking temperature is the one that can kill the bacteria on the rice. You also need to consider the time to store washed rice at room temperature. The longer you store washed rice at room temperature, the easier for bacteria spores to grow.

Eating rice with bacteria spores is dangerous for your health. The worst part is that bacteria can't be deactivated by cooking the rice or reheating it. So, directly cook the rice you have washed. It is better to store dry rice instead of washed rice at room temperature.


So, you don't have to get confused anymore about whether you have to wash rice or not before cooking it. The explanation above shows that it is necessary to wash rice before cooking it. Despite the process will getting rid of small essential compounds, it is critical to save your life.

At least, you are eating clean and healthier rice. Plus, you also learn the right way to wash rice. The most important thing is that you don't wash it too many times.

Washing the rice two or three times with running water or room temperature water is enough. Then, you can cook the rice and enjoy delicious cooked rice.

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