8 Tips to Decorate a Guest Bedroom

8 Tips to Decorate a Guest Bedroom

A guest bedroom should be able to provide a comfortable stay for your guest. Prepare everything your guest needs. From amenities to comfortable beds, they will be necessary for providing the best experience for your guest. Therefore, you also must properly decorate a guest bedroom to achieve that result.

How to decorate a guest bedroom properly? This question is the most essential thing you should know. Luckily, we have several tips that will help you decorate your guest bedroom. Let's see what you can do to make your guest bedroom feel more comfortable.

Create A "Homey" Feeling

Nothing can beat the comfort of sleeping in your bedroom. That also works for your guests. Therefore, try to make your guest bedroom feel like their home.

It might be impossible to know what your guest's home looks like. But, you can use the standard decoration method to create this "homey" vibe. For example, give extra pillows for reading, use comfortable mattresses, add reading material, or include desks for working/studying.

Accommodations for Guest Bedroom

You have many options to use guest bedroom accommodations as decoration items. For example, use the beautiful shade for protecting your guest from sunlight. Choose the shade with a beautiful pattern or color. Therefore, it makes the room look beautiful and provides a functional purpose for your guest.

It also works on other types of accommodations. You can use a unique coffee table. Put some famous traditional or local snacks in the guest bedroom. Practically, all kinds of accommodations with unique shapes are suitable to decorate a guest bedroom.

Adjust the Lighting

Lighting also can create something specific in your bedroom. As for the guest bedroom, create a warm lighting vibe. You can use various methods for this one. For example, use a combination of white and yellow lights, or place a desk lamp.

Ambient or accent lighting also works well for guest bedroom decoration. Put it in several places you want to emphasize its appearance, such as under the artwork. These ambient lights will create warmth and a relaxing vibe. So, you can create an appealing visual and comfortable atmosphere that is perfect to serve your guests.

Use the Right Beds

The beds are not only necessary to create a comfortable feeling when you decorate a guest bedroom. But, it also affects your bedroom visually. Among many types of beds, the best choice would be a twin bed.

Twin beds provide a comfortable place to sleep for your guests who don't want to sleep together in one bed. But, if they want, they can put the bed close to each other. Also do not forget about a nightstand with proper accommodation in it, such as a desk lamp and snack.

Guest Bedroom Linens

After preparing the beds, you also should think about the bedroom linens. It is an essential part of the project to decorate a guest bedroom. The easiest way to do this is to prepare clean linens and towels.

Then, put them in a place easy to find and accessible for your guests. Therefore, they won't need to take more time to get what they need. You can also put a small table for putting these items.

Technology Tips

It might have no relation to the bedroom decoration. However, we put it into this tip to decorate a guest bedroom because it affects the comfort level. It is also easy to do.

The first thing you can provide is your Wi-Fi password. Tell your guest about it, so they can access the internet during their stay at your place. Or, you also can print the information about your Wi-Fi access and put it on the guest bedroom's wall.

It also is similar to the TV in the guest bedroom. Put printed information about the available channel or something like that. More importantly, place the TV remotes in an easy-to-find location. You also can do the same for AC remotes or other gadgets in the guest bedrooms.

The Storage

Your guest also needs storage to keep their belongings. Therefore, another way to decorate a guest bedroom is to provide proper storage. Because we are talking about how to decorate a guest bedroom, you also need to consider the design of the storage.

A simple cabinet could be the easiest solution. But, for aesthetic purposes, we recommend you choose another type of storage. The common and beautiful choice would be baskets. Put it at the end of the bedroom so your guest can access it easily.

The placement of the storage also works for your decoration project. To decorate a guest bedroom with a storage location, try the hidden closet behind the wall. Your guest might have difficulty finding it. But, once you tell them about it, guaranteed they will feel happy because it looks like a spy movie compartment.

The Plants

Plants are also the best choice for guest bedroom decoration. The natural green color of plants adds a fresh and relaxing vibe to the bedroom. It is a solution for a guest bedroom with a stiff or gloomy vibe because of the minimalist furniture or lack of natural lighting. It will refresh your guest's mind whenever they spend time in the bedroom.

You have two options to decorate a guest bedroom with plants here. You can choose either the living plants or the decorative plants made of plastic or similar material. Living plants require regular maintenance. Choose this type when not many guests use the bedroom.

The decorative plants are suitable for you who don't have much time to treat them. It looks beautiful. You only need to clean the dust on it to make it look new.


Decorating a guest bedroom is indeed an overwhelming task. However, our tips will help you to lessen that burden. We hope you can make your guest room beautiful and comfortable now.

We also encourage you to try other methods to decorate a guest bedroom. Find one that matches your personality or the vibe you want to add to your guest bedroom. That will help you to create the bedroom like what you want.

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