The List of the Fastest Car in the World from a Variety of Automotive Manufacturers

The List of the Fastest Car in the World from a Variety of Automotive Manufacturers

Automotive manufacturers try to break the limit by manufacturing the fastest car. Indeed, vehicle fans will always fascinate by vehicle speed. It sounds satisfying to see a car run so fast on the track. This competition produces the list of the fastest car in the world from a variety of brands.


Bugatti is at the top of the list because of Chiron Supersport 300+. Imagine that this sports car can reach 0-60mph in only 2.2 seconds, along with maximum speed at 304mph. Bugatti also supports Chiron Supersport 300+ with a machine that can produce up to 1.600 horsepower.

Because of the speed, experts classify this car as a hypercar. It seems that Bugatti successfully produces a vehicle with more extraordinary speed than ever. Bugatti even explains that Chiron Supersport 300+ is the fastest car they ever made.

The team designs this car with high-quality materials to support the top speed. For example, the material of the body is using carbon fiber. They want to make it stylish with an orange accent. The manufacturer decided to produce Chiron Supersport 300+ in only 30 models and launches it during Bugatti's 110th anniversary.


Most automotive fans get surprised by Hennessey. Imagine that by only using a V8 engine, this manufacturer can produce the fastest car in the world. They call this product Venom 5. The speed competition between Bugatti Chiron Supersport 300+ and Venom 5 is tight. Hennessey reaches 0-6mph in only 2.6 seconds. The manufacturer boosts Venom 5 with suitable features to achieve this achievement, such as a 6.6-liter twin-turbo.

Because of the features, this car can run up to 300mph, along with producing up to 1.817 horsepower and 1.617Nm of torque. It seems that this car meets Hennessey's goal to design an aerodynamic vehicle. The model looks sporty and attractive with black base color and yellow accent.

Indeed, this car is not only about the speed but also its comfort. That's why Hennessey also adds carbon-fiber bucket seats and steering wheel.

Shelby Supercar Inc.

Shelby Supercar Inc. (SSC North America) doesn't want to miss this competition. The result is amazing. This manufacturer is successfully designing a car that is included on the list of the fastest car in the world. They call this car Tuatara.

This popularity is because of its controversy. At first, the team explained that Tuatara's top speed was 316mph. Indeed, it shocked automotive fans. Tuatara turns into something more than the expectation!

Unfortunately, they revised the result due to the GPS error. Yet, the final result is still satisfying enough. The latest data show that Tuatara runs reach its maximum speed at 286mph. This result doesn't significantly change the fact that the SSC Tuatara is one of the fastest sports cars in the world.

Rimac Automobili

Some people may not expect that there is an electric car on this list. Yet, Rimac Automobili proves they are wrong. Then, they introduce Rimac Nevera.

It became one of the fastest electric cars on earth. The team uses four electric motors to achieve this goal. This effort paid off since Rimac Nevera has a 258mph top speed.

The motors also boost the speed to reach 0-60mph in only 1.9 seconds. Nevera can also produce up to 1.914 horsepower and 2.300Nm of torque. It is an amazing achievement in the sports automotive industry.


McLaren never fails to create a surprise for its fans. The latest surprise from this manufacturer is the introduction of the McLaren Speedtail. It seems that the manufacturer wants to create a new fastest vehicle after the legendary McLaren F1.

The team seems to not only focus on speed but also overall specifications. For example, Speedtail's model is also attractive enough to see. The body looks futuristic with a cyberpunk style.

The design and specification successfully lead this car to have a maximum speed of 250mph. The car can reach 0-60mph in only 2.5 seconds with this speed.


This Swedish automotive manufacturer also joins the competition. Now, Koenigsegg Regera is on the list of the fastest cars. Just like Hennessey, Koenigsegg proves that a V8 engine is also promising to support supercar production.

In specific, the manufacturer installs a twin-turbo V8 engine and an electric motor. The engine option is right since Regera can run up to 250mph, along with 1.500 horsepower. No doubt! The ability of this vehicle is also fascinating!

Hit the speed and reach 0-250mph by only using one gear. I bet you will also be amazed by the sporty and straightforward model.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin joins the group of automotive manufacturers that launches the fastest car. They bring Aston Martin Valkyrie to the market. In this case, the manufacturer installs a 6.5-liter hybrid V12 engine.

This engine helps the vehicle to reach 1.160 horsepower and 0-60mph in only 2.5 seconds. As a sporty car, Valkyrie also has an enchanting model. The combination of a fascinating model and fast speed become everybody's dream car.


The next vehicle on this list is the Pagani Huayra. The twin-turbocharged V12 engine is one of the reasons why this sports car has a high speed. Pagani uses all features and produces a sports car that can run up to 238mph.

The engine helps this vehicle to get 730 horsepower and 1.000Nm of torque. Just like other sports cars in this list, Pagani Huayra looks so exquisite to see.

This manufacturer also uses high-quality carbon fiber to reduce the weight of the vehicle, yet it keeps the car rigid. The aerodynamic design is also the reason why Huayra can achieve a higher top speed than other vehicles.


Indeed, Lamborghini is well-known as the creator of supercars. It is the same case with the Aventador SVJ. This car is using a 6.5-liter V12 engine and a stunning design to produce up to 770 horsepower.

This combination leads this car to be positioned as the fastest car in the world. The top speed of the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is 217mph. The design is lighter and gripper.

It makes this car runs quicker and faster even around the corners. You can reach 0-60mph in only 2.6 seconds when driving this car.

So, which one on the list of the fastest car in the world is your favorite? You might want to see their performance on the road or track, right? Best of all, the manufacturers above never fail to give us a big surprise.

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