How to Get a Mood Booster for Free?

How to Get a Mood Booster for Free

A mood booster is not a kind of engineered tool to help you boost your mood. Anytime you feel low in spirit, you can use these methods to lift your mood at no cost, at all. Feel free to choose a mood booster for free from this list.

Walking in Nature

What is in your mind when you think about walking in nature? You might think about going somewhere far to enjoy nature. Well, you do not have to go that far because enjoying nature can be done in the nearest park.

Anytime you need to boost your mood, you only need to go to any kind of green space, including the park in your neighborhood. You only need to take a walk because it can increase the happy hormone production in your body.

It does not take too long to get your mood boosted by walking in nature, after all. After 10 minutes of walking in nature, the blood flow will increase to your brain and get you energized. If you feel fatigued or sluggish, you will find it eased with just a simple walk in the park.

It is better if you walk in the park in the sunlight. The combination of walking, sunlight, and nature can help you boost your mood without having to spend any money to travel overseas, for instance.


Jokes or witty remarks might be very familiar to public speakers, including teachers. They need to ignite laughter in a group because it can relieve tension. People will be more energized after they laugh it off.

The same thing goes for individual circumstances, as well. Some tension can be shaken off simply by enjoying humor and laughing. You can find sources of humor easily nowadays. You only need to open the video app to find funny videos that can help you laugh quickly.

To make you laugh, it does not mean that you always have to watch humor videos, because you can also find many animal videos that show you hilarious animals. You might be surprised how ordinary animals can be super funny.

You can do a lot more things to laugh from looking up comedy writers to sharing jokes with your friends. To be able to laugh, you do not always watch and hear, you can also share humor so you can laugh together with your friends.


People love to enjoy aromatherapy to help them relax. Many people think that aromatherapy is only about relaxation, but it is also great to boost your mood. Do you have to buy essential oils to get their benefits to boost your mood?

Aromatherapy does not always come from expensive essential oils, for sure. Since we are looking for something that can be a mood booster for free, we need to look for free sources of aromatherapy that can help you improve your mood.

You might have your favorite scented lotion or soap. You only need to take a moment to mindfully wash your hand during a break, for instance, to inhale the aroma. A quick rub of lotion will do the same effect.

If you are in a bad mood because you miss someone you love, you can just smell something that can remind you of them. You can even utilize your neighborhood garden to smell the flowers. Free mood boosters can also be found in the kitchen since you can simply smell the herbs or spices in your kitchen. Drinking aromatic teas can also be a great way to boost your mood.


It is normal if you want to turn to people around you when you are in a low mood. You will feel better simply by getting a hug from your loved one. However, there might be a time when you cannot meet your loved one to get some comfort and support.

In this circumstance, you do not have to depend on other people to get a hug to help you boost your mood. Simple self-hug can do the trick although it sounds silly. It will ease your stress and help you feel relaxed and safe. All you need to do is just wrap your arms around yourself for a moment or two just like when you hug someone.

Listening to Music

Music can do the magic to boost your mood, but it does not mean that you have to go to a music festival or concert to enjoy this benefit. You can lift your mood by listening to your favorite music when working or doing anything that is considered stressful. It might distract you for a while, but when you go back to your tasks, you can focus more and do better.

Music has a lot of benefits for you since it can improve your mood and ability to regulate emotions. Listening to music can also help you ease stress and tension. Your anxiety can be reduced by listening to music. Music can promote your brain health and improve focus, as well.

Act of Kindness

There might be a situation when you feel trapped and unable to change your current situation. It will be super easy to get caught up in never-ending worrying and stress, but you can prevent this bad circumstance by focusing on someone else. You can feel a little better by doing something nice to someone else and it will leave you a more positive mind.

It does not mean that you have to do something big and expensive. You just need to ask your coworkers whether they need any help or not. Doing chores for your kids, partner, or roommate can also be a great way to do something nice to the closest person in your life. Even giving treats to your pet or leaving a detailed positive review of your favorite restaurants or shops can also help you be more positive.

Reaching Out

Your day can be long and tiring, but you cannot ask for a hug from your loved ones because you live far away from them. The stressful day might hinder you from calling them, but if you try to reach out to them, you might get a quick message of support or love that can lift your spirit instantly. They can even make you laugh. Do not hesitate to make a call anytime you need a mood booster for free.

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