4 Essential Tips to Choose the Beta Hosting for WordPress

4 Essential Tips to Choose the Beta Hosting for WordPress

Tips to choose the best hosting for WordPress, what are they? If you plan to build a website soon, there are some matters you need to understand first. First of all, it is about the platform to choose and the second one, you must also choose the hosting.

Talking about a platform for websites and blogs, undeniably, WordPress is the most recommended currently. Not only is it easy to use and manage but you can also use so many features to improve the website performance. It is reasonable if, in many surveys and polling, WordPress almost always ranks first on the website platform list.

So, what about hosting? Hosting is a service to run a website, an app, or a data saver in a centered location. In other words, it is a kind of server that is accessible using the internet. Selecting and choosing the best hosting for your website is a very important step so that your website can work stably and optimally. For a WordPress-based website, here are some tips you need to follow to choose the best one.

Learn about the Types of Hosting

The first thing you must do when intending to make your own website is learn all the things about it. Hosting is one of them. Yes, it is because you need to choose the most suitable hosting type among the many options available. In case you are a beginner about the hosting matter, here are some types of hosting commonly used for WordPress.

  • WordPressShared Hosting

WordPressShared Hosting is recommended for a new website or a website with low traffic. You don't need to spend too many budgets to have this one. The management cost also tends to be low as well as it is very easy to use. But of course, you must put much effort into making it appear on the early pages of the search engine.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting

The second type is namely Managed WordPress Hosting. This hosting is designed especially for WordPress with optimized features as well as being easy to manage. The price is more expensive than WordPress Shared Hosting but relatively more affordable compared with others.

  • VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting offers better control and performance than the other 2 types mentioned earlier. It is very suitable for a middle-class website with medium traffic. If your website wants more scalability, this type of hosting is recommended also.

  • Dedicated Hosting

Lastly, there is dedicated Hosting, known as the highest level of hosting for WordPress. If you have more budget, this type of hosting is surely recommended. Yes, you can call it the best hosting solution with high traffic.

Determine Your Needs

After learning and understanding the types of websites, their characteristics, pros and cons, this is time to determine your needs. For example, you can determine the type of website to choose based on what it is for, whether it is a business web or an online store. The bigger range you want to reach, the higher level of hosting you need to choose.

You must also estimate the number of visitors to come to your website. A hosting with a higher performance and capacity is more necessary for a website with a higher traffic. Consider also the features offered whether you will need the special ones such as email hosting, SSL certificate, or an auto installer. Make sure that you finally choose a type of hosting with features you really need.

Choose a Credible Hosting Provider

Okay, now, you already have an idea about what kind of hosting to choose. What you must do next is find the best provider or company to buy the hosting. It should not be a difficult thing to find information about it nowadays as you can just search for it on the internet. Read reviews first and make a list of the best hosting providers before finally choosing one of them.

There are some indicators of how a hosting provider is said to have a good reputation. Aside from based on the experience of other users, check also some important points. They are if the provider provides high uptime, guarantees for hosting security, and reliable customer services.

Yes, buying a hosting means you must always be connected to the provider as long as you still use it. That's why the hosting provider must be reliable. The administrator must be ready for 24 hours and 7 days.

And of course, they must come to solve any problem happening to your hosting. Make sure also that they are a good place for consultation and guidance on anything related to the website and hosting.

Compare Features and Services

There are not only 1 or 2 recommended hosting providers around you for sure. That's why as has been said earlier, if it is needed, you should create a list of them to compare features and services provided by them.

Comparing here doesn't mean that one provider must be worse than another. This activity is important to ease you in knowing which one is the most suitable for you. So, here are some matters you need to compare.

  • The Storage Capacity

Make sure to choose a type of hosting with a large space. At least the space is not too small for your website files. Remember, you must keep files that are probably big in terms of sizes such as pictures, videos, audio tracks, database, and more.

  • Bandwidth

Bandwidth determines the number of data to transfer from the server to the website visitor. Therefore, choose a type of bandwidth that is suitable for the estimation of the website traffic.

  • Security

Learn about it and finally choose a hosting with strong security features. For example, they are the SSL certificate, firewall, and malware protection.

  • Server Performance

A hosting server must have a good performance. Even if there is trouble, is must be fixed immediately. It is to ensure that your website can load data as quickly as possible.

  • Customer Service

 A hosting finally chosen must provide reliable and responsive customer service. Once you have got trouble on the website, the customer service will help you immediately to solve it. Of course, they also must guide you in managing the website.
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