Be Aware! There Are At Least 7 Jobs That Will Be Replaced by Robots In The Future!

Be Aware! There Are At Least 7 Jobs That Will Be Replaced by Robots In The Future!

The robot starts to invade human beings! The use of Artificial Intelligence upgrades robots even better. It allows robots to do something similar to human beings with a high accuracy. People are worried about this invasion since robots can replace some jobs in the future. Here are some jobs that will be replaced by robots in the future.

Computer Programmer

Robots are made from sophisticated computer programs. The irony is that Robots with Artificial Intelligence technology can easily replace computer programming jobs. The worst part is that robots may do this job better and even faster compared to human programmers.

One of the reasons is because robots are so good at numbers with a high accuracy level. This device even can produce specific codes to set and upgrade computer programs. Some companies have even considered replacing their software engineers with robots.


Receptionist is another job that is threaded by the rise of smart robots in the future. You can even feel the robot invasion today. Try to call a specific company and listen to the receptionists or customer service. Some of them are not human receptionists anymore. The companies replace them with smart robots. A smart robot helps to answer a variety of questions. The accuracy of the answers and the speed of finding a solution are even faster than a human receptionist.

Imagine how long a human receptionist finds specific data or files to help its customers. A smart robot can do this job in a few seconds! Some companies think that a robot is more efficient than a human receptionist. That's why companies decide to replace their human receptionists with smart robots.


Courier is also one of the jobs that will be replaced by robots in the future. In the future, you may not meet a human courier who knocks on your door to deliver a package anymore. Courier companies will replace them with smart robots to deliver packages.

Some big companies, such as Amazon, UPS, and DHL even have tested to deliver a package to their customers using drones. Once again, the result of this test shows that robots can accomplish jobs faster than human beings! Robots also make the delivery service process simpler than a human courier. A robot can find the sender and receiver data in a few seconds and process the package right away.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts also have to be ready for this invasion. Market research analysis is related to the data analysis to determine the right market. Indeed, a smart robot with Artificial Intelligence is very good at analyzing data.

This sophisticated device is not only analyzing the data but also predicting the outcomes. Due to its ability, the outcome predictions are also more accurate! The data analysis and prediction process are faster than a human market research analyst.

A human market research analyst must collect the data first. Then, they carefully read the data before analyzing it. The analyst will use the right theories to create an accurate market prediction. Indeed, the process is longer since it uses manual methods.

It will be different if the companies use a smart robot as a market research analyst. The smart robot can handle a bunch of data well. They can even classify, analyze, and make a result in a short time.

Factory Workers

Have you ever watched one of the scenes in a movie entitled Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? In this scene, Willy Wonka's father is fired from a toothpaste company. The reason why his father was fired was because the company decided to replace human workers with robots!

The management of the companies sees that robots can work effectively and efficiently. An automatic system can even boost their production. The companies only have to spend money on robotic maintenance, quality control, and programming. It sounds cheaper compared to spending money to pay a lot of workers.

Social Media Influencers

Social media influencer is a relatively new job. This job is popular with the rise of social media platforms. People have to collect as many followers as they can. The higher the number of followers, the easier for them to make money.

Now, influencers should be worried about the rise of robots with AI technology. Some companies have developed a robot social media influencer. Lil Miquela, Imma, Bermuda, and Shudu are real examples of where a robot can also be a powerful influencer.

Surprisingly, a robot influencer can easily get a high number of followers! Thanks to AI technology, these virtual influencers look real like human beings.

Take Lil Miquela as one of the examples. This virtual influencer has over three million followers on Instagram. Nowadays, she even has released several original music videos.


Some companies have developed autonomous vehicles. It is a vehicle that can work by itself even without a driver. This vehicle uses sophisticated technology or robots to work. The system is similar to the system used on robotic couriers.

The robot on the vehicle will check everything it needs to drive the vehicle, such as the way to operate the vehicle, the fastest route, the obstacles on the road, and even the safest alternative routes. This robot can do the process automatically and in real-time! Indeed, it is more than just a human driver who is relying on Google Maps to find a specific route.

Experts explain that most jobs with repetitive tasks will be replaced by robots in the future. Some of the jobs above are examples. The information about jobs that will be replaced by robots in the future is not about to make you worry or scared.

It can be a warning for you to improve your skills so you can still survive this robotic invasion in the future. You can focus on creating meaningful experiences. Then, use the experiences as your precious asset to face a robotic invasion.

No need to avoid this drastic change, yet you must stay up to date on robot and AI trends and learn something from them. As a result, you can think of the things you can do to survive.

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