7 Ways of How to Ask for Forgiveness without Saying Sorry

7 Ways of How to Ask for Forgiveness without Saying Sorry

How to ask for forgiveness without saying sorry? Making mistakes is one of human nature. But of course, if you do that to someone else, the first thing you must do is ask for forgiveness. The easiest thing to ask forgiveness is, of course, by saying sorry.

However, not all people have enough guts to say sorry about all the mistakes they have made. Some people just feel awkward when saying that simple word although they actually have such an intention to do so. Often, it is because they don't grow up with a habit of saying sorry.

Well, if you are one of those people, sure, it is better to train yourself to say sorry to others. You should know that "sorry" is one of the magic words to make your life better. Yes, by saying it to someone else whom you have made a mistake, your relationship can be simply recovered. It also helps you to build better connections to others whether personally and professionally.

But if your mouth simply finds it difficult to say "sorry", there are some other ways to express your guilt and regret to others. Those actions are good alternatives for saying sorry for better relationships with others. So, what are they?

Show Your Regret

There is something equally important with saying sorry, it is by showing you regret. In fact, many people can easily say sorry but it doesn't sincerely come from their hearts. Well, it is likely their lip service instead of saying nothing.

So, how to show your regret? It can be through your facial expressions and further actions. Make sure you look regretful of anything that you have done by looking sad and promising that you will not make the same mistake in the future. You can also ask the hurt one if you can do anything to make amends.

Remember, showing regret here doesn't mean that you are acting or something. You must do it sincerely and also promise yourself that such mistakes will never happen in the future.

State Your Regret

For some people, the word "sorry" is too powerful or even embarrassing to utter. They prefer saying something else to that word. Are you one of them? If yes, you can try to say something else to replace "sorry" in which the words still intend the same thing or even better.

Well, the easiest example is by saying "I don't mean to hurt you. I promise I will not do that again later." In case you break someone's stuff, just say, "I don't intend to break it, I promise to replace it with a new one."

More importantly, you must say those words sincerely by showing that you are really regretful. If you just say them without showing your regret, that person may misunderstand you. They may think that you are just showing off without feeling sorry at all.

Explain the Issue

Mistakes are often generated from misunderstanding. That's why explaining what happens before it gets worse is very important. Yes, the next way to ask for forgiveness without you must say sorry is by explaining the issue. Even when you are making a mistake, you can explain how it happens so that he or she can forgive you.

Here is an example, when the case is you break someone's stuff like in the previous point, just explain to the owner why you do that. The explanation is very important whether you do it intentionally or not. Sure, when you are intentionally breaking a thing owned by someone else, you must have a reason why doing that. Let the owner know as a sign that you feel so sorry.

Be Responsible

Being responsible for all the mistakes you have made is even more important and meaningful than just saying sorry. Well, have you broken someone's stuff or property? After explaining why and how it happens, make sure to be responsible for it. The easiest thing you can do is to replace the stuff with a new or even better one.

It is no matter how expensive the thing you have damaged. If you have done it, it means you must be responsible. This action doesn't only show that you feel sorry but also shows that you have integrity. It will improve your image as a responsible person and everyone else will appreciate you more.

But again, make sure you really feel regretful about your mistake. Only being responsible without showing you regret may make others misunderstand your intention. Instead of seeing you as a person who feels sorry, they may think that you are a snob who likes solving all problems with money.

Compensate Your Action

Compensating your action is a part of being responsible anyway. But more than that, it doesn't only replace all the loss that someone else has because of you. Compensation also means doing other actions related to the mistake you make.

Here is an example. If you are hurting someone physically like unintentionally pushing him or her to make that person wounded, it is not enough to buy him or her wound medicine or plaster. Show your sorry by accompanying the person to the nearest clinic to give them a better and safer treatment.

Well, you can also comfort someone you have hurt so that he or she can feel better. Compensation slightly looks harder and more difficult than just being responsible. You may need to make more effort to show them that you feel sorry. But to make anything better without saying sorry, this action is just worth it.

Treat Them to Some Food

Some mistakes cannot be compensated. You can replace things you have broken or take care of your friends who are wounded because of your actions. But what if your friend wastes his or her time because he or she waits for you for a long time? Of course, you will never be able to bring back their time.

So, how to ask for forgiveness to them without saying sorry is by treating them to some food. Ask them what their favorite restaurants are and let them go there. They can order any food and beverages they want and you pay them all. Other options are letting them go to a place they want such as in the cinema, music concert, shopping, and more.

Sure, still show them that you feel sorry for your actions. Let them know that you will put effort not to repeat it in the future. Doing all of them sincerely and your friend will forgive you for it.

A Special Gift for a Friend

The last way to ask for forgiveness for someone without saying sorry is by giving a gift to someone. After all the effort you have done like explaining the issue and trying to be responsible, it is not bad if you still show your regret by giving him or her something you think that person will like.

Of course, you must gain information first about what gift the best for him or her. It can be something simple like a flower bouquet you make yourself or probably his or her favorite cake. The gift must not always be an expensive one. Just take a look at your wallet and buy one you think you can afford.

The point here is the sincerity to ask for forgiveness and to show your effort that you are really sorry. Well, how to ask for forgiveness without saying sorry sometimes feels more difficult. So, why don't you start to learn to say sorry?

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